SEO for Recruiters: A Guide to Attract the Best Candidates

SEO for Recruiters: A Guide to Attract the Best Candidates

The daily life of human resource specialists and recruitment specialists involves the publication of job postings on job boards. That is why knowing the basics of SEO for job boards is essential for reinforcing efforts when seeking new candidates. Knowing the basics of SEO for job postings definitely facilitates the life of recruiters and makes the results of applied efforts visible right away. SEO for recruiters would help to compose the job position description online which would likely attract many interested people. Given all the benefits ensured by SEO for recruiters, this article is aimed to provide tips and recommendations for hiring specialists on their way to finding the best candidates.

How to Find the Best Candidates with SEO for Recruiters?

There is no doubt that SEO for recruiters helps any business attract candidates and fill in vacancies effectively. However, it is also necessary to use all those SEO methods and tools properly to attain the expected result. That is why we have prepared several tips on SEO for recruiters that would help you with the candidates' search and the entire hiring process.

Build Links


Making your job posting highly visible on the web is possible if you apply SEO efforts to the entire website. Thus creating a strong backlink profile is one of the most effective methods to consider. This means gaining backlinks from other reputable sources on the web for your website. Such links should not be obligatorily associated with the job posting page but with any web page of your website. This would lead to the domain authority rise for your website, which, as a result, will also influence the authority of each individual page.


Gaining backlinks online is a hardworking process requiring lots of time usually. You can refer to your business partners and establish interlinking between your business websites. You can also search for the backlinks available for purchase on linksmanagement. Getting links from such platforms will save you time because those already have a list of resources ready to cooperate for the linking process.


Another important thing to consider when you start gaining and posting backlinks is their grade of relevance. All the links you associate your website with, both incoming and outgoing, should be somehow related to your business activity. Otherwise, even a high number of backlinks that are not relevant to your business won’t add much to SEO for recruiters.

Find Keywords for SEO for Job Postings

When composing a job description for your job posting, you should keep SEO rules in mind. Those are necessary to create SEO-driven content that could be easily discovered on the web. To make a job description text SEO-promoted, finding and incorporating keywords is a must.


The core keywords for SEO for job postings with job descriptions include the company’s name and the job role promoted. Other keywords could be discovered with the help of dedicated SEO tools that perform keyword research. You may find phrases and words that are synonyms to the job role and see how they perform on search engines. For example, automotive recruiters might create a job posting for “XYZ Motors - Automotive Technician”. However, potential candidates might also search for terms like “Auto Mechanic,” “Car Repair Technician,” or “Vehicle Technician.” Including these variations can help to attract a wider audience. Moreover, find more info on how to find other relevant keywords related to language skills and professional skills for SEO for the job board.


Additionally, the list of keywords for your job posting might include the location name. Given the realities of several recent years and the growing tendency of smart working, many companies also offer a number of remote jobs. That is why indicating the location site or the remote opportunity using the appropriate keywords is also highly important. That way, recruiters obtain a great opportunity to expand the geography of search and reach out to candidates abroad.

Share Job Postings on Social Media

Finding the best candidates is possible when including social media in your marketing plan along with SEO strategy. Publishing short announcements about available job openings in your company provides a great opportunity to expand the potential list of candidates. When you make a post on social media, more people will get to know about opportunities in your company. Moreover, social media platforms offer an amazing option for sharing posts, which also potentially expands the audience of candidates for the vacancy.

Develop Blog

Creating and maintaining a business blog is a practical SEO method you can use for attracting more candidates as well as for improving rankings on Google. Creating articles on a blog implies that a wider audience is attracted to your brand. There might be potential candidates for your job openings among the readers of your blog. That is why making announcements about new vacancies or embedding links into the job descriptions on your main website would reinforce your recruiting efforts. See online services for bloggers that would help to develop your blog and find creative solutions for it.

Benefits of Quality SEO for Job Postings

To sum up, optimization for search engines is not only essential when you create content for your website but also when preparing job announcements. This refers to publishing job postings both on your website or blog as well as within external online resources such as job boards. In fact, SEO for job posting defines Google rank and determines whether it would be visible online.


There are several tips related to SEO for recruiters to help hiring specialists to find the best candidates. Using appropriate keywords related to the job role along with the company brand name and location words is crucial. Also, constructing a diligent backlink-building strategy and connecting with other resources online would help to increase the rank of the web page with your job posting on Google. What is more, sharing information about new vacancies on social media helps to reach more people. The use of the above-mentioned SEO approaches would help you in finding skillful candidates fast.

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as recruiting, digital marketing and SEO. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

Frank Hamilton
This article was written by Frank a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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