Case Manager Job Description

Case Manager Job Description

Case managers may have several job titles in their career, such as social worker or community service manager depending on the organization, but they serve the same function. The Case Managers are mainly responsible for helping patients with healthcare and well-being guidance. They do this effectively by providing advice on treatment options available, creating treatment or recovery plans and checking on the progress.

The case manager assists clients in locating suitable facilities by monitoring and assessing available services. Case managers evaluate treatment alternatives, develop treatment plans, coordinate care, and monitor patient progress. Case managers need hard and soft skills as they are negotiators.

Case managers must have good collaboration skills as they frequently work with medical professionals and social workers. Adding to their duties, Case managers ensure patient satisfaction by presenting cost-effective yet efficient healthcare options.

Case manager responsibilities vary depending on the nature of the client base and the work setting, for instance, there are school case managers, prison case managers and hospital case managers. These individuals ideally play a pivotal role in maintaining the balance between the families, caregivers, and the patient. They add a variety of skills to the care environment. The case manager must be highly organized, empathetic, compassionate, non-judgmental, and eager to help.

Case Manager job description: Overall Purpose

Works with individuals to coordinate services and resources, such as medical care, housing, and employment. They help people access the services they need. They also provide support, guidance, and advocacy for their clients.

Case Manager job description: Primary Duties


  • Assists clients in making knowledgeable healthcare choices by presenting them with service provider options.
  • Advocates solutions on behalf of their clients by engaging service providers.
  • Organizes and facilitates patient care by assessing and evaluating patients' needs.
  • Coordinates and monitors services by including comprehensive tracking of client activities in relation to the care plan.
  • Handles case assignments by drafting service plans and reviewing case progress.
  • Helps clients achieve wellness and autonomy by having counselling services in place.
  • Ensures client satisfaction by going the extra mile in interacting and keeping track of their progress.
  • Keeps records of cases in check by accurately completing all necessary forms and producing statistical reports.
  • Develops client's goals and areas of need by creating treatment plans which are assessed regularly.
  • Identifies and provides emergency crisis services as necessary by making clinical assessments and responding according to accepted crisis involvement.
  • Works with clients, family, support networks and caregivers by placing care plans for them.
  • Records clients' progress through monitoring referrals, home visits and other notable interactions.
  • Interviews, assesses, counsels, and provides resolution for clients in crises involving social, emotional, financial, health or other problems.
  • Contacts clients who would be released to check on them and see whether they were happy with the services and if their physical and mental health had not changed.
  • Performs high levels of collaboration by cooperating with the medical staff during the case management process.
  • Accomplishes effective client care by assessing treatment needs, developing, monitoring, and evaluating treatment plans and progress.
  • Develops effective working relations by cooperating with the medical team throughout the entire case management process.
  • Adheres to professional standards as outlined by protocols, rules, and regulations.
  • Assesses the client’s needs and conditions properly by reviewing their records, speaking to their family members, and lastly, the medical service providers.
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Case Manager job description: Educational Qualifications

  • At least a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, Psychology or Social Work. The fields of study vary depending on the field a Case Manager aspires to work in.

Case Manager job description: Experience Required

  • Experience in health and safety regulations is needed to enable compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Previous teamwork experience and a desire to take on leadership responsibilities within a team are needed to ensure that the Case Manager has the necessary experience to work with and lead clients in the right direction.

Case Manager job description: KSAOs


  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite is required to create case reports.
  • Knowledge of efficient methods for deciding on a suitable medical provider.
  • Knowledge of healthcare management.
  • Knowledge of techniques for dealing with individuals from various socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.


  • Negotiation skills are needed to negotiate health options on the client's behalf.
  • Interpersonal skills are needed to manage clients' concerns.
  • Communication skills are needed to communicate effectively with staff, clients and healthcare providers.


  • The ability to develop strategies in sourcing various healthcare options for clients.
  • The ability to multi-task in instances where the incumbent has to help the patient and the family simultaneously.
  • The ability to solve problems as the incumbent deals with resolving clients' issues.
  • The ability to work in a team, as the Case Manager at the time will need to work with caregivers, thus the element of unity and collaboration a need.


The case manager job description is one of the most important roles in the field where patient wellness is required. The primary duties of this role are meeting with clients and their families, connecting clients with professional services, and maintaining consistent communication with clients.

Tanyaradzwa Shava
This article was written by Tanyaradzwa a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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