Office Manager Job Description: What You Need To Know

Office Manager Job Description: What You Need To Know

The office manager job description is key to making the offices run smoothly. Office managers support company operations by maintaining office systems and supervising staff. The aim is to ensure that administrative duties do not bog down key staff. This will free their time and allow them to concentrate on their core duties. Office managers do various management and administrative tasks to keep offices running.


The primary duties of an office manager vary depending on the company or organization they work for. An office manager typically oversees tasks such as coordinating employee schedules, managing office supplies and managing communication within the workplace.


Office manager jobs are essential in any organization because they manage the office's day-to-day operations. They must be able to handle a variety of tasks, including organizing and scheduling work, resolving conflicts, and training staff members. There are many ways to become an office manager, but most require a college degree plus no less than five years of experience in a similar role. The position requires a lot of discipline, hard work, and good organizational skills.


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Office Manager Job Description: Primary purpose

The office manager's overall job is to oversee all office administrative issues. They support other staff by taking care of their administrative duties. The tasks and responsibilities of the office manager include organizing meetings and appointments, making arrangements for office supplies, greeting guests, and providing general administrative assistance to other staff members.


Office Manager Job Description: Main duties


The office manager job description has primary duties. The office manager carries out these duties daily. In this section, I will share the core duties of the office manager. 


  • Maintains office services by coordinating office activities and processes.
  • Assists in preparing payroll by ensuring all the administrative paperwork is processed.
  • Supervises correspondence management by ensuring that every communication is forwarded to the appropriate office.
  • Designs the filing system by ensuring the structures required for filing are in place and are being utilized.
  • Approves supply requisitions by ensuring all requisites comply with the current policies governing the procurement of goods.
  • Provides a reference for retrieving documents by providing methods for storing, preserving, retrieving, transferring, and disposing of documents.
  • Promote efficiency in the office by planning and implementing office systems, layouts, and equipment procurement.
  • Maintains office efficiency by developing and implementing office systems.
  • Provides policy support by helping employees interpret policies.
  • Ensures employees understand company policies by ensuring that employees can easily access policies.
  • Enables the smooth management of meetings by assisting in the scheduling and tracking of meetings.
  • Keeps meeting records by ensuring that a staff member is assigned to take the minutes.
  • Keeps management informed by summarising and channelling information to the correct offices.
  • Assists visitors by directing them to the right staff members for assistance.
  • Ensures optimum staffing by assisting managers when they want to hire staff, especially handling all recruitment-related administrative work.
  • Ensures all office administrative staff are productive by agreeing on goals, including frequently feedback sessions on how they perform.
  • Assist finance staff by handling all administration related to the preparation of budgets.
  • Maintains optimum office supplies by monitoring the reorder levels and supplies where needed.
  • Liaises with the relevant line managers to handle all administrative obligations.
  • Ensures maintenance work for office equipment is carried out by liaising with the relevant departments and suppliers.
  • Maintains ambience in the offices by ensuring that offices are cleaned regularly.
  • Assist in onboarding new employees by coordinating the administrative parts of the onboarding process.
  • Addresses employees' administrative queries by liaising with the various departmental managers.
  • Ensures that all travelling for staff is handled efficiently by liaising with airlines and travel agents that handle the company's travel requirements.
  • Assist managers with their presentation requirements by working on the design and proofreading their presentations.
  • Produce quality reports by proofreading documents that come through their office.


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Office Manager Job Description: Educational Qualifications 

The nature and level of qualification for this role can vary by organization. The office manager job description often lists some educational qualifications as a prerequisite. Below are some of the standard educational requirements for the office manager job.


  • A first degree in administration or a related field.
  • A secretarial qualification is sometimes listed as a requirement.
  • Knowledge of office applications is a mandatory requirement.


Office Manager Job Description: Experience Required

Some office manager job descriptions require at least five years of experience in a similar administrative role. Again the extent of the experience required varies from organization to organization. I have seen some jobs of office managers requiring candidates to have a minimum of 5 years' experience. I list below some of the experience requirements for the office manager job.


  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar role is often a requirement.
  • Experience handling administrative work is a requirement for this role.
  • Proven experience handling different stakeholder needs is a requirement.
  • Experience using scheduling tools is a requirement.


Office Manager Job Description: Other Characteristics

The office manager job description often lists the specific KSAO required for someone to be successful in this role. I list below some of the characteristics:

  • High level of attention to detail.
  • Good communication skills
  • High proficiency in using the Microsoft suite of programs.
  • A high level of written communication skills is mandatory.
  • Good oral communication is necessary for this role.
  • Excellent planning and scheduling skills are required.
  • Above-average time management skills are necessary.
  • Ability to make decisions on the go in liaison with the relevant stakeholders.
  • This role requires a self-driven self-starter.
  • Strong problem-solving skills are required.
  • Conflict management skills are a mandatory requirement.


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The office manager job description is a key role in every organization with a sizeable administrative work burden. To get value out of this role, you must ensure that the role is adequately profiled and occupied by the right individuals. Remember, the overall purpose of this role is to provide administrative support and, in the process, free up time for key staff to focus on their core job without worrying about administrative tasks.


I think the above sample job description for the office manager has enough details to allow you to come up with a credible job description for the office manager for your company.


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