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Unconscious bias in the workplace: everything you need to know

We may try to be as objective as possible when making important decisions, especially when these relate to work. However, as human beings, we ...

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By Milton Jack

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Micromanagers: The signs to look for

What is a micro-manager?

A micromanager is a supervisor or manager who supervises ...

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By Nyasha Ziwewe

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Algorithm bias: Everything you need to know

The world nowadays is pro-inclusion. This includes inclusion for minority groups, for strong opinions that go against society, for underserved societies and so on. ...

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By Tatenda Emma Matika

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Salary surveys: Everything you need to know


As an employer, you may find yourself wondering how much other similar employers are paying their employees. This question may arise due to natural curiosity ...

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By Mark Mutingwende

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Salary differentials

Salary differentials refer to the differences in salary between people with the same skills but in different market industries or locations. It also refers to the difference in salary between employees ...

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By Nolwazi Mlala

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