LinkedIn courses: Everything you need to know

LinkedIn courses: Everything you need to know


Do you want to improve your resume in preparation for a job application or promotion? Or do you want to enhance your abilities and obtain new certifications? Thanks to technological improvements, learning is no longer limited to classrooms, and it is now a continuous process. Anyone can now access classes from anywhere in the world, at any time. One of the sites that allows you to do so is LinkedIn Learning. What is LinkedIn Learning?


What is LinkedIn Learning?


LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand video library that teaches the latest business, technological, and creative skills. It is designed to help you reach your greatest potential by providing customised course choices.


Description of the LinkedIn learning platform


Linkedin learning platform


LinkedIn offers classes to help people develop critical skills like managing a team remotely, finding work, and dealing with new stressors. As a professional, you will get personalised course recommendations based on unique, data-driven insights from LinkedIn’s global network of millions of professionals. These include how to use LinkedIn Learning’s recommendations and search tools to locate the best courses, how to explore learning routes, how to play and pause training videos, how to use transcripts and exercise files, and how to personalise their learning experience.

Key features of the platform

The LinkedIn Learning platform is an upgrade from, and it is a platform where you can expect continuous updates and enhancements. The key features of the platform include:

  • The same high-quality content is available, but it is now more interactive and social. More than 11,000 digital courses taught by industry experts in English, Spanish, German, French, and Japanese are accessible.
  • More relevant recommendations based on LinkedIn’s 546 million+ professionals’ insights. These recommendations for relevant courses are based on LinkedIn
  • Whether on a mobile device, LinkedIn, or within another learning management system, learning is provided where individuals are. In-depth and bite-sized courses can be viewed online or offline, at any time, on any device.
  • Admin tools are simple to use and make it easy to manage users, recommend content, and track impact.


A great interface of the platform

The LinkedIn Learning platform has content at its core, and it grows every week. Its goal is to ensure learning is a continuous undisrupted process, and that it comes in a straightforward and user-friendly format. Below is a screenshot showing the LinkedIn Learning platform:

Linkedin Learning Platform

Other foundational features of the platform

The other improvements to foundational features on the LinkedIn Learning platform are:

  • Improved user experience - LinkedIn Learning is designed to make it easier for admins and learners to identify relevant information and achieve more with its fresh and easy layout.
  • People management made simple - Groups and bulk user uploads are available, but with a more user-friendly interface that offers useful features like resending activation emails.
  • Learning paths that are both custom and pre-built - One can use pre-built learning paths to offer a relevant series of videos and courses to their learners and help them build expertise in a certain field. One can even develop entirely new learning routes to match the demands of the company.
  • Analytics and reporting have been redesigned - Learner engagement, course views, and more are all covered in new and familiar downloadable reports, as well as a redesigned analytics dashboard. You will also find more detailed activity tracking and more exact and well-designed utilization data than on

You can learn more about the platform by downloading their LinkedIn Learning Playbook available here.


Free courses on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers classes to help people develop critical skills like managing a team remotely, finding work, and dealing with new stressors. You can learn new skills with these free online courses, and they will help you develop your skills no matter what industry or role you are in.


For jobseekers

In today’s job market, how can job seekers navigate their careers?

  • Getting back on your feet after a layoff
  • Obtaining employment
  • Tips for video interviews

Explore free courses for job seekers


For remote workers

How to stay productive and effective as a remote worker. Some of the sample courses include:

  • Working from home requires time management
  • Finding your productive mentality is one of the most critical aspects of productivity
  • On video conference calls, executives must be present

Explore free courses for remote workers


For managers and leaders at all levels

In times of crisis, how leaders properly communicate and inspire positive change. Some of the courses to look at include:

  • Having an impact on others
  • Keeping in touch through times of transition
  • Managing in Tough Situations

Explore free courses for managers and leaders at all levels


For reducing stress

Professionals’ stress management and mindfulness practices in the workplace. Some of the sample courses include:

  • Practices of mindfulness
  • How to Deal with Being Overwhelmed
  • Managing work and personal life

Explore free courses on reducing stress


For Educators

How educators make the shift to online teaching. Some of the sample courses include:

  • Learning to teach on the internet
  • Video is used to teach technical skills
  • Educators can use Office 365

Explore free courses for educators


For talent acquisition professionals

How talent acquisition experts keep up with the changing corporate environment. The free courses to look at:

  • Managing remote teams
  • Shane Snow on the craft of storytelling
  • Analyzing people

Explore free courses for talent acquisition professionals


For sales professionals

How salespeople acquire the abilities, they need to sell in these odd times. Some of the sample courses include:

  • Salespeople should have empathy.
  • Great sales questions to ask
  • Selling genuine products

Explore free courses for sales professionals


For small businesses

How small firms deal with today’s economic issues. Some of the sample courses include:

  • Small-scale business marketing
  • Creating a website for a small business
  • Small companies and social media

Explore free courses for small businesses


Important: LinkedIn Learning presently offers a 30-day free trial (which can be terminated at any time without penalty) that allows new users access to the entire course catalog, certificates, LinkedIn Premium, and CPE credits! Don't let this opportunity pass you by!



Adding courses to your LinkedIn profile

To add content to your LinkedIn profile, you need to find the content you want first. There are four simple methods to get started and learn new skills on your LinkedIn Learning homepage:

  1. Recommendations - Data from the LinkedIn network is used to populate and update these as your interests change.
  2. Skills - To find relevant courses, self-select and adjust your skills and interests.
  3. Topics - Examine courses in a variety of business, creative, and technological fields.
  4. Search - Courses can be found depending on skills, subjects, software, and other factors.


Once you get the right course, you can follow the steps in this document to watch the course. When you finish a course or learning path on LinkedIn Learning, you will be prompted to add the certificate for the course or learning path, as well as new skills, to your LinkedIn profile. From your Learning History page, you can access the courses or learning paths you’ve completed. To get to your Learning History page, follow these steps:

  • On your LinkedIn Learning homepage, click your profile image in the upper right corner.
  • From the dropdown menu, select Learning History.
  • You can add certificates for courses and learning pathways you have finished to your profile from your Learning History page.




LinkedIn Learning helps people bridge the gap between their desired career and the skills they require. LinkedIn Learning’s library of 5,000+ creative, business, and technology courses helps professionals all over the world achieve more by allowing them to learn at their own pace. To get the most out of LinkedIn Learning, you can take their prepared short course to get started here

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