Strategic Human Resources Management

Strategic Human Resources Management

Human resource management is a critical function of each and every organisation. Strategic human resources management enables a relationship between business functions and achievement of company goals.  It focuses on the long term goals of an organisation and where the organisation is headed for the future. Human resources personnel must play an active role in the creation and implementation of company policies in line with successful human resource planning that guides the organisation in making strategic decisions.


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In order to manage human resources strategically, HR personnel can follow the following steps in ensuring organisational success:


  1. Develop an understanding of organisational goals-There must be an understanding of the organisation’s mission, vision and objectives. In understanding these, the human resources department can plan business functions in a way that suits the needs of the organisation.  This includes hiring, training, and development of staff within the organisation.
  2. Analyse current HR capacity in light of organisational goals-Analysing HR capacity will help in identifying the workforce diversity within the organisation and areas in the organisation that need optimisation. One can identify the different skill sets possessed by employees and how best they can be improved to ensure a better performing organisation.
  3. Determine the tools needed for effective job performance-Following an understanding of organisational goals and the analysis of current HR capacity, there follows determining what is needed in order to perform the job effectively.  This includes identifying areas that need automation and equipping within the organisation and improvements to be implemented for effective job performance.
  4. Implement the Human Resources management strategy-Implementation of the human resources management strategy is the following step in the management process.  In order for the company’s goals to be achieved, all the steps taken in the strategic planning need to be followed. These steps will ensure an effective system and achievement of organisational goals.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation-Occasional monitoring and evaluation of employees to see if they are aligning their activities to steps set out in the strategic management plan is essential to ensure all employees are cooperation fully to achieve company goals.  The goal of monitoring and evaluation is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact. This monitoring and evaluation will be useful for improving performance and achieving positive results in the organisation.


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