Job Description of a Training Coordinator

Job Description of a Training Coordinator

The job description for  Training Coordinator is a vital role in the organisation. People in this role are responsible for coordinating training activities within the organisation. The training responsibilities include coordinating training interventions offered by internal resources and those provided by outside vendors. In some instances, their role includes ensuring that training needs are done. Their coordination activities could cover preparing a training budget and liaising with external training providers. Lastly, this role can encompass coordination of evaluation of all training interventions within the business.


This role interacts with managers, employees, and external training service providers. It requires someone who can nature relationships with these groups to derive maximum value from training interventions. To succeed in this role, incumbents must have strong stakeholder engagement skills.


Job Description of a Training Coordinator: Overall Purpose of the Job

Responsible for ensuring that all training activities run smoothly for the benefit of the business. The duties include coordinating the preparation of the training budget, overseeing the training needs assessment, and assessing the effectiveness of the training provided.

Job Description of a Training Coordinator: Primary Duties


When deciding  on the primary duties to include in the job description for training coordinator, consider the following duties:

  • Guides managers in conducting training needs for their staff.
  • Prepares guidelines for preparing a training budget.
  • Leads in evaluating all training interventions.
  • Liaise and coordinate external training services providers.
  • Develops training and development policy.
  • Assists managers in developing training and development plans for staff.
  • Recommends instructional methods for in-house training programs.
  • Assists in designing training material for in-house training programs.
  • Leverages digital technology developments in delivering training programs.
  • Ensures all in-house training facilities are maintained and well resourced.
  • Capacitates internal trainers with modern training delivery techniques.
  • Manages and coordinates the company’s online training platforms, specifically focusing on their effectiveness in delivering training material.
  • Researches modern and effective training methods and recommends the same for implementation.
  • Schedules training courses for employees individually or in groups.
  • Assesses internal employee data to identify training needs
  • Assists managers in coming up with training needs from employee performance reviews.
  • Recommends training courses to line managers to enable increased uptake of training.
  • Assesses the pre-training environment before selecting candidates for any training program.
  • Work with managers to create the right post-training environment to transfer skills to the job.
  • Carries out value-for-money audits for all training programs.
  • Communicate available training opportunities to employees to increase uptake of company-initiated training programs.
  • Coordinates the enrolment of some employees in academic training programs.
  • Designs policies to ensure the company does not lose employees immediately after sending them on an expensive training program.
  • Sources training programs from outside vendors.
  • Eliminates barriers to training effectiveness across the training value chain.


Job Description of a Training Coordinator: Educational Requirements

Candidates for the role of Training Coordinator are often required to have a qualification in adult learning. This is usually at the first-degree level. I have noted that in some cases, the educational qualifications for this role are just a degree in social sciences or human resources management.


I list below the standard qualifications I have often seen in job descriptions of a training coordinator:

  • Degree in adult education or related field.
  • Postgraduate qualifications in any modern training qualification
  • A Master degree in education or a related field is an added advantage.
  • Certifications related to training design and delivery will be an added advantage.


Job Description of a Training Coordinator: Experience Level required

The role of training coordinator requires unique, exceptional experience in adult learning. This role requires an individual with extensive experience in a training and development environment. Lack of exposure to a training environment may limit the effectiveness of anyone who occupies this role.

I list below the standard experience requirements for this role:

  • 4 years of experience in a similar role.
  • Exposure to modern training methods is a requirement.
  • Experience with digital training platforms is required.
  • Experience in training needs analysis is required.
  • Experience in instructional design methods is required
  • Experience in modern training evaluation approaches is required.
  • Experience in preparing training budgets is required.


Job Description of a Training Coordinator: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics(KSAO)

The knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics required in this role are essential when developing a job description for a training coordinator. Pay particular attention to this section as it plays a big part in selecting the right candidate for this role:

I list below some of the required KSAOs for this role:

  • Good report writing skills.
  • Good coordination skills.
  • High levels of critical thinking.
  • Good stakeholder engagement skills.
  • Excellent events management skills.
  • Knowledge of digital training platforms is required.
  • Ability to use simulations and gamification in the delivery of training.
  • Proficiency in the Microsoft suite of programs is needed.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential.



Depending on your industry, the Training Coordinator role can be divided into two parts. For example, the person will look after mining and engineering training if you are in mining. You can have a training coordinator looking after your technical training. You can also have another training coordinator in the soft skills training.


In all cases, this role should be responsible for coordinating training activities in the organisation. Often such a person should have a degree in adult education or related qualification. Due to the sophistication required in designing and delivering training, some job descriptions for training coordinators now need candidates to have a postgraduate qualification in adult education or human resources.


For an individual to be effective in this role, it helps to have someone with a good understanding of business operations. This is where in some cases, employers require a person with a postgraduate business degree in this role.


I can not see anyone being effective in this role if they do not understand adult learning principles. I also can not see how someone can be effective if they have not mastered modern training delivery methods such as those supported by digital technology.


Memory Nguwi
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This article was written by Memory a Super User at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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