Tools for HR: A guide for HR Professionals

Tools for HR: A guide for HR Professionals

Human Resources tools are various technical options that assist firms in efficiently managing their daily HR responsibilities. In today's service and information-based economy, where talent is valued highly, HR has transformed from a backend administrative position to a frontline strategic function. Enterprise executives are learning that their most significant assets are their employees and that finding and keeping the best workers is crucial to the success of their companies.


In light of this, I have gathered a collection of the top human resources tools available to the modern HR champion. These tools will help you become a better practitioner, a wiser leader, and a better employee.


Why Human Resources Tools

HR professionals can use human resources tools to accomplish a range of objectives. These exciting tools can help you speed up the otherwise time-consuming daily tasks like recording attendance, completing leave requests, and many more recruitment procedures!


In this article, I have categorized human resources tools into the following categories

  1. Recruiting and onboarding HR tools
  2. Performance Management HR tools
  3. Administration and finances HR Tools
  4. Employee engagement HR Tools


1. Recruiting and onboarding


Recruiting human resources tools now make it possible to choose and contact potential applicants directly by utilizing the services provided by LinkedIn or other portals that hold the profiles of thousands of job seekers. Social networks can automatically filter profiles by using platforms that look at a person's approach to change and desire for digital innovation, in addition to their skill set.


Integrating new hires into a company can be streamlined and tracked with the help of human resources tools. To guarantee that the HR staff gives new hires an effective onboarding experience, it frequently consists of electronic signatures, training monitoring, employee questionnaires, and other automated processes.



SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos handles all of your company's training and development needs. This human resources tool is best for training employees. Its user-friendly design and accessibility make developing training materials for your staff simple. Utilizing accomplishments, points, and badges based on system involvement might help encourage healthy competition among staff.


Litmos also simplifies the onboarding procedure, eliminating any justifications offered by resistant employees. The automatic measurement of parameters like registration and attendance also makes tracking simple.


Helpful features include the simplicity of uploading your existing content without reformatting them (most media formats are accepted). Additionally, it has message boards and adds gamification.

This tool is a unique human resources tool that is best for recruitment and workforce planning. It uses industrial/organizational psychology to assist firms with workforce reorganization, workforce planning, talent acquisition, emerging leaders, succession planning, employee development, and team insights & building.


You only need to give each employee and candidate one assessment. You'll receive enlightening, precise data that will guide your decisions on hiring, promotions, and transfers in a way that benefits everyone.



The employee onboarding was deemed to be far too cumbersome, leading to the creation of Workbright, an HR management system. It functions by assisting users in building online repositories of onboarding forms and documents, enabling them to distribute them remotely thoroughly. The hiring process is made faster and easier by offering new hires easy access to the required documents and automating the time-consuming processes that take up HR professionals' workdays.


Workbright's software approaches employee onboarding in a contemporary and valuable manner. Fingertip signatures, camera phone uploads, application tracking integrations, and mobile compatibility are some of their most helpful features.


2. Performance Management

Performance management human resources tools make assessing an employee's performance easier based on key performance indicators (KPIs) established by management, the HR division, and the supervisor.


The use of digital human resource tools enable the identification of skills and aptitude gaps in individuals and the creation of relevant training that can be regularly delivered in a digital format. These platforms enable you to assess performance and identify areas for improvement for an individual or team. Regular training can replace traditional classroom instruction and is frequently more beneficial for lower-level employees.




PeopleForce is a comprehensive performance management solution designed to streamline the appraisal process and enhance employee performance within your organization. This human resource tool is equipped with features to facilitate performance reviews, promote employee engagement, facilitate goal-setting, and cultivate a culture of continuous feedback.

With PeopleForce, identifying top performers is simplified through its robust reporting capabilities. The platform offers convenient note-taking functionalities and automatic email notifications, enhancing communication within the organization. Furthermore, People Force enables real-time 360-degree feedback, fostering a collaborative environment where employees receive constructive input from peers, managers, and other stakeholders.

By leveraging PeopleForce, organizations can effectively manage performance evaluations, provide timely feedback, and empower employees to reach their full potential.


The performance appraisal software from Trakstar is a human resource tool that makes it easier for your company to handle performance reviews, boost employee engagement, organize goal-setting, and foster a culture of real-time feedback.


Trackstar enables you to find top achievers with the reports it offers. It offers note-taking features and automatic email notifications, improving organizational communication. Additionally, you can receive 360-degree feedback in real-time.



This HR tool offers configurable HR functions and an easy user interface. Employees will benefit from a streamlined experience to concentrate on providing high-quality feedback and having productive performance talks. At the same time, HR professionals will receive the tools they need to develop any performance management strategy.


You can adapt PerformYard's software to your organization's strategy using 360-degree reviews, project-based evaluations, rating scales, continuous feedback, and cascading goals.


PerformYard offers a direct employee experience that encourages feedback and good discussions. Every customer that works with PerformYard receives a personal customer success manager to help them with everything from employee onboarding to ongoing support.


