Best Property Management Courses

Best Property Management Courses

In today's world of real estate, having the knowledge and advanced skills in property management is the key to obtaining countless opportunities. Property management is a field that demands a very diverse skill set for one to navigate the challenges. Enrolling in a property management course can provide you with the tools and expertise needed to excel in your career.

In this guide, we navigate through the myriad of property management courses available, curating a list of the best options that seamlessly blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Join us on a journey where education meets excellence, and discover the courses that will empower you to navigate the complex landscape of property management with confidence and finesse.

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The Best 2023 Property Management Courses

Certified Apartment Management Course


The National Apartment Association (NAA) offers the best property management course, called the Certified Apartment Management Course. The course alone costs a whooping US$ 1 125. The course has premium content on a range of topics and is not confined to apartment management.

A number of 8 modules are available in the course, which encompass financial management, legal knowledge, maintenance of property, inspections and relationship building. The duration of this best property management course is 40 hours, with conducive learning experiences from the comfort of learners' homes. This course deserves to be tagged as the best property management course because of its applicability. The course requires one to have at least one year of property management experience before sitting for the final examination. Even though the course focuses on apartment management, the learner gains knowledge that can be applied to other types of property management.

Maintaining your Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) credential also requires continued education and annual CAM dues of $100. Despite these ongoing costs, the extensive course material, affordable price, and versatile application make the Certified Apartment Management Course the best choice for aspiring property managers.

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Property Management Certificate Course

This course is highly recommended for those individuals who are still new to the realm of property management and are looking to get into it fully. The property management certificate course which Penn Foster grants is a great option for such a starting point, making it the best property management course for beginners. The course is pegged at US$ 579, and it ranges from real estate law to maintenance and facility management.

One might pose a question as to why this course can be named one of the best property management courses. Well, the answer is that the property management course doesn't demand any previous experience, thus making it accessible to beginner aspiring property managers. The basics of property management are covered by the course, which includes various property types, from office to apartment buildings.

An additional benefit that this course provides is that learners get access to fully digitalized study guides, flexible online learning formats, and, lastly, some services to better the learning experience overall. While the course does not offer an in-person option, the comprehensive curriculum and affordable price make it an attractive choice for beginners.

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Best for Working Property Managers: Certified Property Manager Course

The Institute of Real Estate Management's (IREM) Certified Property Manager (CPM) Course is the greatest choice for seasoned property managers who want to grow in their positions and sharpen their abilities. This course, which is intended for professionals with prior industry experience, offers expert-level training to help you succeed in your work.

A wide range of advanced topics are covered in the CPM Course, such as leadership, ethics, and investment real estate. You can balance your professional obligations and study at your own pace during the 12- to 18-month course duration. It's crucial to remember that, at $7,500 to $8,500, the course is among the priciest in the field of property management education.

Nonetheless, obtaining the CPM designation has many advantages. Graduates of the programme see notable pay increases and have a higher chance of landing positions at higher levels. If you have a property management certification, a college degree, or much experience, you can also waive some courses from the CPM course. One would need to fulfil yearly dues and continuous education requirements in order to keep one's CPM designation. The Certified Property Manager Course is the best option if you're a working property manager hoping to advance your career.

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Property Management 101

The Property Management 101 course on Udemy is a great place to start for anyone looking for a basic understanding of the field. The basic ideas and duties of property management are covered in this beginner-friendly course. Property Management 101, taught by professionals in the field, covers all aspects of property management, including office administration, leasing and renting, tenant relations, and human resources. Because the course is self-paced and costs $44.99, people with different schedules and financial constraints can enrol in it.

Enrolling in Property Management 101 will give you a firm grasp of the fundamentals of the industry and lay the groundwork for future professional development in the property management sector.

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The top recipe is picking the right property management course for success. This article has named the top property management. Whether you are a beginner seeking to grasp fundamentals or an experienced property manager looking to enhance your career, the courses mentioned in the above article offer valuable insights and expertise.

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Enrolling in a property management course can help you advance your knowledge, develop new skills, and set yourself up for success in the exciting and fulfilling field of property management. So, pick the course that best suits your objectives, get started, and realize all of your potential in the property management sector.

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