FedEx Employee Discounts: All You Need to Know

FedEx Employee Discounts: All You Need to Know

You can access discounts and perks beyond your regular work-related benefits as a FedEx employee. FedEx Employee discounts are designed to enhance your personal life, provide financial savings, and promote a healthy work-life balance. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to maximize the incredible FedEx Employee discounts.

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FedEx Employee Shipping Discount Program

The FedEx Employee Shipping Discount Program is a valuable benefit offered to employees of FedEx. Employees can access discounted shipping rates through this program. Whether you need to send packages domestically or internationally, this program allows you to save a significant amount on shipping costs.

With the Employee Shipping Discount Program, you can send gifts, personal items, or any other shipments while enjoying substantial savings through the FedEx Employee discounts. The program provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for employees who frequently need to send packages to family, friends, or for personal reasons.

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To take advantage of this type of FedEx Employee discount, follow the designated process outlined by FedEx for employee shipping discounts. This may involve providing your employee identification or utilizing a specific code or link to access discounted rates during shipping.

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FedEx Office Discounts


FedEx Office Discounts are exclusive perks offered to FedEx employees, providing them with access to reduced rates and savings on various services available at FedEx Office locations through the FedEx Employee Discounts program.

As the company's retail division, FedEx Office offers a range of services, including printing, copying, binding, and other business-related solutions. Employees can enjoy significant savings on these services for their personal needs with the employee discounts and the FedEx Employee Discounts program.

Whether individuals require professional printing services for personal use, such as creating invitations, flyers, or business cards, or need assistance with document copying and binding, FedEx Office Discounts enable them to save money while receiving high-quality services.

To avail yourself of this type of FedEx Employee discounts, present your employee identification at any participating FedEx Office location. The discounts will be applied to your transactions, ensuring you receive the reduced rates exclusive to FedEx employees through the FedEx Employee discounts.

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Corporate Perks

The Corporate Perks program is an exclusive offering for FedEx employees, providing a broad range of exceptional discounts and benefits through partnerships with various organizations. As a valued member of the FedEx team, you can access these corporate perks, which extend beyond the realm of FedEx services and encompass diverse sectors such as travel, entertainment, retail, electronics, and more, courtesy of the FedEx Employee Discounts program.

Through the remarkable Corporate Perks program, you can revel in special deals, substantial savings, and unique offers from partner companies. These perks are thoughtfully curated to enrich your personal life and augment the value you receive beyond your regular work-related benefits. Whether you seek discounted travel packages, tickets for entertainment events, enticing shopping deals, or savings on electronic devices, the comprehensive Corporate Perks program, available through the FedEx Employee Discounts program, is your gateway to an enhanced and rewarding experience.

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To access the corporate perks, you can visit a dedicated portal or platform provided by FedEx that showcases the available deals and discounts. From there, you can explore the various offers, select the ones that interest you, and follow the instructions to take advantage of the exclusive benefits. The portal may require creating an account or providing your employee identification to access the FedEx Employee discounts.

Regularly check the Corporate Perks portal for updates and new offers, as the available perks may change over time. Take advantage of these corporate perks as a FedEx employee to enjoy savings, special promotions, and valuable benefits across various products and services.

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FedEx Employee Discounts

FedEx Employee Purchase Program

The FedEx Employee Purchase Program is an excellent opportunity for FedEx employees to enjoy discounts on various products and services from selected retailers. This program allows you to access exclusive deals on electronics, appliances, travel, and other consumer goods through the FedEx Employee Discounts program.

As a FedEx employee, you can take advantage of significant savings and discounts through the Employee Purchase Program. Whether you're looking to upgrade your electronic devices, purchase home appliances, book a vacation, or shop for other personal items, this program provides a convenient way to save money.

The Employee Purchase Program typically involves partnerships between FedEx and various retailers or vendors, allowing you to enjoy discounted prices unavailable to the general public. This exclusive access enables you to make your desired purchases at reduced rates, helping you save money while receiving high-quality products and services through the FedEx Employee Discounts program.

To benefit from the Employee Purchase Program, you may need to follow specific instructions or utilize a designated portal or website provided by FedEx.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered by FedEx is a valuable resource designed to support employees with a range of personal matters, work-life balance, and overall well-being. The program provides access to a variety of resources and assistance to help employees navigate challenges and enhance their physical and mental health through the FedEx Employee Discounts program.

One key aspect of the EAP is the availability of counseling services. FedEx employees can receive confidential counselling sessions to address various concerns such as stress, relationship issues, grief, substance abuse, etc. These counseling services are typically provided by qualified professionals who can offer guidance and support during difficult times.

In addition to counseling, the EAP often includes other wellness programs and resources. This may involve access to educational materials, workshops, webinars, and online tools focused on stress management, financial planning, nutrition, and mental well-being. By participating in these programs, employees can proactively take steps towards improving their overall health and quality of life.

Furthermore, the EAP may offer additional benefits, such as exclusive discounts on wellness activities and services. This can include gym memberships, fitness classes, mindfulness programs, and other activities promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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As a FedEx employee, you can access various discounts and perks that significantly enhance your personal life while saving you money. From discounted shipping rates to exclusive offers at FedEx Office, corporate perks, the Employee Purchase Program, and the Employee Assistance Program, there are numerous opportunities for you to benefit from these incredible offerings. Make sure to explore and utilize these discounts, to maximize your savings and enjoy the full range of benefits available to you as a valued employee of FedEx.

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