August 2021 Cost of Living Expenses Report

10/09/2021 6:53 AM

Summary of Key Findings:

  • The adverse impact of COVID 19 on the economy and employee standard of living is evident.
  • On average, all employees are left with 22% of net income after accounting for living expenses.
  • The worse affected groups are the Officer/Professional level, Senior Manager and NEC staff.
  • For the NEC employees, a large part of their earnings goes to food and rentals.
  • For the senior managers, a large part of the earnings goes to rent and schools fees.
  • For Officer/Professional level employees, a large part of the earnings goes to rent, schools and food.


  • To alleviate the suffering of NEC levels staff, it may assist if employers offer food hampers and adjust housing allowances in line with prevailing market rentals.
  • To alleviate the earnings mismatch at Officer/Professional level, any assistance with rentals, schools, and food would go a long way.
  • For senior managers, any assistance with rentals and schools would assist them in covering the gap between earnings and living expenses.


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