Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

One of the biggest questions many people with a criminal record have is whether major retailers like Home Depot will hire felons. With Home Depot being one of the largest home improvement companies in the world, does it provide job opportunities for those with a felony on their record? 

According to a Cascade Study, Home Depot boasts impressive figures, including a revenue of $132.1 billion (USD) in 2020. A 17% share of the US home improvement market, a workforce of 504,800 employees in 2021 (a 21.64% increase from 2020). Lastly, 2,200 stores across three countries solidify its retail sector dominance.

In this article, we will look in-depth at Home Depot's hiring policies on felons to determine if they are willing to hire felons despite their criminal background.

Home Depot's Official Policy on Hiring Felons

On its careers website, Home Depot has no explicit policies stating that they do not hire felons. However, their job applications do ask applicants to disclose any convictions. While Home Depot may consider felons for employment, the type of felony and amount of time since conviction will play a significant role in the hiring decision.

Home Depot's policy considers the specific details of an applicant's criminal history on a case-by-case basis. This indicates that while having a felony does not necessarily preclude someone from working at Home Depot, it can influence whether or not they are deemed fit for various roles within the company.

Home Depot considers factors like the type and timing of the offense and signs of rehabilitation when hiring felons. According to Zippia, sex offenses, violent crimes, or theft-related felonies might lead to disqualification, but older non-violent drug convictions could be overlooked depending on the situation. Ultimately, Home Depot evaluates each applicant's criminal and work history individually to decide on hiring felons.

The Ban the Box Movement


The Ban the Box Movement has gained traction in recent years, pushing for removing the checkbox on job applications requiring disclosure of criminal history. Its goal is to offer individuals with records a fair shot in the hiring process. Home Depot is a proponent of this movement, aligning its hiring practices accordingly. 

By eliminating the checkbox, applicants can showcase their skills and qualifications before their criminal past is considered. This shift aims to reduce discrimination and provide opportunities for rehabilitation. Research by Copolicy suggests that banning the box can increase employment opportunities for those with records, contributing to lower recidivism rates.

When hiring felons, what factors does Home Depot take into account?

The issue of whether Home Depot hires felons goes beyond their official policies to touch on broader themes of societal duty, personal change, and the challenges of starting anew.

Home Depot, recognized by its bright orange aprons and shelves full of opportunities, represents hope for those striving to reconstruct their lives. We'll delve into the various aspects Home Depot evaluates when reviewing candidates with past criminal records.

1. Decoding the Offense: A Critical Puzzle Piece

At Home Depot, whether they hire felons is more than a checkbox—it's a nuanced examination of the crime's nature. Each offense undergoes scrutiny, with relevance to the role at the forefront. Non-violent convictions may not hinder roles like customer service or sales, showcasing Home Depot's commitment to fairness and safety.

2. Time as a Healer: Nurturing Rehabilitation



The sands of time play a pivotal role in Home Depot's evaluation. A significant gap between conviction and application signals a potential for growth and transformation. This emphasis on rehabilitation underscores the company's belief in second chances and the power of personal evolution.

3. Matching Skills to Duty: Crafting Opportunities

Job roles act as canvases, each requiring specific skills and responsibilities. Home Depot tailors opportunities to match an individual's talents and the company's needs. Yet, roles demanding heightened trust or customer interaction warrant careful consideration, ensuring alignment with safety and values.

4. Keeping Watchful Eyes: Monitoring Progress

Probation or parole status doesn't deter Home Depot's evaluation process but is a factor in their decision-making. Cooperation with legal authorities fosters a culture of accountability, promoting a workplace where rules are upheld and safety is paramount.

5. Values as Guiding Stars: Aligning Principles

In the labyrinth of hiring, Home Depot seeks individuals whose compass points align with their own. Dedication to community, teamwork, and ethical conduct are valued traits. Home Depot strengthens its commitment to its employees and the communities it serves by weaving individuals who embody these values into its workforce.

So, amidst the orange glow of opportunity, the question lingers: Does Home Depot hire felons? It's a question that's not just about policy but about embracing the potential for transformation and the power of second chances.

