Barnes and Noble Teacher Discount

Barnes and Noble Teacher Discount

In the realm of education, teachers play a vital role in molding the minds of leaders of tomorrow. Barnes and Noble, a renowned haven for book enthusiasts an American bookseller in the Fortune 1000, with the largest number of retail outlets in the United States, recognizes teachers' hard work and dedication by providing them with discounts that save them some money on their purchases. This unbeatable package for teachers is named the Barnes and Noble Teacher Discount program.

The Barnes and Noble teacher discount is the right place to start for teachers looking for ways to save on classroom material and maximize reading variety. This article shall explore the program itself, how to qualify for the discount, the benefits, and how to utilize the discount offered. 

Take Note: The Barnes & Noble Educator Program ended in stores and online at the close of business on April 12, 2023. If you enrolled in the Educator program as of February 22, 2023, or expired within 90 days before that date, you are eligible to receive a free year of Premium Membership. One can still claim this offer between April 12, 2023, and October 31, 2023, by visiting any Barnes & Noble or Paper Source store and showing your Educator Discount card.

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How to be eligible for the Barnes and Noble Teacher Discounts?

The Barnes and Noble teacher discounts are available to those who fulfill specific requirements. The teachers must be educators working for approved public, private, or parochial schools serving students in grades K through 12. After one has enrolled, they can immediately begin using the discount in-store or online by adding the Educator Discount Number in the Memberships, Gift Cards, & Coupons section before checking out.

The principals, reading coaches, and teachers are all included in this section. It should be noted that this Barnes and Noble teacher discount program is not available to students or retired instructors.

Fun fact: Homeschooling parents are eligible for the teacher discount. For these parents to grab these Barnes and Noble teachers' discounts, they need to submit a signed letter with the family name and address, name of homeschooling parent(s), grade level of each child being homeschooled, and confirmation that their students are primarily learning at home and not enrolled in a traditional school.

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Benefits of the Barnes and Noble Teacher Discount


Teachers can profit from the Barnes and Noble teacher discount program in several ways. The main perk is a 25% reduction on most educational toys, games, and hardback and paperback books. This discount is valid for in-person and online purchases at and Barnes and Noble stores. With the discount, educators can buy necessary supplies for their schools at a lower cost, helping them to stretch their budgets.

Yet another benefit of the Barnes and Noble Teacher Discount program is the fact that there are some periodical promotions and educator appreciation days. This is where Teachers enjoy discounts for personal use outside of the classroom. These promotions allow educators to explore their reading interests and find inspiration beyond their teaching responsibilities.

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How to Claim the Barnes and Noble Teacher Discount

You can use the Barnes and Noble teacher discount when you enlist in the Educator Program. Show your Educator Card or enter your registered phone number or email address at the checkout counter when making an in-store purchase to be eligible for the discount. If you would instead shop online, you can benefit from the discount automatically applied to qualified purchases by linking your Educator Account to your profile.

It's crucial to remember that, unless otherwise indicated, the teacher discount cannot be coupled with other discounts or coupons. Nevertheless, several products are not eligible for the discount, including gift cards, music, DVDs, café items, and textbooks. 

Exclusive Deals and Offers for Educators

Apart from the continuous teacher discount, Barnes and Noble provides special offers and discounts that are customized for educators. These offers may come with further bonuses and even bigger discounts. Watch for exclusive offers like free shipping for educators, bonus discounts during specific periods of the year, or first access to new releases and instructional resources.

Additionally, Barnes and Noble might collaborate with publishers and educational institutions to provide teachers with unique resources, lesson plans, and materials for professional development. These collaborations are designed to give educators cutting-edge resources to improve their methods and to assist them in their ongoing professional development.


The Barnes & Noble Teacher Discount is more than a financial perk; it's a sincere gesture of gratitude to educators. Beyond easing financial burdens, it opens the door to a wealth of literary resources, enriching classrooms and fostering a love for learning. As teachers navigate the evolving educational landscape, this discount becomes a powerful symbol of support and appreciation and a key to unlocking knowledge for educators and students alike. Barnes & Noble's commitment to teachers is a compelling chapter in the ongoing narrative of educational partnerships, illuminating the path to a brighter and more enriched learning experience.

Tanyaradzwa Shava
This article was written by Tanyaradzwa a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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