McDonald's Employee Benefits

McDonald's Employee Benefits

With over 2 million employees working in McDonald's franchised restaurants worldwide and over 150,000 corporate employees, the company's commitment to its workers is evident in its array of benefits, including healthcare, retirement, paid time off, and parental leave. These benefits contribute to the growth and welfare of staff members.

Employee perks at McDonald's

Performance bonus - Employees who work hard and efficiently are eligible for performance bonuses. Offers for bonuses and compensation will differ depending on the restaurant and area.

Free lunch and snacks – Free lunch for hourly workers, free food for full-time employees

Employee discount - All employees receive a 50% discount.

McDonald's 401(k) Plan: McDonald's matches 100% of employee contributions.

Workplace training: a one-day induction followed by two weeks of training.​

How do you qualify for McDonald's benefits?


Your job title, hours worked, and length of employment at McDonald's will determine the benefits you are eligible for.

Depending on the franchise, crew members may not be eligible for some benefits, but full-time employees and certain part-time employees will. Before being eligible for certain benefits, you must work for at least 60 days. 

What benefits do McDonald's staff get

In addition to financial compensation, there are several advantages to working at McDonald's. McDonald's provides a range of benefits to its employees, including life, health, vision, dental insurance, and occupational accident coverage. 

1. Salary

Fast-food workers at McDonald's typically make $10.68 per hour. However, salaries in restaurants owned by the company are rising annually. These stores are anticipated to pay an average of $15 per hour by 2024. Restaurant managers typically make $12 per hour, although they may make up to $16 in some places. The average pay for a crew leader is $8–$13 per hour. 

2. McDonald’s 401(K) Plan



McDonald's provides 401(k) plans, which enable employees to contribute up to 50% of their wages toward retirement savings. After that, McDonald's increased its investment by matching employee contributions by 5%. 

3. McDonald's Investment Options

In addition to a 401(k), McDonald's employees can purchase stock in the company, create a professionally managed investment portfolio, take advantage of professional financial planning services, and utilize the Corporate America Family Credit Union. 

4. McDonald's Parental Leave

McDonald's offers unpaid parental leave and compensated maternity and paternity leave for eligible employees who are expanding their families. Employees will be able to take time off without worrying about losing their jobs in the event of pregnancy or childbirth problems.

5. McDonald's Family Medical Leave

For workers with family members needing additional care due to medical issues, McDonald's offers several weeks of paid absence to handle such situations.

You can often utilize this leave to care for your sick children at home, which lets you conserve your vacation days. However, you should check with your supervisor about the specific events that qualify for this program.

6. McDonald's Performance-Based Bonuses

At McDonald's, employees might receive bonus checks based on their performance, proving that hard effort pays off. 

7. McDonald's Paid Vacation

Generally, most McDonald's employees receive three weeks of paid vacation; however, the amount you receive depends on your specific function and length of service. However, you might be granted an extra week off on some job anniversaries.

8. McDonald's Employee Discounts

Employees at McDonald's typically receive food discounts at all of the company's restaurants. You will also receive meals to keep you nourished during your shift while working, either free or at a steep discount. Unlimited snacks are also frequently available to full-time employees.

9. McDonald's Two Weeks of Training

Nobody enjoys being thrust into a position they are unfamiliar with. As a result, after an applicant accepts a position, McDonald's puts them through two weeks of training and an orientation. This will ease your concerns if you fear taking on more than you can handle.

10. McDonald's Tuition Assistance

The cost of tuition for qualified employees who wish to pursue higher education can be partially offset by McDonald's, which will provide up to $3,000 annually. 

Furthermore, McDonald's offers employee programs to enhance their proficiency in speaking English, grant high school degrees (your immediate family members can be eligible for this as well), and provide guidance on professional careers and educational opportunities.

11. Uniform

Upon employment with McDonald's, a complimentary uniform bundle will be provided. Managers receive a shirt and tie, while crew members receive a cap, t-shirt, apron, and name badge. The personnel can wear their pants and shoes with a comfortable uniform. On the other hand, there are tight rules about what you can and cannot wear. 

12.  Vision coverage

If you are eligible for McDonald's vision coverage, you can save money on the price of contacts, glasses, and eye exams.

Additionally, you might be able to get inexpensive laser eye surgery.

