Does Lowes Hire Felons?

Does Lowes Hire Felons?

The journey of reintegration into society for individuals with felony convictions is fraught with challenges, particularly when it comes to securing employment. This article explores employment opportunities for felons at Lowes, a leading home improvement and appliance retail giant. It explores Lowes' hiring policies, programs to assist felon employment, the application process for felons, and tips for enhancing success rates.

Background on Employment Challenges for Felons

Felony convictions pose significant employment hurdles, with over 60% remaining jobless a year after release due to personal readiness and employer reluctance. Stigma and legal barriers worsen the situation, fueling a cycle of unemployment and higher recidivism rates. Employment substantially cuts re-offending risks, with a 33% rate for employed ex-offenders compared to 71% for the unemployed. Companies like Lowes play a vital role by implementing inclusive hiring policies for individuals with criminal backgrounds.

Lowes' hiring policies


Lowe's is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States, with over 2,000 stores and more than 300,000 employees. As part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Lowe's has a policy of considering all qualified candidates for employment, including those with criminal records.

According to an article from LegalJobs, approximately 96% of employers in the US conduct criminal background checks on job candidates. Lowe's is no exception, and it conducts background checks on all potential employees. The depth of the background check varies based on state and local laws, but it typically includes a review of criminal records, employment history, and education.

When it comes to hiring felons, Lowe's evaluates each case on an individual basis. Certain felonies related to theft, fraud, or violent crimes can disqualify a candidate from employment regardless of the age of the charges. However, Lowe's considers the nature of the charge, the applicant's suitability for the role, and their honesty about their past when making hiring decisions.

Lowe's commitment to hiring individuals with criminal records is reflected in its partnership with the Second Chance program. This program provides job training and employment opportunities to individuals with criminal records, including those incarcerated. 

In conclusion, Lowe's hiring policies when it comes to hiring felons are in line with its commitment to diversity and inclusion. While certain felonies can disqualify a candidate from employment, Lowe's evaluates each case individually and considers the nature of the charge, the applicant's suitability for the role, and their honesty about their past. Its partnership with the Second Chance program further demonstrates its commitment to providing job opportunities to individuals with criminal records.

Background Check Limits

Understanding the legal landscape surrounding background checks is essential for felons applying to Lowes. Laws vary significantly by state regarding how far back a criminal background check can go. For instance, twelve states limit the reporting of any felony conviction information to no more than seven years. These states include California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Washington, with certain exceptions based on the job's pay or salary.

Conversely, other states, such as Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, and several others, have no restrictions on the reporting duration for felony convictions and will also report not-guilty verdicts.

This disparity in state laws underscores the complexity of the background check process and its impact on employment opportunities for felons at Lowes.

How to Apply for a Job at Lowe's: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Visit the Lowe's Careers Website

Navigate to the official Lowe's careers website to explore available job opportunities. You can search for positions based on location, job category, or keywords.

Step 2: Create an Account

To apply for a job at Lowe's, you must create an account on their careers website. This will allow you to save job searches, receive alerts, and track your application status.

Step 3: Search for Job Openings

Use the Lowe's careers website's search function to find job openings matching your skills and interests. Read the job descriptions carefully to ensure you meet the qualifications and requirements.

Step 4: Submit Your Application

Once you find a job opening that interests you, click the "Apply Now" button to start the application process. You will be prompted to upload your resume, cover letter, and other required documents.

Step 5: Complete the Assessment

Some positions at Lowe's may require you to complete an assessment as part of the application process. Take your time to answer the questions accurately and thoughtfully.

Step 6: Interview Process

If your application is successful, prepare for the interview by researching Lowe's, practicing common interview questions, and showcasing your skills and experiences.

Step 7: Background Check and Drug Test

Upon receiving a job offer, you may undergo a background check and drug test as part of Lowe's hiring process. Be prepared to provide any necessary information or documentation.

Step 8: Acceptance of the Job Offer

If you successfully pass all stages of the hiring process, you will receive a formal job offer from Lowe's. Review the offer carefully, negotiate if necessary, and formally accept the position.

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Tips for Success:

  • Emphasize any endeavors toward rehabilitation, like educational pursuits or volunteer engagement.

  • Secure references who can attest to your integrity and dedication to work.

  • Maintain patience and a constructive attitude. While the journey might be lengthy, there are openings for individuals who exhibit their dedication to transformation.



Lowes' hiring practices regarding individuals with felony convictions reflect a nuanced approach that balances the company's operational requirements with a commitment to inclusive employment opportunities. While the company does hire felons, the decision is influenced by the nature of the conviction, the elapsed time since the conviction, the relevance to the job, and the applicant's skills. Understanding the specifics of Lowes' hiring criteria, along with the legal context of background checks, can empower felons in their job search process. Despite the challenges, there remains a pathway to employment at Lowes for those with felony convictions, particularly when they align with the company's criteria for consideration.

Ngonidzashe Nzenze
This article was written by Ngonidzashe a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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