AT&T Employee Discounts: Everything you Need to Know

AT&T Employee Discounts: Everything you Need to Know

AT&T provides a range of employee discounts. Discounts on wireless plans, equipment, and accessories. AT&T offer their employees discounts between 25% and 50% savings on wireless services and goods. Direct TV, Wi-Fi, fibre internet, electronics, and gym memberships are all offered at a reduced cost to employees. Eligible workers are entitled to 50% off their monthly phone cost and savings on tickets to live performances, movies, or amusement parks.

This program, which AT&T refers to as its Active Employee Discount program, is undoubtedly one of the best employee benefits offered by the firm. For AT&T employees, AT&T Perks offers thousands of discounts and exclusive deals on goods and services from well-known local and national companies.

How to access AT&T Employee Discounts

Employees must register for an AT&T Signature Program account and provide proof of employment. It also offers health insurance, retirement savings plans, job flexibility, paid time off, and many other advantages in addition to the employee discount offered by AT&T.. Usually, this is done by entering the employee ID or work email address. Employees can start using discounts after their eligibility has been verified.

When one makes a purchase, discounts are often automatically added to their account. However, in rare circumstances, one might have to present their employee discount ID.

Who is eligible for AT&T Employee Discounts?


Only corporate employees are eligible for the AT&T employee discount. The discount is not redeemable by friends and relatives. They cannot make purchases on the employee's behalf to qualify for AT&T employee discounts.

Types of AT&T Employee Discounts

AT&T Employee Discounts

1. AT&T Employee Discounts – Wireless

Employees at AT&T are eligible for considerable wireless bill savings through the AT&T Signature Program. Employees receive 8% off the monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans, including the AT&T 4GB Plan. 17% off of any AT&T personal wireless voice service over $35.00

2. AT&T Employee Discounts – Internet

Phone and internet service are essential but frequently expensive pillars of contemporary civilization. Thankfully, some businesses may provide discounts on these services, especially if employees bundle them. One such corporation is AT&T, and this list of AT&T's top offers, discounts, and promotions serves as an example.

AT&T offers unlimited data on internet services as part of the AT&T employee discount program. The firm will impose no fees to install and activate the internet at the desired location.

a. AT&T Internet 100

This VDSL internet package costs $55 per month and provides speeds of up to 100 megabits per second without a data cap or long-term commitment.

b. AT&T Internet 300

This fiber internet service costs $65 a month and provides speeds of up to 300 megabits per second without a data cap or long-term commitment.

c. AT&T Internet 2000

This fiber internet package costs $120 monthly and offers up to two gigabytes per second with no data cap or term contract.

3. AT&T Employee Discounts – Mobile Phone

AT&T offers exclusive employee discounts on mobile devices and services. This benefit includes a 17% discount on eligible plans and 20 percent off select accessories and gadgets.

4. AT&T Employee Discounts – Mercedes-Benz Company Discount

Together, AT&T Inc. and Mercedes-Benz are giving the deal of a lifetime. No matter what the position is inside AT&T Inc., employees are eligible for this discount. Whatever the position one holds, Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale has something to offer.

Benefits of AT&T Employee Discounts

The advantages of AT&T employee discounts go far beyond financial advantages. Employees can surely cut back on their expenses and payments every month, which can significantly improve their finances. But there are deeper benefits as well:

1. Enhancing Job Satisfaction and Loyalty

Employee discounts demonstrate how highly the company values its employees outside the office. Job satisfaction rises, improving loyalty and lowering turnover rates when workers feel valued and supported professionally and personally.

2. Competitive Edge for AT&T

In the competitive labour market, AT&T stands apart by providing alluring employee benefits. A robust discount program may tilt the scales in favour of AT&T as the ideal employer when prospective employees assess their

3. Impact on Company Culture and Morale

A culture that values its workers and considers their various requirements produces a healthy work environment. As a result, there is an increase in workplace enjoyment, camaraderie, and morale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get discounts on service fees?

A: AT&T employee discount of 50% is available on service fees.

Q: How much discount does an AT&T employee get on rate plans?

A: Employees receive a 50% discount on all goods and services, including rate plans.

Q: Do AT&T provide benefits to their employees?

A: It also offers health insurance, retirement savings plans, job flexibility, paid time off, and many other advantages in addition to the employee discount offered by AT&T.


AT&T offers the best employee discounts. Beyond the walls of the office, AT&T is dedicated to its staff. The company demonstrates its commitment to employees' well-being and job satisfaction by providing various AT&T employee discounts.

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