Sous Chef Job Description

Sous Chef Job Description

A sous chef job description is a critical job profile for any restaurant kitchen. A Sous Chef is responsible for organizing and overseeing food preparation. A sous chef, often known as the head chef's assistant or second in command, carries out a variety of tasks like menu planning, hiring new personnel, and administrative tasks such as inventory keeping.


The Sous Chef is responsible for all aspects of the kitchen operation, from menu creation to day-to-day kitchen operations. The Sous Chef is expected to have an in-depth knowledge of food preparation, presentation techniques, and food safety regulations. 

A sous chef is a professional cook who works closely with the head chef in a restaurant or other kitchen setting. The sous chef is responsible for preparing meals, helping to supervise kitchen staff, monitoring food storage and safety, and ensuring that the kitchen runs smoothly. Sometimes, the sous chef may also manage menu planning and cost analysis. As an experienced cook, the sous chef must understand flavors and food preparation techniques to guide their team successfully.


A sous chef is crucial as they help a team of more inexperienced cooks develop their culinary talents. In the absence of the head chef, sous chefs frequently need to step up and take charge of the kitchen. They participate in meetings in larger restaurants and hotels alongside the executive chef.


In the day-to-day management of the kitchen, the sous chef serves as the executive or head chef's assistant. Given the number of executive chefs that relocate, there are plenty of positions for sous chefs.


Although many sous chefs obtain their position through promotion after acquiring training and experience in the culinary industry, they frequently begin their careers with a degree in culinary arts. Restaurants, care homes, hotels, catering companies, cruise ships, and other hospitality businesses employ sous chefs.


The most successful sous chefs are effective team players with excellent interpersonal skills. They ensure that all kitchen operations are highly effective and cost-efficient. A sous chef must be conversant with health and safety regulations. Creativity is also crucial in this role.


Sous chefs are frequently seen as positions in entry-level management. Generally, a sous-chef must spend 75% of their time in the kitchen and 25% in the office.


The sous chef job descriptions should list the primary duties, the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualities (KSAO) necessary for an individual to perform the job well.


Sous Chef Job Description: Overall Purpose of the job

They supervise the preparation of all dishes and their presentation. They prepare meals and special daily menus and monitor ingredient stocks.



Sous Chef Job Description: Primary duties

  • Assists the executive chef by acting as the assistant;
  • Creates fresh menu selections by looking at the seasons and consumer demand;
  • Assists in the development and execution of meal designs by researching trends;
  • Submits cost proposals for menu items by looking at the budget and market prices;
  • Ensures the food is served on time and is plated beautifully by designing standardized food presentation guidelines for each dish;
  • Ensures the kitchen's operations happen on time by monitoring the staff and checking in with the restaurant manager;
  • Maintains discipline and order in the kitchen throughout working hours;
  • Personalizes response to consumer issues and complaints through thorough investigation;
  • Deals with any challenges that emerge by following the restaurant procedures;
  • Satisfies restaurant and kitchen standards by hiring and training new kitchen staff members;
  • Assists junior kitchen staff members with a variety of responsibilities by advising and supervising them;
  • Assesses kitchen staff members' performance by supervising them as they work;
  • Oversees kitchen staff in the absence of the executive chef by stepping in as the acting executive chef;
  • Acts as the kitchen's representative while speaking with waiters and bar employees
  • Respects and puts into practice safety and sanitary laws by following the health and safety guidelines and industry best practice;
  • Tracks sales and places fresh supply orders as necessary by maintaining an inventory log;
  • Provides feedback regarding the food quality of large bulk purchases by inspecting them;
  • Ensures that every food preparation complies with legal requirements;
  • Monitors inventory levels of commonly used items and looks for ways to reduce spoilage of infrequently used items.


Job Description: Educational Qualifications

An individual in this role must have a background in food safety. Below are some educational requirements you should consider including in the sous chef job description.

  • Formal culinary training certificate or Bachelor's degree in culinary science
  • Good command of Microsoft Office and restaurant software.


Sous Chef Job Description: Experience Required

Individuals who succeed in this have practical experience in culinary management. Below are some of the experience requirements.

  • Three years or more in a position similar
  • Demonstrated experience in championing a kitchen department is required.
  • Experience with complex kitchen equipment
  • Experience in developing and executing operating procedures.
  • Experience handling high pressures of work
  • Familiarity with health and safety regulations
  • Excellent track record of managing kitchen and employees;
  • Experience coaching and mentoring other chefs


Sous Chef Job Description:  Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics (KSAO)

  • Team player with strong leadership qualities;
  • Excellent coaching and mentoring skills
  • Capacity to function in high-pressure conditions
  • Ability to make good decisions
  • Ability to maintain a budget and track spending;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • The ability to interpret manuals and instructions is key in this role;
  • Must be able to organize and prioritize work;
  • Knowledge of diverse cooking techniques, ingredients, and equipment;
  • Feeling of ownership and satisfaction in your work and how it contributes to the success of the firm;
  • Accuracy and quickness in addressing emergencies and offering solutions;
  • Knowledge of industry best practices.



Sous chefs contribute to the seamless operation of a restaurant. They organize meals, coach other chefs and see to the administrative tasks of the restaurant. It is crucial to have strong leadership skills because the sous chef serves as the kitchen's second-in-command. For a sous chef to be successful, knowledge of diverse cooking techniques, organizational skills and administrative skills are essential.


The sous chef job description cannot be ignored in the hospitality sector. As a result, it is important to make sure the primary activities and obligations you include in a job description of this kind are customized for your business. It is crucial to emphasize each component of the job description when creating one for this position.


Natasha Chimphondah
This article was written by Natasha a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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