Patson Chidari

Patson Chidari is a dedicated Software Developer with three years of experience in the HR technology and automation industry. He has leveraged his expertise in React, PHP, JavaScript, and Laravel to create innovative solutions that streamline HR processes. Notably, Patson developed a comprehensive performance management system and the dynamic job portal "Hire Me Now," enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. His role in optimizing the Human Capital Hub's SEO and designing impactful infographics showcases his versatility and commitment to excellence. With a degree in Computer Science, Patson has a solid technical foundation. He believes in continuous learning to stay updated with prevailing technologies. Patson's approach to work is characterized by teamwork, adaptability, and integrity. Passionate about making a meaningful impact through technology, he inspires those around him to strive for innovation and excellence.

20 Mar 2024
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