Project Management Online Certificate

Project Management Online Certificate

What is a Project Management Online Certificate?

A Project Management Online Certificate is a digital qualification which focuses on teaching project management skills. This certificate is obtained through online courses. It's designed for professionals who manage projects. The certificate demonstrates expertise in project management. It's recognized in various industries. Online learning makes it accessible.

In an age where industries are rapidly evolving, the role of effective project management has become increasingly crucial. Project management professional certification online offers a pathway to acquiring essential skills for leading and executing successful projects.

Such certifications are valuable not just for theoretical understanding but for gaining practical industry-relevant skills. The rise of online learning platforms has made project management professional certification more accessible than ever, offering flexibility and a wealth of resources for learners globally.

The Rise of Online Learning in Project Management


The landscape of education has dramatically shifted towards online platforms. Research Statistics projects that the market for online education will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 9.1% from 2018 to 2026, reaching around $340 billion.

As reported by the National Center for Education Statistics, in the fall of 2021, approximately 61% of undergraduate students participated in at least one online course. This trend underscores a notable move towards adaptable education methods, positioning project management professional certification online as a practical choice for numerous learners.

Why should you get a Project Management Online Certificate?

Online Project Management Certificates are gaining traction with professionals seeking to improve their project management abilities. The Project Management Institute (PMI) notes that obtaining a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can lead to salary increases of up to 16% across 40 countries.

Furthermore, the PMI Earning Power: Project Management Survey—Twelfth Edition (2021) highlights that in the United States, individuals with PMP certification typically earn an average of 32% more than those without the certification.

Gaining a Project Management Professional Certification online can lead to not only higher earnings but also career progression. Companies often prefer hiring project managers with certification, as it shows they have the skills and knowledge to handle complex tasks. Indeed, highlights that possessing such a certificate enhances technical, communicative, and problem-solving abilities, useful at an organizational level.

Many online programs are offering these certificates, including well-known platforms like Coursera, PMI, and Grow with Google. These programs cater to a wide audience, from individuals aiming for personal development to corporate groups seeking skill enhancement.

How to get a Project Management Online Certificate?

To acquire a Project Management Professional Certification online, you must undertake a program or course in project management that aligns with the certification criteria. Educational institutions or professional bodies commonly grant this certification.

Steps to Achieve a Project Management Professional Certification Online:

Initial Research

Begin by exploring various online courses or programs that provide Project Management Professional Certification online. These programs cater to a diverse audience, ranging from individual learners seeking self-improvement to corporate groups aiming for skill development.

2. Course Selection

Choose a course that aligns with your professional goals and personal interests. Key considerations should include the length of the course, its cost, and the specific project management skills it offers.

3. Enrollment Process

After choosing a suitable course, proceed to enrol. This may involve setting up an account on the platform where the course is offered.

4. Course Completion

Engage with the course material diligently. Complete all necessary assignments, projects, and evaluations as part of the curriculum.

5. Certification Acquisition

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate. This certificate serves as a testament to your acquired knowledge and skills in the realm of project management.

Top platforms that offer Project Management Online Certificates

Several online platforms and institutions offer courses or programs for Project Management Professional Certification online. Some of the notable ones include:

1. Project Management Institute (PMI): Provides a range of certification courses, including the well-known:

·       Project Management Professional (PMP)®.

·       Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM

·       Program Management Professional (PgMP

·       PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA

·       Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP

2. Coursera: Google's course, free with a $39 monthly fee for certification, is part of Coursera Plus. It covers Agile project management and documentation, offering over 140 hours of content, projects, and assessments. The course takes six months at 10 hours per week.

3. The University of Adelaide on edX: The University of Adelaide's edX course offers a detailed look at project management over six weeks, requiring 2-3 hours weekly. It's free to enrol, with a $199 fee for certification. The course, taught by five professors, covers budgeting, scheduling, and key management skills.

4. BrainSensei: This PMP exam prep course, suitable for PMP credential seekers, offers a refund guarantee after three failed attempts. It includes various project management methods, practice exams, and story exercises, with additional support like emails and a Facebook group. Takes about 35 hours, counting towards PMI contact hours.

5. Colorado State University: Colorado State University's online course suits various fields, including finance and real estate, and is completed in 16 weeks. It provides a portfolio piece, a certificate, and 48 PMI contact hours. The course prepares for the PMP exam, which is not covered by the $3,395 fee.

6. Master of Project Academy: It is recognized by the Better Business Bureau and offers PMP exam preparation with a focus on video lectures. It includes 750 practice questions, study tools, and a forum. The course takes 35 hours, costs $87/month, and grants a certificate and 35 PMP contact hours.

7. eConell: eCornell's advanced online course provides 50 hours for a project management certificate covering Agile and EVM. No prior experience is required, but Excel's Solver add-on is. It takes 3 months, costs $3,900, and includes an online PMBOK study group.

8. Alison: It is a popular online platform that offers a free 6–10-hour project management course covering various topics and case studies. Extra fees apply for certification and ad removal. It's popular for mobile learning, but content may be less current, relying on third-party sources.

Benefits of having a Project Management Online Certificate

1. Higher Salaries:

Earning a Project Management Online Certificate can notably boost your income. For instance, the PMI surveyed 32,000 Project Managers from 42 countries, finding that PMP® certified individuals earn 22% more than non-certified ones. This global survey highlights that 82% of certified respondents report noticeably higher salaries.

2. Career Advancement:

This certification is a catalyst for career progression. Employers often show a preference for hiring certified project managers, valuing their proven abilities in handling complex challenges. As per Indeed, a project manager certificate enhances technical, communicative, and problem-solving skills, beneficial at an organizational level.

The PMI projects a 33% surge in project management-oriented employment across seven industries by 2027. This growth is expected to create approximately 22 million new job opportunities.

3. Global Recognition:

The global recognition of these certificates is another significant advantage. The PMI reports over a million PMP-certified professionals worldwide, highlighting the widespread acknowledgement and demand for these skills.

4. Improved Project Management Skills:

The skills developed through these programs are comprehensive, including project planning, scheduling, budgeting, and execution. This equips you to manage projects with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Networking Opportunities

Obtaining a Project Management Professional Certification online opens doors to networking with industry peers. It provides platforms to connect, share insights, and learn from the experiences of other professionals in the field.

6. Job Security

Project Management Professional Certification online often leads to better job security. In a rapidly changing job market, having a specialized skill set makes you a valuable asset to current and prospective employers. It also demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and professional growth, traits highly regarded in the corporate world.


If you're aiming to enhance your career in project management, obtaining a Project Management Professional Certification online is a strategic move. Online learning platforms have made this education more accessible than ever, catering to individual professionals and corporate teams alike. In a job market that highly values specialized skills and continuous learning, this certification can be a pivotal step in your career development and advancement.

Patson Chidari
This article was written by Patson a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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