Operations Manager Job Descriptions

Operations Manager Job Descriptions

Operations manager job descriptions profile the work of individuals in charge of operations within an organization. The title of the operations manager is often reserved for people who manage the core business operations of an organization. The role of the operations manager is always process-oriented and targeted to get the maximum value from maximizing the organization's processes.

The operations manager's job description focuses on optimizing the organization's processes and resources to derive the maximum value for the organization. The job relies heavily on planning and coordinating business operations and systems.

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Operations Manager Job descriptions: Overall Purpose

Plans and coordinates an organization's operations, intending to bring maximum value to the organization. The role of the operation manager achieves this by leveraging available operational, human, and financial resources.

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Operations Manager Job descriptions: Primary Duties


  • Develops a system to optimize resource use by ensuring that each core business area has standard operating procedures.
  • Optimizes operations by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing standards and procedures.
  • Complies with internal controls by auditing and verifying records, reports, and practices.
  • Maintains higher levels of productivity by scheduling work to optimize resource utilization.
  • Ensures the organization is fully resourced by procuring the necessary resources to keep operations running at optimum levels.
  • Manages costs by reducing waste of resources in all business operations.
  • Prepares budgets to support operations by coordinating various stakeholders with input into the budget.
  • Manages the budget by tracking budget performance against agreed targets and taking corrective measures where necessary.
  • Ensures that the business is run based on standards by developing standard operating procedures and ensuring that these are followed in daily operations.
  • Maintains the highest health and safety standards in all operations by developing a health and safety policy and ensuring that staff comply with the policy.
  • Ensures continuous improvement in operations by identifying areas where inefficiencies are evident and taking corrective measures.
  • Develops and implements operational strategies to enhance efficiencies by streamlining operational processes and procedures.
  • Ensures the company complies with statutory requirements by checking all statutory updates and ensuring compliance.
  • Produces quality products and services by getting quality standards certification and ensuring consistent compliance with such standards.
  • Enhances the productivity of all resources by deploying resources where maximum value can be realized.
  • Manages all projects for maximum value by subscribing to and following a project management model.
  • Coordinates the business strategy development by facilitating sessions and implementing the agreed strategy.
  • Looks for new business opportunities by developing business strategies in liaison with key internal stakeholders.

Operations Manager Primary Duties

Operations Manager Job descriptions: Educational Requirements

The role of the operations manager can be found in many sectors. Sometimes, you may find sector-specific requirements stipulated in the operations manager job description. For example, an operations manager in a bank may be required to possess a banking qualification such as a degree. An operations manager job description in a manufacturing environment may require an operations, production or engineering qualification up to a degree level. Below I list some of the qualifications in the job description for the operations manager.

  • A degree in a relevant field is a requirement.
  • A certification related to the industry may be needed.

Operations Manager Job descriptions: Experience Required

The level and type of experience in the operations manager job description vary by sector. In banking, often banking-related experience is listed. The same applies if the role is in a production environment. Below I list some common experience requirements in the operations manager job description.

  • At least 5 years of experience at the managerial level in a relevant operations environment is a mandatory requirement.
  • Experience managing people is required.
  • Experience scheduling work for optimum production is required.
  • Experience preparing budget forecasts is required.
  • Experience monitoring budget performance is required.

Operations Manager Job descriptions: KSAOs




  • Knowledge of operations is required to enable proper scheduling of work and the use of resources.
  • Knowledge and use of work scheduling software are mandatory requirements.
  • Knowledge of financial principles as they apply to operations is required.


  • Good communication skills are required as the incumbent relies heavily on effective communication with management and staff to get things done.
  • Excellent planning skills are required as the success of this role depends on the incumbent's ability to plan effectively.
  • Good leadership skills are a prerequisite for this role, given the need to lead diverse functions.
  • Excellent organizing skills are required as the incumbent must organize resources to ensure that the business operations are fully resourced.


  • High level of numerical ability as the incumbent will be working with numbers, including tracking productivity trends.
  • The ability to develop forecasting models is required as the success of this role largely depends on the ability to forecast output and resource requirements.
  • Ability to read and understand financial ratios as they are key in ensuring the financial viability of operations.
  • The ability to prepare reports for executive management and the board is required as key decisions will be made based on operational performance.

Other Characteristics

  • A high level of attention to detail is required, as errors can be costly.
  • Stakeholder management skills are required as the incumbent must balance divergent stakeholder interests.
  • The ability to persevere is required as the incumbent may encounter several operational hurdles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main duties of operations manager?

The main duties of operations manager are to deploy company resources to enhance productivity. To achieve these duties and goals, the incumbent need to be good at planning and forecasting production and resource utilization.

What are the 3 roles of operations management?

The three major operations management roles are planning for operational outputs, delivering on agreed operations goals while ensuring quality output.

Who qualifies as operations manager?

The question of who qualifies as an operations manager is depended on the sector. Some sectors have sector-specific qualifications. As explained above, people with banking qualifications and necessary banking-related experience can qualify as operations managers in the banking sector. People with engineering, operations or production qualifications can qualify as operations managers in a production environment. Who qualifies as operations depends on the sector a business is operating. Some organizations do not care much about sector-specific qualifications. Anyone with a degree and relevant experience can qualify as operations manager.

What is another title for operations manager?

The other title often used interchangeably with operations manager is production manager.

What is the difference between a general manager and an operations manager?

The general manager in a business looks after the bigger scope of work such as supervising other departments such as marketing, human resources, and operations/production. On the other hand, the operations manager focuses on operational issues focused on producing the core product or services offered by a business.

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