Teamwork lessons we got from Christian Eriksens Denmark team

Teamwork lessons we got from Christian Eriksens Denmark team

Building good teams is important as you never know when you might need your team members to have your back. The Happy Manager defines teamwork as:

When a group of people works together cohesively, towards a common goal, creating a positive working atmosphere, and supporting each other to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance.

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Denmark captain Christian Eriksen collapsed just before halftime during the Denmark - Finland UEFA match and his team members demonstrated empathy and solidarity.


As soon as Eriksen collapsed, the team showed they have great teamwork and they were able to shield him as the doctors performed tests to restrict cameras from taking videos and pictures during his weakest point. Even though some of the guys didn’t look while the doctors were doing tests some of them even cried seeing one of their own in such a difficult situation.



Kjaer who is Eriksen’s vice-captain even went on to console his wife. The teams cohesiveness was impeccable as they refused to continue to play before they got a confirmation or update on the status of their captain. They only returned to the match after doing a video call with Eriksen confirming that he was okay.


Nevertheless, Finland managed to win 1 - 0 to Denmark and this also gives us another lesson on teamwork as it shows that the team was emotionally affected by the events that had transpired showing the togetherness of the team players.


Some of the top players in the world such as Cristiano Ronaldo was under fire for posting a motivational post whilst the football world was in panic mode. As a leader in the football world, he was expected to lead by example and share a post about Eriksens situation. However, he later posted a heartfelt post about the incident after he had been on fire for his motivational post.


The Denmark team is a team you would want to be on as they showed that they can cover for one of their own when he is down. They showed that they are empathetic team players with strong team solidarity. Do you think your team has your back like that?


Several tweets were shared from inter Milan players, his former Tottenham Hotspur teammates, and his former coaches. You can browse through them below:

\"Chris, I love you!\"

Romelu Lukaku ran to the camera to dedicate his goal to Christian Eriksen ♥#EURO2020 | #BEL #RUS

— Goal (@goal) June 12, 2021

Sending all my love to you @ChrisEriksen8. 💙💙

— Harry Kane (@HKane) June 13, 2021

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