Tutor job description

Tutor job description

Tutor job description is crucial in the education sector. The specifics of a tutor job description can vary. However, every tutor role focuses on giving students learning support individually or in small groups using effective tutoring methods. They do this for students who require extra assistance.

The tutor job description has often been compared to that of a teacher. However, the two are significantly different. A teacher's role is to teach particular subjects according to the school syllabus, whilst a tutor responds to the student's needs by filling in the gaps.

A tutor supports students struggling with certain subjects in school by bridging the gap between their skill set and knowledge. A tutor must be conversant with best practices and multiple teaching techniques to be effective. This will guarantee that they can successfully handle students, each of whom will have specific requirements.

A tutor must be able to communicate clearly with students and their guardians to make sure that there are action plans in place to track students' development. The objective is to make sure that there is an increase in a student's overall performance.

A tutor job description should include a list of the main responsibilities and the KSAOs (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics) required for successful job performance.

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Tutor job description: Overall Purpose

Assists students by tailoring lessons and learning material to suit the needs of individual learners. A tutor aids the understanding of key concepts and ideas by presenting information using various techniques. They reinforce the material learnt in the classroom by exploring and elaborating on different concepts.


Tutor job description: Primary Duties


  • Plans learning sessions and material by working closely with students to determine their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assists individuals in enhancing their knowledge and skills by guiding them during sessions and demonstrations. 
  • Ensures students improve academic performance by formulating materials such as handouts and study notes.
  • Assists students in unpacking complex subjects and courses by using tailor-made lessons and practical activities.
  • Keeps students motivated by providing students with positive and constructive feedback.
  • Tracks student performance and progress by administering tests and sharing reports with parents and guardians.
  • Identifies the most effective teaching method and module for each student based on their areas of strength by conducting learner assessments.
  • Collaborates with parents and teachers in improving student performance by meeting them and discussing key areas that need attention.
  • Ensures efficient use of time by being punctual to all appointments and creating weekly timetables.
  • Contributes to student learning, growth, and advancement by demonstrating academic competence in subject areas.
  • Delivers relevant tutoring content by staying up to date with the school syllabus.
  • Builds meaningful connections with students by creating a friendly, encouraging, and welcoming environment for students.
  • Promotes high standards for academic success and behavior and continually encourages students to meet them by using trackable learning systems.

Tutor job description


Tutor job description: Qualifications Required

  • A national diploma / higher diploma in education or any specific field.
  • Academic credentials are required to show that a tutor has the knowledge and abilities to instruct and support students.


Tutor job description: Experience Required

  • Experience administering testing instruments is important because it aids in testing the progress of the students and the effectiveness of learning interventions.
  • Experience working as a tutor exhibits competence in performing the task.
  • Experience developing learning material for specified areas of study is needed to ensure the preparation of relevant study material.
  • Experience with the academic curriculum is needed to stay on course whilst preparing learning materials.
  • Experience following up on student progress is required to track and improve performance continuously.
  • Experience handling multiple and diverse student inquiries is needed to ensure that no student concerns go unsolved.
  • Experience with multiple curricula enables the assembly of rich content for the students.
  • Experience working with other stakeholders, i.e. parents and classroom teachers, in collaborating for student growth.


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Tutor job description: KSAOs


  • Knowledge of applicable school curricula is needed to prepare relevant learning material.
  • Knowledge of various teaching techniques is needed to cater to different students with different needs
  • Knowledge of student profiles and challenges is needed to ensure that students get full assistance.


  • Excellent communication and presentation skills are essential to delivering lessons to pupils.
  • Multitasking skills are needed when handling various subject areas at the same time.
  • Good attention to detail skills is needed to close all student gaps.
  • Test administering skills are needed to track students' progress.


  • Recognizing student weaknesses is needed to strategize action plans to convert such into strengths.
  • The ability to diagnose student problems inside and outside the classroom is needed to provide 360o assistance.
  • The ability to respond to all student queries is needed to aid in boosting student performance
  • Communicating effectively with parents, guardians, and teachers is needed to ensure student performance is tracked.

Other Characteristics

  • Tutors must be able to work with various students at different learning paces.
  • Tutors must be comfortable commuting to various locations for student interaction.

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A tutor serves students by supporting them with academic success strategies. They close the gap between students' skill sets and knowledge. The key responsibilities of this role are to boost student performance by preparing learning materials such as study aids. They also do this by administering tests that help them to track and report on student progress.

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