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McDonald's Employee Benefits: What is McDonalds Employee Discount? 

McDonald's provides discounts to staff members through the Crew Offer and the National Employee Discount program. 

National Employee Discount:

  • Discount: Workers in participating McDonald's outlets nationwide get a 30% discount on orders.

  • How to Use: To receive the discount, provide the special mobile deal found in the McDonald's app while checking out.

  • Usage:  Any order at a McDonald's restaurant that participates is eligible for the discount.

  • Restrictions:  The discount is only valid for individual usage and cannot be used with other offers.


Crew Offer - 30% Off:

  • Eligibility: Participants must be at least eighteen years old, have the McDonald's app, and be employed by McDonald's or its franchisees in a restaurant.

  • Discount:  Gives eligible employees 30% off their daily orders using the My McDonald's app.

  • Usage:  Cannot be used with any other offers or promotions limited to one daily usage.

These initiatives give McDonald's workers exclusive discounts, improving their experience at work and on their visits to the eatery.

McDonald's Employee Benefits: What is McDonald's PTO Policy?

McDonald's PTO policy differs based on the job type (company-owned or franchisee-owned) and the location. The following are some critical PTO policy details:

McDonald's Global Technology Employee Benefits:

  • Benefits for Vacation and Paid Time Off: Depending on the number of years of service, McDonald's employees are entitled to 15 to 25 days of paid time off annually.

PTO Policy for McDonald's Employees:

  • PTO Consists Of:   Employees with less than a year of service are eligible for 0–10 days of paid vacation and sick leave under McDonald's PTO policy.

Eligibility:  Depending on the location and kind of employment (company-owned or franchisee-owned), eligibility for PTO may change. 

PTO and Work-Life Balance at McDonald's:

  • Examine Insights: McDonald's paid time off. What are the workforce's opinions regarding McDonald's paid time off policy? 

McDonald's Employee Benefits: Does McDonald's Pay Bonuses

Indeed, in May 2020, McDonald's gave hourly workers at corporate shops incentives as a way of saying thank you for their hard work. 10% of that month's pay was made up of the bonus. 

Furthermore, McDonald's doubled the first-quarter incentive payments for restaurant managers who met the requirements from $800 to $4,000.

McDonalds offered these bonuses to thank and honor its staff for their commitment and diligence, particularly during trying times like the COVID-19 outbreak.

McDonalds Employee Benefits: Global Benefits Principles and Locally Relevant Rewards

The U.S.

For employees working more than a specific number of hours or, in the case of paid parental leave, based on position, McDonald's provides healthcare, retirement benefits, paid time off, and parental leave in the United States. 

A wide range of programs, including education support, mental health support, adoption assistance, discounted childcare, emergency relief, matching charitable gifts, employee discount program, and virtual everyday urgent care, including a prescription drug discount program, are provided to employees in the United States in addition to their benefits. 


As mandated by law, every employee in Australia has access to retirement benefits that are fully supported by company payments. For Corporate Staff and Company-owned restaurant employees who work more than a specific number of hours, they also provide parental leave, paid time off, and healthcare benefits.


In Canada, public healthcare is provided to all workers through employer-funded health taxes. In addition, they provide paid time off, parental leave, healthcare, and retirement benefits to Corporate Staff and Company-owned restaurant employees who work more than a specific amount of hours.


According to French legislation, all workers are enrolled immediately in retirement benefits. In addition, where required by law or by company agreements, they give parental leave, paid time off, and healthcare benefits to Corporate Staff and employees of Company-owned Restaurants.


All workers in Germany are immediately enrolled in the retirement benefits stipulated by law and are insured by the extensive public healthcare system. In addition, they provide paid time off and parental leave to Corporate Staff, workers at Company-owned restaurants, and workers at our majority-owned companies who put in more hours than a predetermined amount.

The U.K.

All employees in the United Kingdom are immediately enrolled in the retirement benefits stipulated by law and are insured by the public healthcare system. 


McDonald's offers a wide range of benefits to enhance employee well-being and job satisfaction. The benefits offered by McDonald's through educational assistance and health care options show the company's dedication to providing for its staff.  Despite challenges, McDonald's is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming work atmosphere and takes cognizance of its worker's well-being and job satisfaction. 

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This article was written by Ashleigh a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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