Costco Teacher Discount

Costco Teacher Discount
Last Updated: January 15, 2024

It is both admirable and crucial to provide teachers with material benefits for the countless hours they devote to molding the brains of the future. Teachers have such a significant influence on society. Many companies have started offering discounts as a way of saying thank you. The specials provided by Costco for teachers are incredibly beneficial, allowing them to save money on personal and business purchases.

Does Costco offer a teacher discount?

Sadly, Costco's checkout stations do not consistently provide teachers with a discount. However, teachers who sign up as new members through their unique teacher program are given a one-time digital Shop Card. New Costco members receive a $120 digital Costco shop card for Executive membership or a $60 digital Costco shop card for Gold Star membership upon online activation redemption.

Teachers can save money on their purchases with the help of a membership and shop card from Costco. Costco is a reputable and well-known store dedicated to helping educators and appreciating their essential role in the community. By providing these offers, Costco hopes to lessen some of the financial strain educators frequently experience.

According to Costco, once you start shopping,  you can recover your membership cost quickly due to the significant price reductions, not to mention the considerable discounts on various Costco Services that you can utilize daily for your personal and professional life. Costco aims to offer the most outstanding products at the lowest prices. They require a membership fee from members to recover their overhead as they operate the business at margins far lower than other merchants. 

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Eligibility for the Teacher Shop Card at Costco


The shop card offered by Costco, designated for "teachers," necessitates confirming one's teacher identity via the website. Those who fill the following positions are qualified:

  • Licensed teachers,

  • Assistants and aides to teachers,

  • Certified teaching assistants,

  • People with lifetime teaching certifications,

  • Professors at a college or university,

  • Speech-language pathologists,

  • Administrators of schools,

How many individuals can I add to my membership?

Two people can have a Gold Star Membership (either regular or executive) at the same address: one Primary Member and one free household member at least 16 years old. The Primary member is allowed to choose who gets the second card. This can be modified anytime by going to the Account Details or visiting the Costco membership counter near you. The primary member of a business membership can add more people for an additional charge, which is a significant distinction between that membership type and the gold star membership.

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What is a Business Membership?

A Business membership allows you to shop online at and any Costco Wholesale facility across the globe for goods for your use, business, or resale. You also get one extra card free of charge for each person in your household. As with all Costco memberships, it has a one-year expiration date and must be renewed yearly. We need three pieces of business ID or some business identity, like a business license, for you to sign up. Although you can register online, you must visit the membership counter at one of our warehouse locations to pick up your cards and present your ID.

Advantages of the Teacher Discount at Costco

Teachers can take advantage of several advantages with the Costco Teacher discount. First, it enables teachers to make cost savings on various goods. The discount can help you make even more of a dent in your budget, whether you need to buy new furniture, books for your classroom library, or even art supplies.

Teachers who take advantage of the Costco Teacher discount not only save money but may also get superior products. Costco is renowned for its dedication to providing high-quality products, guaranteeing that teachers can buy dependable and long-lasting classroom materials.

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Other Discounts Offered by Costco

Student discounts at Costco. 

Teachers may register for the Costco Student Discount if they are now enrolled in a Title IV U.S. college or university. After paying the $60 Gold Star membership cost and confirming your student status online, you can get a $10 Costco Cash Card in the mail. Additionally, you can apply for the $120 Executive Membership, which comes with a $20 Costco Cash Card and two household cards to utilize. 

Apart from the Costco student discount, educators are eligible for other benefits. These might be workshops, exclusive events, or simply setting aside shopping time. For the most recent information on any new perks you may take advantage of, visit the Costco website or your nearby store.


Costco offers a teacher discount to assist teachers in saving money on personal and business purchases. New members can sign up through their unique teacher program and receive a digital Shop Card. The Teacher Shop Card requires confirming the teacher's identity via the website. Teachers can add up to two people to their Gold Star Membership. U.S. college or university students can register for the Costco Student Discount.

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