Human Resources Assistant Job Description

Human Resources Assistant Job Description

The Human Resources (HR) Assistant job description details the duties of a person mandated to manage an organization's everyday HR administrative responsibilities. They support processes such as recruiting, payroll processing, and database management. They provide clerical assistance to the human resources function.

The HR Assistant's responsibilities include various support tasks inside the HR division, such as organizing meetings, keeping an employee database, and posting job adverts. Being the point of contact between HR and the workforce is essential to the function since it promotes effective communication and quick response to requests and inquiries.

An HR assistant's role is to support key positions like human resource managers, specialists, and coordinators to ensure the HR department's activities are successful.

HR Assistants may carry out a variety of HR-related operations, such as hiring, interviewing, administering payroll, and performing talent management, in addition to handling administrative chores, including scheduling interviews, managing job applications, and maintaining an employee database.

Although a large portion of the work that HR Assistants conduct supports duties carried out by higher-ranking positions, their participation on the team is essential for ensuring that the HR department functions effectively.

HR Assistant Job Description: Overall Purpose of the job

Performs administrative duties and tasks to support the efficient and effective functioning of the organization's human resources department by recording personnel changes, producing reports, and keeping personnel records. Their responsibilities include coordinating HR correspondence, making payroll adjustments, and arranging onboarding chores.

HR Assistant Job Description: Primary Duties and Responsibilities


The HR assistant job description should clarify the post's primary duties. HR assistants do various innovative, administrative, and leadership tasks to ensure that the organization operates effectively and that employees are engaged. Their duties often involve the following:

  • Assists with day-to-day HR functions and duties by providing administrative assistance.
  • Keeps HR records, papers, and documentation up to date by constantly updating the employee directory.
  • Processes personnel-related documentation and generates reports by compiling data from the employee registry.
  • Coordinates HR projects (meetings, training, surveys, etc.) and takes minutes by leveraging technology.
  • Deals with employee requests regarding human resources issues, rules, and regulations by recording their requests and acting on them.
  • Aids in the preparation of payroll by giving pertinent information (such as absenteeism, bonuses, and leaves).
  • Communicates with public services when necessary through formal communication methods.
  • Conducts initial orientation to newly hired employees by inducting them when they start to work.
  • Assists recruiters in sourcing candidates by posting vacant positions on job listing sites/boards.
  • Assists job seekers and employees regarding common policies, perks, hiring procedures, etc.; by responding to their asked questions.
  • Acts as a bridge between the company and external stakeholders by corresponding with them regularly.
  • Takes part in hiring by identifying top candidates, conducting reference checks, and preparing employment contracts.
  • Processes incoming emails by answering them and directing them to the relevant authorities.
  • Fosters a positive work environment by managing employee relations tasks like settling conflicts, performing performance evaluations, enforcing disciplinary measures, offering counselling, and handling employee complaints.
  • Assists in organizing and coordinating events by providing innovative ideas and preparing the venue.

HR Assistant Job Description: Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in social sciences, human resources, business administration, or any similar field is preferred but not required.
  • Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification or diploma).

Human Resources Assistant Job Description

HR Assistant Job Description: Experience Required

  • Two years or more of experience working as an HR assistant is required.
  • Demonstrated experience as an HR Assistant, Administrative Assistant, or in a related human resources/administrative job

HR Assistant Job Description: KSAOs



  • Knowledge of labour statutes is needed to comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Knowledge of key HR principles and best practices is needed to uphold the corporate culture, ensure all staff is a good match, and improve staff retention and business reputation.


  • Interpersonal skills are needed for the resolution of disputes and the management of employees.
  • Collaborative skills are needed to work with different departments/divisions effectively.
  • Communication skills are needed to function effectively with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Organizational skills are needed to stay organized, keep things running well, manage tasks, complete obligations, meet deadlines, and address problems.
  • Report writing and presentation skills are needed to assist in creating reports, which are brief publications that provide insights into a topic.
  • Analytical skills are needed to gather, compile, and disseminate voluminous information.
  • Proven time management skills are needed to meet the needs of all stakeholders, deal with urgent circumstances quickly, and prevent falling behind when unforeseen occurrences arise.
  • MS Office with strong Excel skills is needed to accomplish numerous responsibilities such as planning, organizing, controlling, staffing, overseeing, motivating, and effective leadership.


  • The ability to precisely follow directions to avoid costly mistakes.
  • The ability to pay attention to detail to carry out/complete tasks while showing meticulous concern for all areas involved, no matter how little the area.
  • The ability to operate well under pressure and perform well in stressful situations.
  • The ability to work with minimal supervision to work independently and complete tasks with minimal guidance.


The HR assistant job description is a multifaceted and essential member of any organization's human resources staff. They substantially contribute to a company's efficiency and overall success by managing a wide range of responsibilities, from maintaining employee records and administering perks to handling employee relations and ensuring compliance with laws. Ultimately, an HR Assistant is essential in creating a happy and supportive atmosphere that allows employees to flourish, and their worth will continue to grow in today's complex business scene.

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