Restaurant Manager Job Description

Restaurant Manager Job Description

The restaurant manager job description spells out the duties and the requirements for candidates aspiring to occupy that role. Restaurant managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a restaurant. They oversee all the staff in the restaurant. They are responsible for ensuring that the food is of high quality and that the guests are satisfied with their experience. Restaurant managers also handle the financial aspects of the business, such as ordering supplies, managing budgets, and ensuring that the restaurant is profitable.


They oversee the entire operation, from hiring and training staff to budget and profitability. Restaurant managers must be able to multitask, be organized, and have excellent customer service skills.


The restaurant manager will be expected to maintain the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. They oversee food preparation, menu planning, budgeting, staffing, and customer service.


Restaurant managers typically have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. However, some positions may require post-secondary education, such as a bachelor's degree in business administration or hospitality management. They must also have several years of experience working in the restaurant industry, preferably in a management position.


The position combines general management, administration, customer service, and human resources. Other areas include procurement, health and safety, compliance, accounting, and marketing. Restaurant managers in larger establishments may handle more office-based work.


Restaurant managers may find employment prospects in a range of establishments. These include small-scale local eateries, chains, hotels, or leisure facility organizations. Restaurant managers must exercise leadership in each situation and collaborate with others.


As a result, the job descriptions for restaurant managers must include information about the principal duties, the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualities necessary for success in the position.

Restaurant Manager Job Description: Overall Purpose of the job

The restaurant managers are responsible for the restaurant's overall operations and profitability. They are responsible for hiring and training staff, maintaining inventory, and ensuring that customers are satisfied with their experience.


Restaurant Manager Job Description: Primary duties


The position's essential duties must be listed in the job description for restaurant managers. Emphasis should be on these critical responsibilities, which are crucial for the role's success. Listed below are some of these responsibilities:



  • Retains restaurant customers by giving them a memorable dining experience.
  • Ensures the profitability of the restaurant by watching revenue and cost initiatives.
  • Ensures that incoming staff comply with company policy by conducting training.
  • Maintains safety and food quality standards by conducting regular health checks.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction by handling complaints.
  • Controls staff work schedules by organizing staff shifts.
  • Keeps track of employees' hours by recording their shift start and end times.
  • Records payroll data by comparing employee working hours against the restaurant pay rates.
  • Orders food, linens, gloves and other supplies while staying within budget limitations by comparing supplier prices and placing orders.
  • Ensures all end-of-day cash outs are correctly completed by checking  for accuracy in reports submitted by staff
  • Controls operational costs by identifying ways to cut waste
  • Appraises staff performance by using the restaurant's performance management system.
  • Recruits new employees by interviewing candidates.
  • Compiles feedback on product quality and service levels by interacting with guests to get feedback on product quality and service levels.


Restaurant Manager Job Description: Educational Qualifications 

Although a high school diploma and on-the-job training may suffice to fulfill the minimum criteria, additional education and training provide candidates with an edge. Some restaurant managers have associate's or bachelor's degrees in hospitality management. This can make it easier for them to manage challenging job responsibilities like bookkeeping. Culinary training for a manager could be beneficial for providing excellent customer service in a restaurant.


It takes some commercial acumen to make the most of a restaurant's enticing atmosphere. Graduates of culinary schools might highlight the benefits of a dinner that is thoughtfully prepared and presented. Therefore, a candidate with experience in the hospitality industry is required for this position.


Also, employees will succeed in managing a restaurant if they have years of expertise in financial literacy, food safety, and presentation. The educational prerequisites listed below are a few that you might consider putting in the job description for restaurant managers.

  • A High school diploma or equivalent required
  • A BSc degree in Business Administration, culinary arts, or hospitality management is a plus
  • Comprehensive food and beverage (F&B) knowledge, including the capacity to recall and remember ingredients and recipes and advise customers and staff


Restaurant Manager Job Description: Experience Required

Success in this position will likely depend on the candidates' practical experience in managing a restaurant. Restaurant managers should be skilled at managing all facets of regular restaurant operations. If a busy day calls for it, they must feel at ease working in the kitchen or waitressing. Those who have been successful in various restaurant professions will be able to hire, train, and assist staff in upholding high levels of service and safety. Below is a list of some of the experience needed to succeed in this position:

  • Demonstrated experience working as a restaurant manager, restaurant general manager, hospitality manager, or in a similar position.
  • Proven experience in providing customer service.
  • Must be familiar with restaurant management software such as Peach Works or Open Table.
  • Experience handling the finances of a restaurant is essential.


Restaurant Manager Job Description:  Other Characteristics required

The job description for a restaurant manager must include other crucial qualities for success in the position. An individual with a natural talent to lead makes a successful restaurant manager.


A competent restaurant manager also provides outstanding customer service and sets a positive example for their team while speaking with clients or handling complaints. In the job description for the restaurant manager, you should incorporate the qualities listed below.

  • Outstanding leadership and management abilities.
  • A strong focus on customer service.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Proficient time management.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Good organizing skills.
  • Knowledge of safe food handling practices and other restaurant regulations.
  • Expertise with Microsoft Office Suite or comparable programs.
  • Commercial awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Good communication skills
  • Effective problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork and organizational skills.



A Restaurant Manager job is a crucial position in a restaurant because they take responsibility for the overall business performance of the restaurant. When creating a job description, it is key to focus on the critical responsibilities performed by this position. Also, it is helpful to use various templates, including this one. This job description template for a restaurant manager is editable and prepared for posting to job boards. The trick is to customize it to your specific needs. Use this sample job description for a restaurant manager to save time, find qualified applicants, and hire the best staff.

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