Business case: How we determined optimal staffing levels for a local company

24/09/2020 2:46 AM

We were recently contracted by a major player in Zimbabwe. The company wanted to know if it was paying unnecessary labour costs as a result of overstaffing. The exercise required us to go into each department and establish if the department was overstaffed in its individual roles and job families and was an opportunity to identify departments that were understaffed. In this post you will read how we cut costs and improved productivity by reducing overstaffing and eliminating understaffing.


How we intervened

Human resources practitioners have often been said to rely on subjective judgement when choosing when to hire, maintain or downsize their workforce. This leads to overstaffing or understaffing which in turn leads to unnecessary labour costs or failure to meet targets and deadlines. To avoid this, we developed a methodology that includes the input of subject matter experts (Heads of Departments HODs) and statistical techniques in determining whether headcount adjustments should be done in each role


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