Hilton Employee Discounts

Hilton Employee Discounts

Hilton offers a comprehensive employee discount program called the Go Hilton Team Member travel program. This program offers Hilton employees, team members, and authorized family and friends discounted rates at Hilton-owned properties. The employee discounts are designed to make it more affordable for team members to enjoy a break and experience the hospitality of the chain they work for.

In this article, I will review the details of Hilton employee discounts, including the eligibility requirements and how to find the best-discounted rates.

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Types of Hilton Employee Discounts

The Hilton Employee Discount program offers extremely discounted rates at Hilton-owned properties, with rates as low as $35 to $75 per night. Hilton employees can save up to 75% with the Go Hilton Team Member Rate, while friends and family can save up to 50%.  In addition, employees receive a 50% discount on food, beverage, and property when dining on the Hilton property. For more information, team members must log in on the Hilton Lobby Page. To fully enjoy the Hilton employee discounts, take care of car rental at your destination with Rental24h beforehand, as transportation is not included in the employee program.


Hilton Employee Discounts

Hilton Employee Discounts on Hotel Rooms:

Employees may book up to two Hilton hotel rooms at a discounted rate. They can also book up to two more rooms at the Family & Friends rate for the same night.

For Hilton employee room discounts, each hotel room booked is equivalent to one night's accommodation. Employees can book a maximum of four rooms for a hotel stay that lasts up to seven consecutive nights at any Hilton hotel location.

Hilton Employee Discounts on Meals at Restaurants:

For Hilton employee dining discounts, team members receive 50% off food and beverage items purchased from any restaurants located on Hilton hotel properties. This meal discount is separate from any room night discounts and is not dependent on booking accommodation. However, to qualify for the food and drink discount, the eating establishment must be managed by the same company that oversees hotel operations at that particular Hilton location.

Eligibility for Hilton Employee Discounts:



The Hilton Employee Discounts program is available to Hilton Team Members, their authorized family, and friends. To qualify for the program, you must be a current team member, including full-time, part-time, and seasonally employed workers at Hilton.

Guidelines for finding Hilton Employee Discounts Rates

Use the flexible date feature

When searching for Hilton employee discounts on hotel rooms, it's best to leave the dates flexible rather than selecting an exact multi-night stay. Conducting a search for a single night and checking the flexible dates option will display a calendar view of rate availability for each selected hotel. This helps determine what dates the discounted rates apply. If searching for multiple consecutive nights, but only some of those dates have the discount, it may return no results. However, searching flexibly by single nights shows the discounted rates individually, and those nights could then be booked separately.

Mix and Match Dates

When searching for multi-night stays using Hilton employee discounts, making separate, consecutive bookings may be necessary to take advantage of different rates on different dates. This involves booking individually by night if one discounted rate, like the team member rate, isn't available for the whole trip. However, another rate type, like family and friends, may be available for some nights instead. It also helps to try searching for stays requiring one room before two rooms, as there may be limited availability at the discounted rate on a given night

Practice Flexibility

When seeking Hilton employee discounts on hotel rooms, it's best to search as far ahead of the desired stay dates as possible. All potential availability may not be shown immediately, so keep checking back regularly as forecasts change. More discounted rooms often become available closer to the actual trip. It can also help to consider destination seasons and days of the week when discounted rates may be more widely applicable. Take advantage of spotted deals by planning travel around available discounted rate dates rather than expecting set plans to line up with promotions. Booking well ahead while maintaining flexibility maximizes opportunities to save.

Checking In and Staying with Hilton Employee Discounts

Employees must check in and stay the entire time for rooms reserved under their name using the team member or family rates. Authorized friends/family checking in under the family/friends rate must also be present for the full duration of the stay. Non-employees cannot take advantage of the team member discount.

Approved friends/family may travel alone using the family/friends rate, but they need to make their reservations signed in to the booking portal with their personal Hilton Honors account. The authorizing employee does not need to be present when friends/family book independently under their account's family/friends rate.

Hilton Employee Discounts Specifications

Number of rooms per stay

Employees can book up to seven nights in a row using the team member rate. They can also book up to seven consecutive nights with the family/friends rate. Family/friends approved for the discount may also reserve seven nights in a row under the family/friends rate. The extra team member and family/friends rates are combined with the standard rates - they don't extend the maximum number of nights. All discounted rates, regular and extra, count collectively towards the seven-night limit per booking under team member rates and seven nights under family/friends rates.

Hilton employee Discounts: Annual allocation of room nights

Employees can reserve and use a maximum of 30 room nights annually with the team member rate. They receive up to 70 room nights per year under the family/friends rate. The annual limit is 100 room nights per calendar year between both rates. Each hotel room booked equates to one night. When friends/family reserve nights using the family/friends discount, it depletes the allotted 70-room limit. However, extra team member and family/friends rates do not count against the annual caps.

Hilton Honors Points, stay credit, & and hotel benefits

Stays using team member and family/friends rates through Go Hilton are eligible to earn Honors points on room charges and incidentals and count towards the next tier status level, according to Honors terms. When reserving under Go Hilton discounted rates, honors members can receive usual program perks like tier-based room upgrades and property benefits. The benefits include earning points and progressing tiers as normal, not exceeding standard program guidelines.

​Hilton Employee Discounts Honors Relocation & Recovery

Team member and family/friend reservations through Go Hilton are treated like any other Honors booking if a hotel becomes oversold. In this scenario, the usual Honors relocation and recovery procedures will apply equally to discounted rate reservations. If overbooked, the guest will be relocated to another nearby hotel with walking benefits as determined by their tier standing. This ensures the guest receives standard Honors program protections and amenities regardless of booking through Go Hilton. The hotel honors the reservation and finds alternate accommodations as a goodwill gesture.

For more information on Hilton Employee Discounts, click on the link below:

Hilton Employee Discounts

Hilton Employee Discounts Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do on-call Hilton employees get hotel discounts?

A: Yes, on-call Hilton employees and their family and friends are eligible for the employee discount program.

Q: What is the discount rate for Hilton employees?

A: The discount rates vary by property and region, but typically, Hilton employees can save up to 75% with the "Go Hilton" Team Member Rate, while friends and family can save up to 50%.

Q: Can former Hilton employees still use the Hilton employee discounts?

A: Yes, former Hilton employees can still use the employee discount even after they stop working at Hilton.

Q: Is the employee discount available for dining at Hilton properties?

A: Yes, Hilton employees receive a 50% discount on food, beverage, and property when dining on the Hilton property. However, the discount only applies to restaurants under the same management.

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