Flights Military Discounts

Flights Military Discounts

Airlines offer discounted rates to active service members who are still active in service. These are called military discounts. These cost savings can exist in the form of ticket price reductions, free checked baggage, in-flight discounts, and other advantages. A couple of the airlines, such as Alaska, American, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest, and United Airlines, offer military discounts. To qualify for a discount for specific flights, military members might have to confirm service, for example, active military identification or a DoD card.

Veterans Advantage is a scheme that gives military veterans and their families discounted airfare rates. Discounts may range from 5%, and many airlines provide advantages like priority boarding for active military personnel.

Military Discounts Plane Tickets: What Is the Eligibility Criteria for Military Discounts on Flights

1. Proof of service: To be eligible for a discount, the majority of airlines need military personnel to present proof of service in the form of travel orders, a valid military I.D., or a DoD card.

2. Sign up for airline programs: To get military discounts, certain airlines might require you to register for an account. These accounts, which are often free, assist the airline in monitoring who is using specific discounts.

3. Tailored Discount Plans: Before choosing a flight, find out which airline can best accommodate your needs. Certain airlines provide early boarding and premium cabins to veterans and service members, while others provide free luggage.

4. Get in touch with the airline: Online flight discounts for veterans aren't always accessible. For reservations, you might need to give the airline a call. Make sure to ask about any military discounts available.

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Military Discounts Plane Tickets: How to Apply For Military Discounts on Flights


1. Look for military discounts on commercial airlines: Every airline has a separate military discount program. You must conduct individual searches on each airline, either over the phone or with the use of specialized search engine tools, to take advantage of these discounts and identify which airline is offering the greatest bargain.

  • is a search engine created especially for military personnel looking for cheap travel. You'll save time by doing this instead of contacting each airline separately.
  • Typically, the discount is expressed as a monetary amount or as a percentage of your ticket price.

2. Become a member of airline programs: Some airlines will ask you to register to receive military discounts. The airline can monitor who is using particular discounts with the use of these accounts, which are often free.

United Airlines provides a Veterans Advantage Program, for instance. In addition to other perks, military personnel, and their families receive a five percent flight discount. To receive savings, you must enroll.

  • It's important to note that the majority of these deals and programs have limitations on where you may board the plane and where it can go ultimately—most often, within the United States.

3. Combine Discounts: You can inquire about combining discounts once you have determined which airlines provide military discounts and how much of a discount you will likely receive from each. You could ask if using your military discount will prevent you from using your frequent flyer points, for instance, if you are a member of one.

  • Another option is to look for tickets that are discounted, such as destination packages, and see if the military discount can be included.

4. Speak to a travel agency that specializes in military travel when you have questions. Finding the most economical flights is possible with the help of a travel agent who is aware of current offers. But remember, a travel agency does bill for the time they spend doing their homework.

  • If you require a trip to be planned with an itinerary and reservations made for lodging and dining, especially if you are traveling in a big group, using travel agents is more beneficial.

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Military Discounts by Airline

1. Air Canada

  • Does not provide a flight ticket military discount.
  • Offers free three checked baggage for active and retired military personnel, each weighing up to 70 pounds.

2. Air France

  • Does not provide a flight ticket military discount.
  • Offers free five 70-pound checked bags for active duty military personnel and their family.
  • For active military personnel visiting for leisure, two complimentary 50-pound checked bags are provided.

3. Alaska Airlines

  • Veterans Advantage offers a 5% ticket discount.
  • Active duty military personnel and their family are eligible for discounted military tickets. Only available when making a phone purchase at 1-800-252-7522.
  • Active duty military personnel and their family travelling on orders are entitled to five complimentary 50-pound checked bags.
  • A 15% food discount while on a flight
  • Military personnel flying within three hours on an Alaska flight while on duty are eligible for a complimentary Alaska Lounge Day Pass. When using Alaska, all other active duty members are eligible to purchase a $30 Lounge Day Pass at a discounted rate.

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4. Allegiant Airlines

  • Does not provide flight ticket discounts for military personnel.
  • Two complimentary 99-pound checked bags for active and retired military personnel; 
  • Free pet policy in the cabin; 
  • Early boarding

5. Breeze Airways 

•  Does not provide a flight ticket military discount.

•  Free 99-pound checked luggage for two active-duty military personnel.

•  For baggage deals, active members of the armed forces must check in at the ticket desk with their military ID.

6. Delta Airlines

  • Booking a holiday experience with Delta Vacations gets you $300 off each ticket. Dial 1-800-800-1504 to speak with their specialists.
  • Five complimentary 100-pound checked bags for active duty military personnel traveling under orders.
  • When flying for pleasure, active duty military personnel get three free 50-pound bags when using a premium select ticket, two free 50-pound bags when using a basic ticket, and three free 70-pound bags when using first class.
  • Pets may be checked as checked baggage when traveling on relocation or transfer orders for a cost for military personnel and their dependents.
  • To enjoy discounts on baggage and pets, call 1-800-221-1212 in advance to make a reservation.

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7. Frontier Airlines

  • Does not provide a flight ticket military discount.
  • Active duty military personnel receive two complimentary 99-pound checked bags;
  • Family members and traveling companions are not eligible for the discount;
  • A Common Access Card must be presented at check-in to receive the baggage bargain.

