Discounts for Ups Employees

Discounts for Ups Employees

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Universal Parcel Services is one of the largest package delivery and logistics companies headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It has implemented a comprehensive employee discount program that provides its workforce exclusive access to various discounts.

There are discounts for UPS employees accessible through a portal called The UPS Smart Savings Marketplace. It is an employee discount portal that is specifically meant for use by UPS employees. UPS employees can find additional discounts on various products and services on this platform, including cell phone plans, entertainment, vacations, and even auto insurance. It showcases thousands of discounts and special offers for UPS employees on products or services from popular national and local brands. Some of the deals are negotiated by UPS exclusively for UPS employees.

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UPS employees can receive an exclusive employee discount on select sailings on all major cruise lines. Whether they prefer a popular cruise line like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney or Norwegian Cruise Lines; or they prefer something more luxurious like Princess and Oceania, UPS can find the best deal possible for its employees. That's not all, employees are also eligible to receive an onboard credit of up to $200 per booking on all major cruise lines.


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Full-time employees at UPS may receive a flight benefit program that provides discounts on airfare for themselves and their eligible dependents. It's important to note that these flight benefits may change over time and may be subject to terms and conditions.

Universal Parcel Service offers a discount to its pilots for transporting their personal belongings. Most pilots have access to a limited number of discounted or free flights. This is often called a "pilot's discount" or "pilot's rate". Pilot's discounts vary from airline to airline and may be subject to change at any time. UPS pilots are advised to check with their airline to confirm the current discount available.

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UPS offers a discount agreement to its employees as a benefit. Being primarily a delivery and shipping company, United Parcel Services employees may receive a significant 5% discount when shipping any product of their choice. Shipping services discounts are for personal or household goods based on company norms. 

All retired employees are eligible for UPS employee discounts. Only the employees who reside in Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories aren't given the opportunity for this discount program for some reason. Retirees without access to UPS, third-party resellers, franchisees, and UPS vendors are also not eligible for this program.

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The Employee Discount Agreement states that discounts may be used for transporting an employee's goods for personal use, but it does not specify the discount percentage. The discount percentage for UPS employees may vary depending on the type of shipping service and other factors.

United Parcel Service employee discounts in partnership with Chevrolet offer all current and past UPS employees preferred General Motors Supplier Pricing. This program saves them not only time but money as well. This program offers a quick and easy buying process.

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Discounts for Ups Employees

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UPS employees also have entertainment discounts offered through the program. UPS employees can enjoy savings on recreational events. Popular theme parks such as Universal Studios offer discounts on admission tickets, while movie theatres offer discounts on tickets.

Universal Parcel Service employees are also eligible for discounts on car rentals, campgrounds, and resorts which can be found on Travel and Vacation Discounts exclusively for UPS employees on their next vacation or trip.

On average, a UPS employee can save over $4,900 per year! Ups employees receive up to 50 percent discounts off hotels, up to 40 percent off movie theatre and other entertainment tickets, and savings on car and home insurance.

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There are discounts reserved for employees that are also accessible while ordering products online if you are a registered UPSers employee. The procedure to sign up for the account is pretty simple, you have to enter your basic employee details, and you will be provided with the user name and password, and you can use these credentials to log in and use the benefits.

The delivery service, UPS (United parcel services) gives the benefits of UPSers discounts . UPS employees are offered a discount called a commercial discount. UPS commercial discounts are only available to employees when they purchase products from an online vendor. The amount they save will vary based on shipping distance, package size, and weight.

In summary, UPS employees have a discount program that offers them significant discounts on a wide range of goods and services, including travel, entertainment, and retail purchases. 

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