The Ins and Outs of Making a Marketing Video

The Ins and Outs of Making a Marketing Video
Last Updated: May 15, 2024

With the rise of TikTok and YouTube shorts, it seems that video content is here to stay as a way to promote services and people.

It allows marketing teams to be creative, while also being a simple-to-understand platform, that can be shared in a second, thereby spreading the message.

 Of course, there are some tricks to ensuring that your marketing video goes well, as opposed to being shared due to it being awful. If you are looking to make a marketing video about the promotion of a college, for instance, what are some of the things you need to know/do/consider? Read on to find out!

Know Your Audience

With the student analogy and marketing a college, your target audience would be students and their parents. However, students that fall into groups, such as art students, and law students are not the same. You will need to get an idea about the general age of the students, their demographic, their age, and their level of education.

Then, working with a team like CampusReel, you can create a marketing video that will appeal to that set group. This sounds easy but honestly, it is pretty tough to get right!

Get The Best Equipment


Unless you are deliberately wanting to create a low-quality, low-light video, you will need to have the best filming equipment that you can get to create a shareable and memorable marketing video. 

Again, there are video marketing groups you can hire who may have access to the best cameras, studio lights, etc. Or, you may need to call in some of the media/film students at the college you are at to oversee this aspect! Just make sure that you don’t scrimp on the quality for the sake of saving a few dollars!

Have a Script

Even for videos that are 30 seconds long, there is a script. 

Ergo, when you are putting together your storyboard, work with writers to come up with a script that gets the message across quickly and easily, without being too wordy! Indeed, marketing videos that have more succinct scripts tend to do better when advertising items or services, so make sure your writing team knows how to create a simple and engaging script.

Have a Great Hook

Going back to TikTok for a moment, the videos on that platform are short and, they are the most consumed video content at the time of writing. So, in order for your marketing video to stand out and grab the attention of the desired audience, it needs to have a great hook. 

Try to link the hook to the students you are aiming to appeal to and do some research into responses from a small group of students before you release the video!

Keep it Short

In 2024, you will want to make a marketing video that is short and to the point. The ideal video length is between 30-60 seconds, which doesn’t give you an enormous amount of time to get your message across.  Hence, why you need a hook, a great script, and high-quality equipment.

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