Effective Teachers Inspire Effective Students

Effective Teachers Inspire Effective Students

Students Learn Better When Teachers are Judged as Effective

All teachers are not the same. Different teaching styles result in effective teaching. There are, however, some surprising aspects that students value.

Effective Teachers Inspire Effective Students

Teacher Personalities Improve Instruction

All teachers are not the same and different teaching styles result in effective teaching. There are, however, some surprising aspects that successful teachers share.


All teachers need to know the subjects they teach. Some know more than others, but may be less effective teachers than those who have less content knowledge. Many aspects of successful teaching are well-understood. These include a variety of paper writing help,  organizational skills, effective classroom management, and efficient instructional planning.



There are things that effective teachers must do, but equally important are characteristics that effective teachers must have that are related to teacher-student relationships. Studies seem to be reasonably consistent in identifying the personality traits of effective teachers. Understanding these traits may help explain why highly knowledgeable teachers are not always the most successful in transferring knowledge to students.

Characteristics of Effective Teachers

The precise weighting of the characteristics of effective teachers is difficult because studies have varying methods and examine different groups. Nevertheless, some attributes tend to be repeatedly revealed. One of these is humor. Humor may loosely refer to a kind of positivity that is perceived by students as being witty, happy, and able to cause healthy laughter and positive feelings. These teachers can diffuse troublesome situations quickly using wit and make the class a pleasant place to be. For students with special educational needs and disabilities, a great teacher can make all the difference. Platforms like senploy have been doing a great job in providing such educators.


Another highly rated trait is fairness. This trait is demonstrated not only by treating students equally but by lacking a rigid, fixed style that is unwavering under any circumstances. There is recognition that justice is not one-dimensional, but that it consists of both rules and exceptions.


Energy is frequently named by students as a valued attribute. Energetic teachers demonstrate psychic and physical energy. They teach in a manner that demands attention as they move through the classroom. They avoid monotone speech and appear to have a contagious vigor.


Respect is another frequently appearing trait of effective teachers. It is demonstrated when teachers avoid put-downs and sarcasm. As for the essay writing service reddit, respect also tells students that they are accepted as unique, worthy, and people of value. Respectful teachers are polite and can listen to student concerns. They do not necessarily become advocates for wrong ideas but are willing to hear students’ concerns.


Effective teachers are seen by students as accepting of their fallibility and are comfortable being less than perfect. They humanize themselves by admitting mistakes and being willing to apologize when wrong. All teachers are fallible, but not all teachers allow themselves to appear as such. Fallibility makes teachers more approachable.


Students recognize compassion as an important characteristic. Compassionate teachers are empathetic and can connect with students in an appropriate way that does not endanger the teacher-student relationship. Students can have many sources of stress and often need to simply share a problem with someone who will listen and support them. Students will observe that compassionate teachers inquire about students who are known to be ill or having a difficult time.


Effective Teachers Expect Students to Achieve

Effective teachers have high expectations. These teachers can ask students to do their best in a non-threatening manner. They reinforce student efforts with frequent recognition of good work on difficult tasks. High expectations require the teacher to convey an attitude that encourages students to adopt a roll-up-the-sleeves approach.


Even challenged students will be expected to perform at a level that is a personal best. This can be achieved by proper motivation and individualized instruction. The student as well as an essay writer should believe that a teacher’s expectations are high but achievable and that the teacher will be there for support. High expectations for the students require and encourage high expectations for the teacher as one who is organized, knowledgeable, and prepared every day.


Effective teachers possess characteristics that create a healthy teacher-student relationship. Among many traits identified in various studies humor, fairness, energy, respect, fallibility, compassion, and high expectations appear frequently as being important to students. These traits cab overcome some deficiencies in content knowledge by improving teacher engagement.

Diane H. Wong
This article was written by Diane H. a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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