It has a fully customizable performance strategy tailored to the requirements of each organization, with features such as project-based reviews, 360-degree feedback, and continuous feedback. It also offers vital goal-setting, including cascading objectives, measuring individual development, and performance insights



The well-regarded performance management software from Reviewsnap provides the most adaptable, powerful, convenient, and economical online option. It combines reporting, note-taking, and 360-degree feedback with performance appraisals for a low annual membership cost.


Reviewsnap is a human resources tool with a perfect framework for raising staff morale, productivity, and communication and creating a high-performance culture. Its top features include e-signatures, automated reminders, email notifications, and secure archiving. It offers tools for managing and tracking goals, such as SMART goals, tracking employee performance, setting targets, and keeping tabs on accomplishments. Its appraisal forms are automated and programmable, and the number of review cycles is limitless


3. Administration and financial

Human resources tools help with admin work and payroll processing. This process can be time-consuming if done manually, so digital tools help to solve this problem. Digital tools also help reduce the number of errors that are likely to be incurred.



Smart Pension

The cloud-based technology from Smart is quick and easy to make your business compliant. This human resources tool is best for pension plans. Smart Pension makes it easy to create expert material to give to employees so they may feel secure and informed. They gain self-assurance and a sense of control over their retirement benefits. Additionally, Smart Pension connects with all major payroll service providers.


Once everything is set up, your staff can utilize the platform to select their level of participation or even opt-out.

XPert HR

 XPert HR is an online provider of efficient HR documentation available via subscription that ensures you're up to date with compliance. In addition to offering professional advice, it also offers sample contracts, staff handbooks, and other materials.


It offers programs that teach you how to design a zero-hours contract or support an employee who has become disabled by guiding you through challenging HR duties. Additionally, they keep their finger on the business world's pulse by commenting on hot-button issues like COVID-19 and discrimination.



This human resource tool is ideal for time tracking, tax preparation, and payroll. ADP has many elements that would be helpful to any HR professional, including those that are connected to time & attendance, talent, benefits, HR services, and outsourcing possibilities. They distinguish themselves, though, with their payroll platform.


You can very much leave your payroll needs with ADP, and they'll take care of the rest, regardless of the size of your staff. They also have integrations with their other HR products, automatic employee data syncing, scalable service levels, and compliant support.


If you use ADP, you will no longer have to worry about answering perplexing accounting inquiries. They have qualified, seasoned payroll specialists on hand to assist you around the clock.


4. Employee engagement

Employee engagement human resource tools enhance both individual and group involvement. Employee engagement can be attained through coaching, analytics, feedback, and daily work priorities.




Perkbox is a global benefits and incentives platform that lets businesses show their employees that they value, appreciate, and connect with them. Anyone who wants to increase employee engagement must have this tool.


Although the Perkbox engagement platform has many capabilities, its four hubs are as follows:

  • The Perks Hub: With more than 1,000 distinct employee discount programs and promotions from well-known companies like Tesco, Sky, and Asos, your staff can enjoy year-round savings on entertainment, technology, food, and more. You can even add your business benefits to the platform to provide your team access to all of their perks and advantages in one app.
  • The celebration hub: To celebrate both business and personal triumphs, everyone on your team can send congratulations.
  • The Wellness hub's offerings, which include guided meditations, on-demand yoga courses, and sleep stories, have been carefully chosen to cater to the needs of all your users. It is a versatile program that users can use to work out or unwind at the end of the day.
  • The Culture hub: HR can design short cards using templates or make their own from scratch when they wish to share company-wide changes, such as introducing new hires or revealing forthcoming social events. As a result, communication channels are made simpler and less reliant on team leaders in various places.



The well-known communication tool Slack aims to make teams genuinely like working together. Because it functions just like the chat apps that many people are already accustomed to, its interface is simple. Sending messages, attaching files, and making video calls is straightforward. Your whole communication is organized into channels based on themes, projects, teams, departments, or anything else you like.


It is an excellent human resource tool for project management because you may include outside parties in your discussions, like clients, stakeholders, or partners. Slack is beneficial for HR tasks because it may speed up the onboarding of new employees. Introduce new hires to your company culture, exchange resources with them, and address any urgent inquiries they might have—all within one app.



Alaya is a human resource tool that helps firms develop purpose-driven cultures. Although its platform offers a wide range of features, its most important and intriguing initiative focuses on giving employees the chance to volunteer and give back to their communities.


Using Alaya's software, companies can:

  • Make volunteer opportunities available (online & physical)
  • Run fundraisers and other fundraising events
  • Organize election campaigns
  • Boost employee contributions
  • Implement corporate volunteer programs.
  • Track involvement and impact



I hope this toolkit has provided you with a comprehensive list of the top human resources tools you can use. There is a solution for you whether you're seeking assistance with hiring, managing employees, organizing, doing administrative work, or managing your finances.

Your HR team will be prepared if you consider the software's usability, pricing, customizability options, scalability, and reviews.

Nicole Chimwamafuku
This article was written by Nicole a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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