Best Buy Discounts for Employees: All You Need to Know

Best Buy Discounts for Employees: All You Need to Know
Last Updated: September 27, 2023

What is the Employee Discount at Best Buy?

Employees at Best Buy are eligible for discounts on most items purchased from Best Buy shops or online. The particular discount amount may change based on the type of merchandise. Employees at Best Buy have historically gotten most things at cost + 10% off. In other words, employees would pay the product cost as determined by the retailer plus an additional 10%.

As a result, if an item has a retail value of $500 and Best Buy paid $250, you would only pay $275 for it as an employee. Depending on the goods, this can often range from a 20% discount to a 60% discount.

Employees must have worked at Best Buy for at least 30 days before being eligible for their Best Buy discounts. Ninety thousand people worked for Best Buy in 2023, a 14.29% decrease from 2022.

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Which products are eligible for the Best Buy discounts for employees?


Unfortunately, not all products are eligible for the Best Buy employee discounts. Best Buy employees are entitled to special discounts on various goods. Some TV brands, audio equipment, and Android phones are eligible for employee discounts.

The Best Buy discounts for employees also apply to the Geek Squad's tech support services. It should be noted that some items, such as gaming consoles and Apple products, do not qualify for Best Buy discounts for employees, and employees must instead pay full price for them.

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What percentage of a discount will Best Buy employees get?

The employee only has to pay the cost of an item plus 10%, depending on the original cost at which Best Buy purchased the item from the manufacturer.

One of the most cost-effective guidelines is that employees of Best Buy only need to pay $55, which includes $50 + 10% of $50, for a product that costs $50 and has a retail price of $100.

The Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) is exclusively accessible to Best Buy personnel because it is deemed sensitive information and cannot be publicly available.

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How can I check my employee discount at Best Buy?

Best Buy employees can check their employee discounts by logging into their individual Best Buy account. To access all offers, they log in to the ETK (Employee Tool Kit Access) and select the personal page. Please remember that Best Buy will need their EIN to validate their discount.

According to the ETK, they can only verify the employee discounts at the store where they work using computers to avoid discount abuse or impersonation. If they attempt to access their employee account from a different location, Best Buy might not accept their input.

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Best Buy Discounts for Employees

How can I receive a Best Buy discount for employees?

Employees must show their job ID to Best Buy to use their employee discount, which will speed up the in-person and online checkout.

When making in-store purchases, the salesperson will advise them on how to get employee discounts.

However, the system will automatically apply savings to every item they add to their basket when they purchase online using their Best Buy employee account.

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Returning Discounted Items

Employees can return discounted items to Best Buy just like any other merchandise. For non-members, Best Buy has a standard 15-day return period. Most products can be returned within 30 days to Elite members.

At the very least, all staff are Elite members. Most things can be returned within 45 days to ElitePlus members. No matter what kind of membership the consumer has, activated equipment, such as cell phones, must be returned within 14 days.

Restocking fees are associated with some goods. Except for cell phones, activated gadgets have a $45 restocking fee. A 15% restocking fee is applied to the following products; DSLR cameras, drones, lenses, mirrorless devices and optics, body and leg recovery systems, high-end camcorders, projectors, projector screens, and products for special orders.

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Savings Alternatives at Best Buy

Employees not only have the chance to benefit from their Best Buy Discounts for employees, but they can also take advantage of the additional ways Best Buy offers everyone, employee or not, to save money.

Employee discounts complement other Best Buy savings opportunities.

Reward System. Customers can take advantage of a rewarding program from Best Buy.The creation of an account is free. As you make purchases in-store or online, you will accrue rewards that you may put toward more purchases. You will instantly become an ElitePlus member with additional perks, such as an extended return time, whenever you spend $3,500 in a calendar year.

Best Buy Outlet. Purchase merchandise at Best Buy Outlet. Used and returned goods are sold at a discount at Best Buy Outlet. Despite being pristine, the things were returned because the buyer changed their mind.

Other goods might have had a minor flaw resolved after being returned. Despite being on sale, every item is inspected for quality and backed by Best Buy's guarantee. A product can be returned if it doesn't meet your expectations. Many of the items will also include warranties.

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The following products are available through Best Buy Outlet:

  1. Clearance items: discarded products with lingering stock
  2. Items in open boxes: Returned goods
  3. Products that have been repaired after damage
  4. Pre-owned things are those that have been used before.
  5. You can still earn points through Best Buy rewards when you purchase things from the Best Buy Outlet.

Discounted Gift Cards. By buying a cheap gift card online, you might be able to save money if you intend to make a sizable purchase from Best Buy. Only use trusted services; however, you can save money by buying a discount for up to 15% less than what it's worth.

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In Summary

Best Buy gives its workers exclusive discounts to keep them happy and motivated. Employees can save 5% to 50% of the cost price, thanks to how the discount is set up. Both full-time and part-time workers who have been at Best Buy for at least three months are eligible for these discounts.

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