Preschool Teacher job description

Preschool Teacher job description

A Preschool Teacher Job description is a crucial job profile for any preschool. They are in charge of educating and guiding young children in the years before they start attending an elementary or primary school regularly. They do this by creating a good curriculum or program for the children. Their primary responsibilities include educating children about essential concepts like numbers, colors, and shapes; assisting them in developing social skills; and maintaining a clean and secure classroom for students and teachers.

A preschool teacher needs to know best practices and educational techniques to be effective. This will ensure they can successfully lead a class of young children, each of whom will have distinct needs, abilities, aptitudes, and emotions requiring patience, compassion, and enthusiasm. They should be able to engage children and win their respect and attention, which are requirements for teaching kids effectively.

Preschool teachers coordinate the students' schedules to ensure they get the right amount of sleep, playtime, and education. Additionally, preschool teachers instruct their pupils on hygiene habits and routines.

Preschool teachers must be able to work with additional specialists like counsellors, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. This ensures children receive the greatest upbringing and education possible.

The objective is to support the child's healthy mental and emotional growth so they can transition to the next level of education smoothly.

Preschool teachers with experience can advance to lead teachers, who may be in charge of numerous classrooms, or the director of a preschool or daycare facility.

The Preschool Teacher Job descriptions should list the primary duties, the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualities (KSAO) necessary for an individual to perform the job well.

Preschool Teacher Job description: Overall Purpose of the job

They educate children about essential concepts, providing an educational foundation for children before they advance to primary or elementary school by developing a comprehensive education program.

Preschool Teacher Job description: Primary duties


  • Develops a thoughtful, original program that is appropriate for preschoolers by using a variety of teaching methods;
  • Assists each child in enhancing their social skills and boosting their self-esteem by guiding them during games and role plays;
  • Encourages children to interact with one another and to settle disputes when they arise by acting as a mediator;
  • Assists children in developing their creative and practical skills by using carefully designed lessons and practical activities;
  • Schedules sleep and food hours by creating a weekly timetable;
  • Ascertains the potential, needs, and developmental stages of children by administering and marking tests;
  • Tracks children's progress and reports to parents by keeping a performance record and sharing performance reports;
  • Interacts with parents frequently to understand the children's background and psyche by hosting parent-teacher days or consultation days;
  • Maintains a clean and organized classroom by complying with health and safety regulations;
  • Is active in the lessons with the children by participating in creative learning activities, including conducting storytelling, supervised play, and arts and crafts;
  • Addresses the needs of early childhood development by creating extensive curricula;
  • Establishes a feeling of discipline and order in the classroom by giving the children house rules;
  • Ensures that the children are safe at all times by observing them during playtime in the playground and the cafeteria
  • Manages the inventory by choosing, storing, ordering, and distributing the supplies, materials, and equipment for the classroom;
  • Supports disabled children by providing them with access to supportive technologies, assistive devices, and assistance using facilities like bathrooms;



Preschool Teacher Job Description: Educational Qualifications

An individual in this role must have a background in teaching. Below are some educational requirements you should consider including in the Preschool Teacher Job description.

  • CPR training for children is required to be able to assist during emergencies
  • BS/BA in teaching or a related subject is essential to provide you with a broad liberal arts education, as well as a firm foundation of teaching knowledge and expertise
  • A current license to practice your profession is required to show that you are qualified for the role.

Preschool Teacher Job description: Experience Required

Individuals who succeed in this have practical experience in culinary management. Below are some of the experience requirements.

  • Two years or more in a position similar to develop the right level of patience and fully understand of the educational and emotional needs of the children;
  • Experience working with young kids in a classroom is essential to use age-appropriate language while speaking with them;
  • Familiarity with the rules for classroom hygiene and safety is necessary to be able to implement them
  • Experience with Microsoft word and excel is essential to develop lessons and to take stock of the classroom inventory.

Preschool Teacher Job description: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics (KSAO)


  • Excellent knowledge of preschool educational techniques and child development principles is required as it aids inappropriately guiding the child's learning;


  • Written and Oral Communication skills are required to speak and write to parents effectively.
  • Interpersonal communication skills are required as they help preschool teachers to comprehend each child's needs.
  • Family and child relationship skills are required to communicate positively and can significantly aid in reversing undesirable results.
  • Planning and organizing skills are required to be able to organize lessons and plan the activities for the children effectively
  • Reading skills are essential to be able to read to the children during lessons in an appropriate manner
  • Time management skills are required to manage time for a productive learning environment.


  • The capacity to mediate disputes between children is necessary to be able to solve a conflict that arises in the classroom
  • Ability to act as a good role model is necessary as this enables the preschool teacher to be able to guide the children effectively
  • The capacity to design memorable, novel lessons is necessary to be able to teach children effectively
  • The capacity to interact with young children on their terms is necessary to enhance the children's academic and behavioural outcomes and the classroom environment.

Any other Characteristics

  • A desire to mould and uplift young minds is necessary as it helps the teacher to develop programs and lessons that ensure they mould and uplift young minds
  • A kind, outgoing personality with a patient, calm, amiable, and dependable approach is necessary as it makes it simpler for them to connect with and engage with children and parents



Preschool Teachers contribute to children's early development and education by designing engaging, age-appropriate curricula for the children with a healthy balance of learning time, playtime and rest time. They manage the classroom and promote students' social, emotional, and intellectual growth by implementing the rules, lessons and managing time. They provide parents and guardians feedback on the children's progress and development.

The Preschool Teacher Job description cannot be ignored in the educational sector. As a result, it is important to make sure the primary activities and obligations you include in a job description of this kind are customized for your school. It is crucial to emphasize each component of the job description when creating one for this position.



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