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13/12/2022 11:48 AM

Billing clerk job description captures the duties of an individual responsible for processing invoices and payments for the company. The individual is also responsible for reconciling accounts, processing customer refunds, and maintaining accurate records. The position requires strong organizational skills and a high level of accuracy to ensure records are correctly maintained. The Billing Clerk must have excellent customer service skills to answer customer questions about their accounts.


A billing clerk is a specialist in charge of producing bills, credit memos, and maintaining customer records. Their primary responsibility is to help clients with invoice-related inquiries. They often collaborate with other departments, particularly the accounting and finance departments.

The billing clerk is also responsible for keeping a record of the revenue in an organization by tracking the amounts owed to the organization. The incumbent does this by keeping a record of all the invoices and bills sent to clients. The billing clerk religiously follows up on all outstanding payments owed to the client.


A billing clerk must have good organizational skills to help them keep track of all the customer files and invoices. The incumbents must also have good communication skills as they communicate with clients about billing-related matters. Additionally, billing clerks must have numerical solid abilities as they are responsible for carrying out financial calculations. A good understanding of excel and financial software is essential as it helps them carry out their jobs.


In general, the minimum qualifications needed to be a billing clerk are a diploma in accounting or other similar qualifications such as ACCA or CIMA. Some organizations require incumbents to have at least 1-2 years' experience.


Billing clerks mainly interact with clients and customers for billing purposes. Internally they collaborate with the accounts clerks to ensure that all financial accounts are in order.


The billing clerk job description highlights the critical responsibilities for this role and the knowledge, Skills, Abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs) required for an individual to perform this job successfully.


Billing Clerk job description: Overall purpose

To accurately and timely bill customers and clients. They must be able to manage a high volume of invoices, follow up on customer inquiries, process payments, and reconcile accounts. They should also be proficient in data entry and computer applications, such as spreadsheets and accounting software.


Billing Clerk job description: Primary Duties

  • Issues invoices and bills and sends them to customers using different platforms such as email.

  • Prepares account statements for customers by using accounting software.

  • Manages client accounts by keeping an organized record of all bills and invoices.

  • Processes payment by using the various channels available to the organization.

  • Approves daily cash reconciliation by giving a stamp of approval.

  • Processes payments by issuing customer account statements periodically.

  • Enters all relevant invoicing and billing data by using accounting software.

  • Supervises credit card online payments and bank transfer payments by tracking all payments in the accounting system.

  • Ensures the accuracy of the final bill by checking the data input in the accounting system.

  • Receives payments via different channels and confirms legitimacy by checking the accounting system.

  • Ensures accounts are credited correctly by adjusting customer payments in the accounts receivable system.

  • Adds new payments, balances, and customer information to accounting records by making entries on the appropriate application.

  • Updates the company's executives and senior managers by preparing reports on billing-related activities.

  • Collaborates with the accounts department by creating financial reports and account statements.

  • Responds to inquiries and complaints by checking the issues raised by clients and finding solutions to them.

  • Sends payment reminders and makes contact with customers through calls and emails.

  • Reports any billing discrepancies to superiors through weekly meetings.


Billing Clerk Job Description: Educational Qualifications

This role requires individuals who have an accounting background and a strong appreciation of numbers. A degree is not necessary at this level as it is essential administrative work,as a result, a diploma will suffice. However, those with a degree are also eligible.

  • A diploma in Accounting is mandatory

  • A degree in Accounting is an added advantage

  • Qualifications such as CIMA or ACCA is an added advantage

  • Knowledge in MS Office (especially Excel); Working knowledge of relevant software (e.g. QuickBooks) will be appreciated

  • Knowledge of accounting laws and confidentiality guidelines



Billing Clerk Job Description: Experience Required

The position requires people who have at least 1- 2 years of experience in a similar position. It is very common for individuals who do not have experience to trained on the job. Prior work experience is generally an added advantage.

  • 1- 2 'years' experience in a similar position

  • Experience handling customer complaints is necessary

  • Experience using accounting software such as QuickBooks.

  • Experience in advanced MS Excel


Billing Clerk Job Description: Other Characteristics required

  • Excellent verbal and communication skills

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Excellent attention to detail skills

  • Excellent Customer service skills

  • Excellent active listening skills

  • Excellent mathematical skills

  • Outstanding interpersonal skills when solving customer complains

  • Excellent clerical and critical thinking skills

  • Trustworthy and ethical

  • Good problem-solving skills.

  • Ability to prioritize and manage time effectively



The billing clerk job description is highly administrative and requires an incumbent to have a solid understanding of accounts. Educational qualification in accounting is therefore essential to have a career as a billing clerk. Previous experience is an added advantage but not a requirement in most organizations. When drafting the billing clerk job description, it is important to capture all the important duties and responsibilities. The qualifications and experience for the position are also pivotal when drafting the job description.


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