Why Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

Home Depot's choice to employ felons isn't just policy; it mirrors its core values and dedication to positive change. The question of why Home Depot hires felons isn't just about rules; it's about their belief in second chances, rehabilitation, and giving everyone a shot at rebuilding their lives.

1. Embracing Redemption's Potential: Home Depot recognizes that felons can undergo significant personal growth. By offering them jobs, they aid in their rehabilitation and reintegration, seeing beyond past mistakes to potential for growth.

2. Championing Social Responsibility: Home Depot is committed to helping communities. Hiring felons breaks the cycle of reoffending, reducing societal costs, and making a positive impact.

3. Cultivating Diversity: Diversity and inclusivity are vital at Home Depot. Hiring individuals with criminal records enriches their workforce, promotes innovation, and reflects their diverse customer base.

4. Expanding Talent Horizons: Home Depot sees the value in hiring felons. They bring unique skills, strong work ethics, and a hunger to succeed, benefiting both the company and the employees.

5. Legal Compliance and Fairness: Home Depot follows employment laws, ensuring fair hiring practices. They offer equal opportunities to all qualified candidates, regardless of their criminal history.

The question arises in the tapestry of their values: Does Home Depot hire felons? It's a matter of policy and a testament to their commitment to second chances and societal betterment.

When applying to The Home Depot, what matters most?

  • When applying to The Home Depot, honesty is key

  • Highlight your strengths despite any past convictions. 

  • Maintain professionalism and prepare for interviews thoroughly. 

  • Research the company and the role to demonstrate commitment. 

  • Ensure your application materials are error-free and polished. 

Remember, these materials shape the company's first impression of you, which is crucial for making a positive impact. 

When wondering, Does Home Depot hire felons? Showing your best self through your application can make a difference.

Advice for Securing Employment at Home Depot Despite a Felony Record

  • Demonstrate your reliability and growth since your conviction. 

  • Discuss your record during the interview to address any concerns before they appear on your background check. 

  • Offer a written explanation of your felony and proof of your dependability. This could include references, qualifications, or awards highlighting your suitability for the role. 

Wondering, Does Home Depot hire felons? Being forthright and showcasing your positive changes can help you stand out as a candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can felons work at Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot does hire individuals with criminal records. They follow a policy of individualized assessment and consider various factors when making hiring decisions.

2. Does Home Depot conduct background checks?

Yes, Home Depot conducts background checks on all potential employees. However, they do not have a blanket policy that automatically disqualifies individuals with a felony conviction.

3. Does Home Depot support the Ban the Box movement?

Yes, Home Depot is a supporter of the Ban the Box movement. They have implemented its principles in their hiring practices to give individuals with criminal records a fair chance.

4. Are there specific programs for hiring felons at Home Depot?

While Home Depot does not have a specific program for hiring felons, they are strongly committed to diversity and inclusion. They consider applicants with criminal records on a case-by-case basis.

5. What types of jobs are available at Home Depot?

Home Depot offers various employment opportunities across various departments, including customer service, sales, warehousing, and more. The specific job requirements and qualifications will vary depending on the position.

6. Why do companies not hire felons?

Companies may choose not to hire felons due to concerns about potential business risks, including safety, security, and liability issues. Additionally, some companies may have strict hiring policies or legal restrictions that prevent them from hiring individuals with felony convictions. However, it's important to note that not all companies have blanket policies against hiring felons, as many recognize the value of giving individuals a second chance and may have programs in place to support their reintegration into the workforce.


When asking Does Home Depot hire felons?, the answer is affirmative. Home Depot's hiring policies reflect a commitment to fairness, rehabilitation, and societal responsibility. Through individualized assessments, support for the Ban the Box movement, and a focus on personal growth, Home Depot offers opportunities for individuals with criminal records to rebuild their lives. 

Home Depot stands as a beacon of inclusivity and opportunity in the retail industry by embracing diversity, ensuring legal compliance, and valuing second chances. So, for those wondering about employment opportunities despite past convictions, Home Depot indeed offers a pathway to redemption and a fresh start.

Patson Chidari
This article was written by Patson a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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