Best Supply Chain Management Courses

Best Supply Chain Management Courses

Supply chain management is crucial for businesses to remain competitive while also meeting customer demands. Enrolling in a top-tier supply chain management course can be the key to unlocking new prospects, whether you are a seasoned professional trying to update your skills or a beginner looking to enter the sector.

This article is going to look at some of the best supply chain management courses that can be considered. These courses help you grow your profession and expand your expertise.

Over a short period, many colleges have introduced related degree programs and courses in response to the increasing demand for new personnel with supply chain experience. Employers actively recruit graduates from these programs, which helps to attract ambitious young people to the business.

According to a survey done by Korn Ferry, candidates with end-to-end supply chain knowledge are the most difficult to find, according to 57% of study respondents. 35% had difficulty finding people with integrated supply chain experience. These figures show how important and in-demand supply chain management roles are and why it would be important for those in this profession to upskill or reskill.

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Is Supply Chain Management certification worth it?

Earning a Supply Chain Management certification can be quite advantageous for individuals looking to develop their careers and gain an understanding of the industry. As clearly illustrated by the survey statistics above, certifications confirm one's knowledge and dedication to the profession.

Supply Chain Management credentials are widely accepted by organizations worldwide. They provide a competitive advantage in the employment market. Gaining certification frequently results in enhanced job performance, making it a valuable investment for both entry-level professionals and seasoned practitioners looking to stay relevant and current with industry trends and best practices.

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Supply Chain Management Courses


1. APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

The Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) course is offered by the Association for Supply Chain Management (APICS), and it is highly recognized in the industry. The CSCP program covers all aspects of supply chain management, including logistics, procurement, and supply chain planning. It is appropriate for professionals at various stages of their careers and, upon completion, delivers a globally recognized certification.

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2. EdX Introduction to Supply Chain Management

For individuals looking for a course on Supply chain management Technology, edX offers a course on Supply Chain Technology and Systems. Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed the course, and it concentrates on three areas: basic principles, core systems, and data analysis. It is a great course for those looking to learn how to apply key supply chain modelling and analytic approaches (probability, statistics, and optimization).

It focuses on the fundamentals of information technology, such as project management and software processes, data modelling, UML, relational databases, and SQL. In addition, we will cover Internet technologies such as XML, web services, and service-oriented architectures.


There is no need for prior programming experience. Individuals who enrol in MITx courses on edX must follow the requirements of the edX honor code.

The course will not be available for those in the following countries: Iran, Cuba and the Crimea region of Ukraine. Click the link below to gain more information

MIT Supply Chain Technology and Systems


The course has so far received 63 ratings, amounting to a 4.6 star rating.

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

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3. Udemy - Warehouse Management in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Udemy offers a course in Warehouse Management in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. The Warehouse Management in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course teaches professionals about warehouse management principles, methods, trends, automation, technology, and outsourcing.

It prepares individuals to operate their warehouse and is useful for those working in logistics and supply chain. The training employs infographics to aid comprehension and address the growing demand for secure warehouse management systems.


This course is open to anyone (no prior knowledge of finance or warehouse is required).


The course has received a 4.4 star rating and has over 2000 people who rated it.

Warehouse Management in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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4. Coursera - Supply Chain Management Strategy

Coursera offers a course in Supply Chain Management Strategy. The University of Rutgers developed the course. The course is part of a Supply Chain Management Specialization series, and it is the last course in the five-course series. The other courses in the series are Supply Chain Logistics, Supply Chain Operations, Supply Chain Planning, and Supply Chain Sourcing.


Users who have completed courses 1-4 of the Specialization can enrol in the Supply Chain Management Strategy course.


The course allows individuals to gain skills in Supply chain strategy and risk management. The course has received 1,011 reviews so far, and of those reviews, 85% of them are 5-star ratings.

Supply Chain Management Strategy

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5. LinkedIn Learning - Supply Chain Foundations: Managing the Process

For individuals looking for a foundation-level course, LinkedIn Learning offers a course in Supply Chain Foundations. This course delves into eight key value-creating processes and how they may be used to manage your supply chain effectively.

Instructor Steven Brown instructs the course and demonstrates the significance of process management, how to distinguish between the two leading supply chain models, the significance of process integration throughout the supply chain, the necessity of collaboration and partnership within the supply chain, and much more.

The course comes with unlimited access as long as the account is still active. It also provides the option to view the course while offline. It also comes with quizzes and practice files, as well as a Course Completion Certificate.


Individuals are required to buy the course on LinkedIn Learning or to start a free one month trial on LinkedIn Learning.


The course has thus far received ratings from 922 students, and 84% of these gave the course a 5-star rating.

Supply Chain Foundations: Managing the Process

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Supply chain management is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and meet customer demands. Enrolling in top-tier courses can unlock new prospects, whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner. Earning a Supply Chain Management certification offers career development and industry understanding. Acquiring credentials is important worldwide and provides a competitive advantage in the employment market. It enhances job performance, making it a valuable investment for both entry-level and seasoned professionals.

Natasha Chimphondah
This article was written by Natasha a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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