Top Change Management Courses

Top Change Management Courses
Last Updated: November 23, 2023

All top change management courses teach people entrusted with leading change the skills to navigate the complex field of organizational change. Every change management plan requires the involvement of qualified specialists who understand the complexities of change management. Change management is vital in practically every industry. It is especially critical in IT, project management, and software and product development, where organizations want to optimize processes, boost efficiency, and reduce errors and risk.

 People who lead organizational development (OD) initiatives can benefit from top change management courses as a means to acquire the necessary skills. This article is for professionals responsible for change management in their organizations who desire to advance their knowledge and skills.

List of Best Change Management Courses

Change management is an approach that helps project-driven businesses improve by regulating and monitoring changes to guarantee they don't jeopardize project success. Change management must be a part of each step of a project as well as a continuing process across all stages of that project, including the planning and execution phases, in order to be effective. Below is a list of some of the best courses in change management to consider:

1.     Change Management: The Complete Guide (2023 edition)

This course provides a comprehensive set of tools required to tackle any change. The course begins with a review of the fundamentals, and then it proceeds into the phases of the change management process in broad strokes. Learners will go through all stages of change planning and execution. It goes into resistance to change and how to deal with it effortlessly. The course also focuses on effective communication in change management. The course then concludes with discussions on creating a change-friendly company culture.



The individuals interested in this course are required to be managers, team leaders, project leaders, or business owners. Individuals who meet this criteria are required to sign up on the site to buy the course.


The course has received 52 reviews and a 4.6 star rating.

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2.     HR University - Change Management Certification Course

The Change Management Certification Course was designed for HR professionals, management professionals, consultants, and anyone who desires to lead organizational transformation. This course teaches the principles of change management, as well as how to conduct strategic change projects and assure success in a change management job.


There is no previous experience that is required to enrol. Interested individuals are required to choose their preferred payment option for them to purchase the program and start learning.


hr university change management

3.     ACMP - Certified Change Management Professional

ACMP launched the CCMP as a globally recognized credential for professionals to demonstrate their commitment to leading the way change works. The CCMP allows professionals to demonstrate their commitment to continual learning while successfully applying their skills to a wide range of change management circumstances.


Interested individuals are required to have a four-year degree (or international equivalent) and, three years of experience in change management or secondary education (high school or international equivalent) and five years of experience in change management and agree to the Statement of Understanding. After that, ACMP requires learners to make payment before the application may be assessed.

4.     MSI - Change Management Certification

The Change Management Specialist Certification, created exclusively for the Management and Strategy Institute, is intended to assess your knowledge of how to implement change in a corporate setting. Unlike other certifying agencies, MSI includes free online training material.

The course materials are specifically designed to prepare learners for the certification exam without overwhelming them with knowledge. The Change Management certification online course will teach individuals how to plan and manage change programs, encourage individuals to change and deal with opposition to change.


MSI's revolutionary Certification training requires no prior expertise. 


msi change management review

5.     Chartered Institute of Public Relations - Change Communication

This course offers practical advice, tactics, and real-world examples of how to communicate change to internal audiences. Using extensive psychological research. It debunks the idea that people dislike change and identifies the true drivers of resistance and how to overcome it.

Learners will be able to understand resistance to change, its roots, and remedies, understand the function of communication in transformation and why participation is important, recognize their roles in change communication and discover strategies and ways for communicating various sorts of change.


Interested individuals are required to register on the site and choose a payment option from 2 payment options offered.


The course has received a 4.8-star rating from 9 reviews.


Change management is crucial in various industries, particularly IT, project management, and software development, to optimize processes, increase efficiency, and reduce errors. It involves regulating and monitoring changes to ensure project success. Professionals involved in change management need to upskill and reskill themselves to ensure that the process goes smoothly in their organizations.

Natasha Chimphondah
This article was written by Natasha a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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