Hotel Manager Job Description

Hotel Manager Job Description
Last Updated: October 18, 2023

The Hotel Manager job description details the duties of a person mandated to oversee the operations of a hotel. Hotel managers are in charge of ensuring that all aspects of a hotel setting run smoothly and successfully. Hotel managers manage personnel and planning, marketing, coordinating, and administering hotel services such as cuisine and lodging.

A hotel manager is in charge of all hotel operations and day-to-day activities. They handle various tasks like bookkeeping, sales, business development, and customer service.

A hotel manager will be in charge of establishing and sustaining a guest experience that is consistent with the corporate mission and vision. They will hire, train, and mentor managers in housekeeping, food and beverage, front desk, security, and parking.

Hotel Manager Job Description: Overall Purpose of the job

Oversees a hotel's or resort's daily operations, ensuring that customers have a great experience and that the property is functioning efficiently and successfully. They are in charge of personnel management, policy development and implementation, and meeting customer expectations. The manager plans shifts, evaluate performance and hires and trains personnel. They increase bookings by devising and implementing marketing initiatives.

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Hotel Manager Job Description: Primary duties and Responsibilities


Hotel manager job description should clearly outline the core duties of the role. Hotel managers complete various creative, organizational, and leadership duties to ensure that the hotel runs efficiently and that customers are satisfied. Their responsibilities frequently include:

  • Plans, implements, and manages overall hotel daily operations by overseeing day-to-day tasks.
  • Conducts hotel budgeting and financial planning by tracking hotel revenues, setting sales targets, and optimizing profits.
  • Plans and organizes hotel activities to drive sales by creating marketing campaigns.
  • Manages and monitors hotel expenses by conducting a cost analysis.
  • Prepares and manages schedules and shifts by developing activity sheets.
  • Manages and tracks hotel inventory by analyzing inventory figures and reports.
  • Manages the design of advertisements, promotional materials, and mail campaigns by reviewing them before publication
  • Develops and puts into action ideas to improve customer experience by keeping track of customer input and addressing concerns.
  • Makes sure that all equipment is in good functioning order by doing routine maintenance inspections.
  • Manages payroll for all employees by collecting and updating employee data in the payroll database.
  • Mediates disagreements amongst staff members by providing solutions.
  • Advertises the restaurant's offerings by creating promotional programs and campaigns.
  • Creates operating cost budgets by looking at past financial information and predicting future requirements.
  • Oversees the hiring, training, and recruiting new employees by developing job postings and training materials.
  • Reviews staffing levels to meet service, operational, and financial objectives by tracking employee performance.
  • Establishes and tracks performance standards for employees by utilizing a performance management system.
  • Oversees repairs and upkeep of the restaurant's infrastructure by scheduling repairs.
  • Ensures safety and adherence to rules and regulations by creating health and safety policies.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with visitors and clients by engaging them during their stay.
  • Build relationships with vendors by being a good customer and maintaining good communication.

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Hotel Manager Job Description: Educational Qualifications

  • Both university graduates and high school graduates can enter this field.
  • hotel/catering management qualification or hospitality can be an added advantage.
  • Graduates with no relevant degrees could pursue a postgraduate diploma in hotel management or gain substantial experience.
  • A degree in management, languages, leisure, business studies, travel, or tourism may also be beneficial.
  • A person can enter this field by beginning in a junior role, such as the front-of-house manager or events manager. As they get experience, they may be able to apply for a promotion.
  • A hotel manager may well be trained through an advanced or higher apprenticeship in hospitality management.

Hotel Manager Job Description: Experience Required

  • A Hotel Manager should have at least five years of experience, while certain hotels may prefer managers with seven or eight years of experience.
  • Experience in hospitality or business administration is preferred.
  • Leadership experience is required.
  • Previous experience as a Supervisor or department manager in front-office or back-office operations is preferred.
  • Hotel Managers with experience in multiple areas of hotel management are also preferred.
  • Appropriate employment experiences, such as hotel, catering, retail, waitressing, or bar work, are required for admittance into the field.

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Hotel Manager Job Description: Academic Qualifications: KSAOs

  • Knowledge of hotel operations and management is needed to ensure that the hotel is running smoothly and efficiently
  • Knowledge of customer service principles and procedures is needed to guarantee client delight.
  • Knowledge of financial management principles and practices is needed to assess financial data and create budgets for operational expenditures.

Hotel Manager Job Description: Skills

  • Analytical skills are needed to assess financial data, consumer data, and operational performance.
  • Interpersonal skills are needed to manage personnel and settle issues effectively.
  • Communication skills are needed to communicate effectively with employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Negotiation skills are needed to negotiate contracts with suppliers.
  • Leadership skills are needed to oversee and mentor staff.

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Hotel Manager Job Description: Abilities

  • The ability to develop strategies is needed to increase productivity and cut costs.
  • The ability to develop strategies is needed to improve client happiness.
  • The ability to develop budgets is needed for cost analysis.
  • The ability to develop marketing strategies is needed to advertise the restaurant's services.

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Hotel manager job description outlines the duties of a person charged with running a hotel profitably for the benefit of the shareholders. One of the key areas you should always include in a hotel manager job description is the need for them to attract and retain profitable customers and give them a good and unforgettable experience.

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