Employee Qualification Verification (Pre- Hire) Survey

27/11/2020 8:40 AM


This report is on a survey that was carried out to see how often companies verify the qualifications of the different individuals they hire for work. A total of 121 participants from different sectors of industry in Zimbabwe participated.


Summary of Key Findings

  • 94% of the participating organisations across all sectors verify candidate qualifications by requesting candidates to bring original certificates. Only 6% of the organisations do not verify candidate qualifications.
  • 75% of the participating organisations do not verify candidate qualifications with the awarding institutions before or even after offering a candidate a job.
  • 40.34% of participating organisation only get to verify with awarding institutions when there are suspicions of forgery whereas 34.45% never get to verify with awarding institutions during and after time of hiring. 25.21% of the participating organisations verify qualifications with awarding institutions.
  • 24.58% of the participating organisations have encountered cheating scenarios in terms of qualification.
  • 0.8% of the organisations that participated have encountered cases of individuals that did not perform as their qualification certificates were suggesting.
  • Medical and Motoring services have had the highest number of cheating scenarios as the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Church and Construction industry recorded no scenarios of cheating and forgery



A questionnaire with a total of 6 questions was designed and then distributed via email through an online platform called survey monkey. Data obtained was then analysed.


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