Supply Chain Director Job Description

Supply Chain Director Job Description
Last Updated: February 12, 2024

A glimpse of the supply chain director job description proves that the role is essential in supporting the smooth functioning of any organization. The supply chain director position plays a vital role in the organization as they oversee the supply chain operations. Supply Chain Directors are in charge of organizing and carrying out an organization's supply chain initiatives. The supply chain director interacts with various parties, including staff members, suppliers, and other stakeholders.


The primary duties of a supply chain director vary depending on the organization and its structure. A supply chain director is typically in charge of duties such as inventory management for the organization.


Supply chain director job description requires that the job holder have constant contact with suppliers. In this position, they must be well-organized to guarantee that goods and raw materials are delivered according to their design schedule. Additionally, supply chain directors are urged to establish progressive relationships with suppliers to reduce costs.


It takes a lot of dedication and solid organizational abilities to succeed in this professional job. Additionally, they choose the technologies to employ and the techniques for gathering and evaluating data.

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Supply Chain Director Job Description: Primary purpose


The supply chain director's overall job is to oversee all supply and distribution matters. They are in charge of monitoring the movement of goods and services. They also ensure that things are delivered on schedule, in good condition, and at a reasonable rate. Supply chain directors may also manage supplier relationships, negotiate contracts, and ensure compliance standards.


Supply Chain Director Job Description: Main duties

The supply chain director's job description has primary duties. In this section, I will share the core duties of the supply chain director:

  • Develops sources for procuring supplies, services, and equipment by attending demonstrations, contacting vendors; attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies and trade fairs.
  • Decides on the supply and distribution methods by tracking the efficiencies of each delivery mode, e.g. road, air, and road.
  • Manages returns to suppliers for rejected materials by assuring these rejected materials are up to standard through rejection reasons.
  • Heads the supply chain department by ensuring all subordinates are in line and performing according to the department's mandate.
  • Manages a group of supply chain assistants and managers by monitoring if they organize and carry out supply chain tasks as assigned.
  • Manages compliance with occupational health and safety regulations by setting safety checks.
  • Procures quality items by ensuring all purchases are made according to the agreed specifications.
  • Grows the supplier database by creating alliances with distributors.

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  • Ensures timely and correct communication of authorized orders to suppliers to facilitate timely and in-spec delivery of ordered goods and services
  • Ensures optimum supplies at all times by reviewing reports concerning inventory levels.
  • Ensures appropriate procedure controls and certification are in order at suppliers.
  • Ensures optimum staffing for all sections under the supply chain by putting together a demand-driven staffing model.
  • Improves supply chain efficiencies by automating all key supply chain processes. Implements new technologies to advance competence in supply chain development.

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Supply Chain Director Job Description: Educational Qualifications 

The nature and level of qualification for this role can vary by organization. The supply chain director job description often lists some educational qualifications as prerequisites. Below are some of the standard educational requirements for the supply chain director job.

  • A first degree in purchasing & supply chain management, procurement, logistics, or a related field is a prerequisite.
  • (CIP) Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) or the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) may all be required
  • Knowledge of office applications is a mandatory requirement.

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Supply Chain Director Job Description: Experience Required

Some supply chain director job descriptions require at least five years of experience in a similar role. Again the extent of the experience required varies from organization to organization. Listed below are some of the experience requirements for the office manager job:

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in a similar role is often a requirement.
  • Proven experience in interaction with different distributors/ suppliers is a requirement.

Directors of supply chains typically have at least 10 years of relevant experience. They could begin as a purchasing officer or a supply chain analyst and advance to a managerial role. Before becoming a supply chain director, they might also work in a similar industry, like logistics or transportation.

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Supply Chain Director Job Description: Other Characteristics

The supply chain director job description often lists the specific KSAO required for someone to be successful in this role. Listed below are some of the characteristics:

  • Leadership- Supply Chain Directors are in charge of managing the efforts of various staff teams. Effective leadership abilities are crucial for this position because they frequently hold positions of great responsibility and influence.
  • High level of attention to detail.
  • Understands market dynamics as well as the legal and regulatory landscape.
  • Must have knowledge of the SAP system
  • Must have basic accounting skills.
  • Must be able to use Excel
  • Computer literacy, proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher amongst others.
  • A high level of written communication skills is mandatory.
  • Excellent planning and scheduling skills are required.
  • Above-average time management skills are necessary.
  • Ability to make decisions on the go in liaison with the relevant stakeholders.
  • This role requires a self-driven self-starter.
  • Strong problem-solving skills are required.
  • Conflict management skills are a mandatory requirement.

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Organizations with a large supply and distribution chain should have a supply chain director. Understand that the overarching goal of this position is to negotiate contracts, oversee compliance with industry rules, and manage relationships with suppliers, which greatly ensures business growth. You must ensure that the role is adequately profiled and filled with the appropriate people to gain value.

To my knowledge, the above sample job description for the supply chain director has enough details to give you a good start when creating a quality and credible job description for the supply chain director for your firm.


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