Lowe's Military Discounts

Lowe's Military Discounts

Lowe's military discounts have been the go-to destination for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike. What adds to its appeal, especially for a significant portion of the American population, is the generous military discounts at Lowe's. This initiative reflects Lowe's commitment to honoring the service and sacrifice of the military community.

What is the Lowe's Military Discount?

The military discounts at Lowe's are designed to offer financial benefits to active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their families. This gesture is Lowe's way of showing gratitude for their service to the nation. The discount typically includes a 10% reduction on eligible purchases, making it a significant saving for large projects or frequent purchases.

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the military discounts at Lowes, including eligibility requirements, discounts offered, and tips for maximizing savings.

Eligibility for Military Discounts at Lowe's


To take advantage of the military discounts at Lowe's, you must be one of the following:

  • Active duty or retired member of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or National Guard.

  • Veteran with a discharge status of honorable or general under honorable conditions.

  • Immediate family member of an eligible service member or veteran. This includes spouses and dependent children.

  • Proof of eligibility, such as a valid military ID card or DD-214 discharge paperwork, must be presented at checkout to receive the discounted pricing. Lowe's does not require membership programs or cards to access these savings.


Discounts Offered for Military Customers

Lowe's dedication to supporting the military is evident in the discounts provided, including:

  • 10% off eligible purchases every day for active duty, retired military, veterans, and immediate family members. This is one of the most generous flat percentage discounts offered by any home improvement store.
  • Additional seasonal and monthly discounts throughout the year are specifically targeted towards the military community. These often stack with the 10% discount for extra savings potential.
  • No-interest financing for extended periods through the Lowe's Consumer Credit Program. Active duty personnel can often qualify for special promotional rates and deferment of payments.

To give a sense of potential savings, a $1000 purchase using the 10% military discount at Lowe's would save $100 compared to regular retail prices. 

Maximizing Savings with Military Discounts at Lowe's

Aside from simply presenting a valid ID at checkout, here are some additional tips to maximize the amount you save with the military discounts at Lowe's:

  • Shop during major sales events like Memorial Day and Veterans Day, when many items receive supplementary markdowns on top of the 10% off. This can result in a true discount of 15-25% or more, depending on the sale.
  • Check the Lowe's website and weekly ad circulars regularly for targeted military offers not advertised in-store. Popular items like appliances, generators, and tools are frequently discounted extra for members of the armed forces.
  • Consider larger projects that have higher total costs before applying the 10% military discount. While big-ticket items incur greater initial expenditure, they allow much larger dollar savings with the flat percentage discount versus smaller purchases.
  • Use Lowe's credit card rewards program in conjunction with military pricing. You earn 5% back in points on most Lowe's purchases, which is like getting an additional 5% off future orders - especially beneficial with higher project costs.
  • Enrol in the MyLowe's account for targeted digital and mailed coupons. Combining manufacturer rebates, in-store coupons, and the military discount results in unprecedented triple savings potential.

By arming yourself with all the available discount options from Lowe's through the above tips, active military members and veterans alike can drastically cut spending on home improvement and equipment needs. With average savings of 10-25% or more regularly achievable, Lowe's ranks as one of the top destinations for getting military discounts on purchases.

Lowe's Statistical Support of the Military Community

The extensive Lowe's military discount program has a significant annual financial impact for those who serve. But how does this company-wide support measure on a larger scale? Here are a few statistics that provide context around Lowe's patriotic dedication to the armed forces:

  • Lowe's employs over 26,000 veterans, more than any other Fortune 500 company. They are committed to hiring 200,000 more vets by 2025 through various recruitment initiatives.
  • As of 2018, an estimated $1 billion in discounts were given back to the military community each year through Lowe's ongoing program
  • Over 3 million of Lowe's volunteer hours have been dedicated specifically to aiding veterans' organizations since 2006 through specialized veteran outreach initiatives.

With their commitment to generous discounts, veteran hiring programs, community support initiatives, and annual half-billion plus returned to military families nationwide - it's clear Lowe's stands out as one of America's top corporate supporters of the armed forces. The extensive military discounts at Lowe's aim to give something back to those who sacrifice so much.

Military Discounts at Lowe's on Special Days

Lowe's honors military service all year. They offer regular discounts to military personnel. But there's more on special days. Think Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and July Fourth. These days are different. Lowe's boosts its military discounts. Sometimes, they add special promotions. It's their way of saying a bigger 'thank you' to military members.

Customer Experiences

From a customer perspective, the military discounts at Lowe's are well-received. Users appreciate the ease of use and significant savings, particularly on larger purchases. The discount program is recognized for its respectful acknowledgement of military service, adding value to the shopping experience of military families.


The military discounts at Lowe's mean a lot. They're not just about saving money. They show respect and gratitude. Lowe's discounts strengthen bonds. They connect with Americans who served their country. Lowe's continues this tradition. It's a symbol of their ongoing support for the military community.

Patson Chidari
This article was written by Patson a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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