How to Write a Good Technical Proposal

How to Write a Good Technical Proposal

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A technical proposal is a document that proposes a viable solution to the recipient’s problem and it explains how the proposer will execute its plan.

  1. Executive Summary

An executive summary is a sales pitch. It should succinctly summarises the main, compelling points of your bid, how it meets with their specific objectives and why there should select you as their best bidder of choice ahead of equally competent bidders. The bidder has to consistently refer to the organisation that is soliciting for the proposal and demonstrate behind any reasonable doubt that there can proffer the best solution.


  1. Project Service Requirements

This calls for the bidder’s understanding of the terms of reference and there is a need to clearly articulate what is demanded by the terms of reference.


  1. Project Objectives

There is a need to explain in detail the objectives of the assignment rather than simply paraphrase the objectives stipulated in the terms of reference. Each objective needs to be dissected and fully explained.




  1. Project Scope

The scope of the project looks at all the critical elements of the project that needs to be covered and these should be derived from the project’s service requirements and objectives.

  1. Project Performance Indicators

These cover the key project deliverables/outputs that should be produced after the execution of a particular project.

  1. Project Quality Assuarance Framework

This covers the processes and procedures that need to be put in place to ensure that the project is done up to the best standards

  1. Project Risk Management Plan

When ever you are writing a proposal there is need to incorporate a risk mitigation plan and the plan should address the potential risks likely to derail the progress of the project.

  1. Proposed Approach and Methodology

The proposer needs to highlight all of the key steps that need to be followed when  executing the assignment. First there is need to define each step, justify the step and give the expected output for each step. There is also a need to indicate how all the steps are interrelated.

  1. Project work Plan

This should give a breakdown of all the necessary steps, their respective deliverables, persons responsible for producing the deliverables and the timeline for the respective deliverables.

  1. Project Team Structure and Task Assignment

This needs to indicate the organogram of the project team  and above that the names of all the key staff that will be involved in the project and their duties and responsibilities in tandem with the assignment.

  1. Project Team Bios

The project bios give some highlights of each key personal that will be involved in the project

  1. Project References

The references to be associated with each project should be of similar nature to the project intended to be done and should indicate the bidding firm’s technical capacity in executing the project rather than merely stating the name of the project done and names of contact persons.


Given this backdrop, any technical proposal that does not clearly articulate the components highlighted above will be technically inferior.


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Newturn Wikirefu
This article was written by Newturn a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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