Discounts for Costco Employees

Discounts for Costco Employees
Last Updated: October 9, 2023

Costco conducts business globally. Costco employs more than 300,000 people. These employees enjoy several discounts.

Free Membership

Costco employees get a free executive membership, which gives them 2% cash back on their purchases for one year. This is one of Costco's biggest discounts for full-time and part-time employees. Employees are entitled to a free membership, giving them access to many goods and services.

In a study by Glassdoor, 82% of Costco staff members valued the free membership benefit. This benefit enables staff to purchase items for their own needs and get more familiar with the store's offerings, improving their capacity to assist customers.

The Costco employees also get 3 free memberships to give to their friends or relatives.

Employee Discounts on Merchandise


Discounts for Costco Employees

In addition to the free membership, Costco staff members receive significant discounts on in-store purchases. The discounts are handed to employees as Coupon Books. These coupons allow employees to save money on various items, including groceries, electronics, apparel, and household goods. These discounts typically run from 10% to 30% off ordinary retail pricing. Given that Costco is recognized for its ability to provide competitive rates on luxury and bulk goods, such discounts are especially important.

According to New Zealand Rabbit Club research, Employees can save up to 50% off various items, including electronics, furniture, jewellery, watches, apparel, and more. A Costco Employee Store and Employee Purchase Program allows employees to purchase certain items at a discounted rate. This discount percentage can change depending on the product type, with higher-end devices frequently obtaining smaller discounts. However, the employee discount continues to be a valuable perk that aids Costco staff in saving money on their purchases.

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100% Discount on Turkey

Every employee at Costco gets a free turkey for the holidays. They can pick them up starting mid-November through Christmas.

Regional differences are taken into consideration. For example, thanksgiving in Canada takes place on the third Monday in October, nearly a month before Thanksgiving in the United States. Employees in Canada also receive an additional discount at Christmas.

Users on Reddit under Costco claim that it is customary for every employee to receive a turkey coupon. Anytime they're ready, they can enter the walk-in freezer, get their turkey, and exit by waving their ticket at the door. It appears that seasonal employees are also eligible for this bonus. In the past, it only applied to employees who were employed permanently. Overall, it's a wonderful pick-me-up during the busy holiday season, which we assume is especially stressful for those working in the chaos of Costco Wholesale's crowded parking lot between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

More than 80% Discount on Healthcare

On average, Costco employees employed for 180 straight days and put in more than 24 hours per week are qualified for discounted health benefits. About 92% of Costco employees are satisfied with the discounted insurance, health, and wellness benefits. Costco pays 80% of the insurance premiums for part-time employees and 90% for full-time employees.

Benefits for full-time workers at Costco begin on the first day of the second month following the completion of 250 qualifying paid hours. Benefits are available to salaried employees and some specialist roles on the first of the month after their hiring.

Each Costco warehouse has a pharmacy to give employees a reliable internal prescription drug plan. Additionally, all employees can access a low-cost dentistry plan that includes basic operations like cavity fillings and teeth cleaning at a discount.

Travel Discounts

Costco is renowned for providing travel discounts. According to Glassdoor reviews, almost 80% of Costco employees used the company's travel benefits. Discounted cruises, vacation packages, and rental vehicles are just a few perks available to employees and their families, making travel more convenient and cheaper. Each employee gets access to unique travel benefits.

The reviews uncover how these travel discounts promote work-life balance and employee happiness.

Generous 401(k) Discount

Costco offers a 50% match or discount on their employees' 401(k) contributions up to a maximum of $500 per year. If an employee can contribute $1,000 a year, Costco will contribute $500 to their 401(k).

Regardless of how much an employee donated to their 401(k), Costco will also contribute a portion of the employee earnings. This starts at 3% and gradually climbs after someone has been employed for a year.


Costco is dedicated to its employees' well-being. Costco promotes a work climate that rewards and supports its staff by offering substantial discounts on goods, services, and travel. Employee discounts, such as free membership, reduced prices on goods, and special discounts on services, improve employees' financial situation and raise their job satisfaction. Costco consistently receives excellent reviews from Glassdoor for employee satisfaction and is regarded as one of the finest workplaces. As a result, Costco continues to draw in and keep a loyal workforce, ensuring customers have a positive shopping experience supported by a group of informed and satisfied employees.

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