8. Hawaiian Airlines

  • Does not provide a flight ticket military discount.
  • For active duty military personnel and their dependents on orders or relocating five complimentary 70-pound checked bags are provided.
  • When traveling for leisure, active duty military personnel are given two 50 lb. checked bags.
  • To check bags, an active-duty military I.D. is needed at check-in.

9. JetBlue 

  • Veterans Advantage offers a 5% ticket discount.
  • Five complimentary 99-pound checked bags for active duty military personnel and their dependents who are either relocating or on orders.
  • Dependents must present their Common Access Card, the name of the active duty military member, their branch of service, and their military rank.

10. United Airlines

  •  Veterans Advantage offers a 5% ticket discount.
  • When traveling on orders, active-duty military personnel are entitled to free additional baggage.
  • An invitation to the United Club, which provides active duty members and their families travelling on duty with a premium cabin and other benefits.
  • PCSing military personnel and their spouses can transport their dogs or cats when traveling abroad.
  • Active duty military members traveling on duty and their families are invited to the United Club, which includes a luxury cabin and more.

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11. Lufthansa Airlines

  • Veterans Advantage offers a 5% ticket discount.

  • Lufthansa complies with United Airlines' U.S. military baggage policy, permitting active duty military personnel to check one additional piece of luggage for free.

12. Southwest Airlines

  • Active duty military personnel and their dependents can book military and government fares at the Veterans Advantage PBC bookings site and receive a discount.
  • To make a reservation, contact 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) or stop by a Southwest ticket counter.
  • Active duty military members receive two free 100-pound checked bags and no additional charge for additional luggage; present military I.D. at check-in to receive the baggage bargain.
  • Early arrival at the boarding

13. Spirit Airlines

  • Offers no military discount on aircraft tickets;
  • Gives active duty military members two complimentary 100-pound checked bags
  • Requires baggage deals to be added online in advance during booking or online check-in using ID.ME.

14. American Airlines

  • 10% Veterans Advantage ticket discount
  • Government and military fares are offered. To reserve, dial 800-433-7300.
  • When traveling on orders, active duty military personnel and their family are entitled to five complimentary 100-pound checked bags.
  • For active duty military personnel visiting for pleasure, three complimentary 50-pound checked bags are provided.
  • When checking in, a copy of your active orders and, if applicable, your military ID are required.
  • No-fee waivers for canines in active service
  • Early arrival at the boarding

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Additional Perks

When wearing a uniform, service members have access to airport lounges and can bypass the TSA queue by presenting their DoD ID card.

Military Discounts Plane Tickets: Airline Benefits for Military Families   

Benefits for military families traveling by air vary widely based on the carrier, the season, and the benefits required.

Since the travel industry is notorious for constant changes, it can be challenging to pinpoint specific travel discounts for military people and their families. However, if you know where to go and how to seek, you can locate military travel discounts online that can add more to your trip budget.

Airlines and the travel industry generally divide these perks according to your position as a dependent of the military or as a family member traveling together. Additionally, you'll discover that your position as a veteran, active duty military member, reservist, or someone returning from overseas will be crucial in the offered savings.

Some examples of these statuses are:

  • Active duty military
  • Active duty military returning from overseas duty;
  • Active duty military traveling on PCS or TDY orders;
  • Active duty military traveling with leave documentation
  • Reserve Members
  • Members who have recently retired or separated;
  • Veterans;
  •  Military Dependents traveling on orders
  •  Military Dependents traveling unaccompanied

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How to Apply for Travel Discounts for Military Families

Since military travel discounts come in a variety of forms, you will need to inquire about the kind of discount that might apply to your military travel.

For instance, let the agent know about the exact kind of travel you are planning, your military status, and the number of people who are traveling with you who are either military or military dependents.

Explain that you are stationed overseas, that you are traveling on official orders (TDY, PCS, or Leave), the nature of the orders you are traveling on, and your plans for the trip; for instance, if you are organizing a vacation from a military base overseas.

Find out what other discounts might be available to you and your family if you are planning a vacation by asking about military family airfare discounts for vacation travel to your destination.

Indicate that you are traveling on official business, state that you are traveling for a PCS or TDY, and specify where you are traveling (to the U.S. from abroad, to another country abroad, within the United States to another country, etc.).

What Kinds of Benefits Are Available For Military Families Traveling?

Depending on the airline or service provider, discounts, free luggage, and other benefits can differ significantly.

Benefits for military travelers can include:

  • Reduced or free baggage fees
  • Airfare discounts
  • Savings on holiday packages that include lodging, vehicle rentals, etc.; and access to special travel lounges like the United Club airport lounge.
  • Lower pet travel costs;
  • No costs or discounted prices for extra or large baggage

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Numerous airlines offer massive flight discount programs, which can result in considerable savings for military personnel and their families. Active duty staff, veterans, and offspring possessing an authorized identification are eligible to take advantage of savings ranging from 25 to 50 percent off airfares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which airlines offer discounts to active military personnel?

A: Many American airlines, such as Alaska, American, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Southwest, and United, offer discounts to military personnel.

Q: What is the cost of a military discount on airfare??

A: The amount of your flight discount for military personnel varies; however, it usually falls between 5% and 10%.

Q: Who offers the most affordable military travel??

A: Cheap Tickets provides the largest discount for military flights when it comes to savings. They will fully deduct 18% from your airfare.

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