Human Resources Intern Job Description

Human Resources Intern Job Description
Last Updated: September 25, 2023

Human Resources Intern job description outlines the primary responsibilities of a professional tasked with assisting in various HR-related responsibilities, including hiring and recruiting procedures, keeping personnel records, arranging benefits, and supporting HR training and development initiatives.

Human Resources Intern job description should also highlight other responsibilities that the individual does, including researching market trends or other matters of the company's HR division. The intern should be ready to learn a lot about the business and its HR procedures while gaining new HR skill sets.

Under the direction of the HR manager, HR interns serve the HR division's administrative needs. They publish employment ads as necessary, arrange interviews with candidates who have made the shortlist, and compile important payroll information.

An HR intern is a student or recent grad who works for an organization temporarily, typically to obtain experience in the Human Resources Division. Typically, these interns are assigned various activities, such as overseeing the hiring process and assisting with onboarding. Additionally, they might be expected to assist with payroll, training, and benefit-related tasks.

Interns are employed by businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. Businesses that hire interns invest in their future development and have the chance to find new talent and future leaders.

Typically, an internship lasts between three and twelve months. It heavily depends on what the company needs. The HR Intern will be required to carry out the tasks given to them by the HR Manager throughout this time.

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Human Resources Intern Job Description: Overall Purpose

Assists the Human Resources department with administrative tasks by addressing employee inquiries, maintaining documents and data, creating reports, and setting up meetings.​

Human Resources Intern Job Description: Primary duties


Human resources intern duties

  • Aids in recruitment by placing employment ads and holding preliminary interviews.
  • Assists in integrating new personnel by ensuring that the necessary paperwork is finished.
  • Manages and keeps track of employee perks, including health and dental insurance, by keeping track of renewal and open enrollment dates.
  • Helps in payroll tasks, such as maintaining and establishing employee records by assisting with administration during pay periods.
  • Supports initiatives related to training and development by managing employee workshops or seminars.
  • Contributes to creating HR policies and guidelines by studying employment laws and best practices in the sector, which should guide the development of new policies.
  • Investigates market developments in the organization's Human Resources Department by participating in events and webinars from organizations and companies that provide human resources.
  • Executes administrative duties as required, including data entry and filing.
  • Assists the HR Manager or Director when necessary by taking care of office chores like filing, data entry, organizing meetings, and record keeping.
  • Maintains corporate databases by entering a new employee's contact and employment details.
  • Examines the applications and resumes of prospective employees by selecting qualified people to fill open positions within the firm.
  • Arranges interviews with the finalists' candidates by calling or emailing the shortlisted candidates to confirm their interview schedule and to provide logistical information, such as the interview location and time.
  • Eliminates job postings from social media and employment boards when positions are filled by maintaining a record of all job postings and updating the appropriate internal teams.
  • Assists the HR team in compiling data on market salaries by examining the pay scales offered by comparable organizations and competitors for occupations with similar responsibilities.
  • Helps in organizing workplace events by making invitations for events and making supply arrangements
  • Drafts and emails or letters to candidates expressing offers and rejections by articulating the reason for rejection straightforwardly and constructively.
  • Arranges new employee orientations by assembling the goods that new staff members require on their first day, such as pencils, notepads, and name tags.
  • Responds to questions from staff about HR regulations, employee benefits, and other HR-related issues by comprehending employees' problems or request before answering.

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Human Resources Intern Job Description: Educational Qualifications

  • A degree in human resources or a similar discipline at the undergraduate or graduate level is necessary to provide students with specialized knowledge in fields like HR technology, performance management, training and development, and recruitment.

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Human Resources Intern Job Description: Experience Required

  • Demonstrated experience working in an office setting.
  • Knowledge of HR procedures and duties, such as hiring, handling benefits, managing employee relations, providing training, and performance management.
  • Experience creating documents with MS Office products, including Excel, Word, and Power-point

Human Resources Intern Job Description: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics (KSAO)


  • Knowledge of employment rules and regulations is needed to ensure the business abides by all pertinent labor laws and regulations.
  • Knowledge of payroll procedures is needed to help with basic payroll duties such as processing new hires, inputting time cards, changing benefits, and certifying payroll runs.
  • Knowledge of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) is needed to oversee the management of human resource operations.
  • Knowledge of Human Resources principles is needed to carry out duties and contribute effectively.


  • Presentation skills are needed to convey findings and insights efficiently.
  • Attention to detail skills is needed to keep accurate employee records and help with HR-related tasks.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills are needed to communicate with various workers, including executives, independent contractors, secretaries, and administrators.
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills are needed to handle several responsibilities successfully.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are needed to complete tasks that require research, data analysis, and problem identification.


  • The ability to work both individually and in a group is needed to develop cooperation abilities.
  • The ability to prioritize and juggle your tasks is needed to handle multiple tasks and meet all deadlines.

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An HR intern can contribute to improving the company's human resources division with the appropriate skills and knowledge. Businesses must select the best applicant for the position because doing so will help both the individual and the business have a good internship experience.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it possible to obtain expertise in human resources through an internship?

A: Yes, an internship is a fantastic opportunity to learn about and hone your talents in the human resources industry. Internships offer the chance to learn from seasoned professionals and obtain important knowledge of the human resources field.

Q: What sorts of duties may an HR intern do?

A: An HR intern can help with the hiring process, orienting new hires, handling benefits for employees, payroll tasks, and training and development initiatives. Additionally, they can look into market developments and support the HR Manager or Director as necessary.

Q: What level of education is required to work as an HR intern?

A: An HR intern typically requires a bachelor's degree in human resources or a closely related subject. Additionally, some employers could insist that the intern has technical expertise or a certification in human resources.

Q: How much does an HR intern get paid?

A: An HR intern's remuneration varies depending on the company and location. But most internships come with no pay or only a meagre stipend. Some businesses could offer a paid position when the intern completes the internship successfully.

Q: Which career skills for Human Resources Interns should I emphasize most on my resume?

A: Employers frequently look for Compliance, Database, MS Office, HRIS, Human Resources Experience, Outlook, and English Speaking as critical talents. Having these keywords on a resume is crucial for success as a Human Resources Intern because employers and job candidates who have held a position as a Human Resources Intern are equally likely to highlight these qualifications. Additionally, while appearing 3.93 times less frequently on applications, employer Human Resources Intern job descriptions indicate Communication Skills as a desirable skill, so it can be worthwhile to include this term on your resume.

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