Skills survey for Zimbabwean Employees Report

12/10/2021 12:13 PM

Industrial Psychology Consultants researched to find out the level of skills possessed by Zimbabwean employees. In this report, we share the findings from that research. Please note that the employees rated themselves on the level of competency for each skills area. 564 Zimbabwean employees participated in this survey.


Summary of Key Findings

  • Zimbabwean employees indicated they are least competent in the following areas; business acumen, innovation, research skills, financial literacy, active learning and learning strategies. 
  • Zimbabwean employees indicated that they are highly competent in the following areas: Microsoft word, technical skills(job-specific), teamwork, and interpersonal skills. 
  • Males rated themselves higher than females in 86% of the competencies.
  • When correlated to performance (self-assessment), Business Acumen contributes more to performance than any other skill.
  • Microsoft Word skills contribute the least to performance.
  • 46% of all the participants rate themselves at average in terms of skills competence.
  • 36% of the participants rated themselves as having high competence in strategic skills.
  • 6% of participating non-managerial employees have no competency in Business Report Writing.
  • Only 23% of participating middle-level managers rated themselves to have highly competent Business Acumen skills.


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