Sam's Club Teacher Discounts

Sam's Club Teacher Discounts
Last Updated: January 16, 2024

Sam's Club is an American chain of membership-only warehouse club retail stores owned and operated by Walmart. In 2019, Sam's Club ranked second in sales volume amongst warehouse clubs behind Costco Wholesale

The company launched Sam's Club Teacher Discounts to help teachers prepare for the new school year. At that time, the outcry was that teachers were spending too much money to create learning environments that learners deserve. Since then, the special Sam's Club teacher discount has received critical acclaim. 

According to the National Education Association, over 90% of teachers pay for classroom supplies out of their own pockets, spending an average of $500 annually. It is possible that following the epidemic, the amount increased to over $800. Teachers spend money on books, pens, snacks, and technology.

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In a similar report by the National Centre of Education Statistics (2018), nearly all public school teachers said they had to dig deep into their pockets to pay for school supplies, spending over $480 annually—much more than the $250 federal tax deduction that instructors are eligible for.

In an interview, the Vice President of Membership at Sam's Club, Scott Ludwig, said the company hopes that the teachers discount helps teachers save money while getting their classrooms student-ready. 

The Sam's Club teacher discount caters to all the essentials for teachers, including school supplies, books, electronics, and snacks. All these are being offered at discounted prices. Additionally, being a member means teachers can save on personal shopping – groceries, clothes, and many more!

The retailer offers a limited-time membership offer for teachers and administrators, giving them 60% off a standard Sam's Club membership.

How to get Sam's Club teacher discounts

It is simple to join. You may acquire a Sam's Club membership for just $20, 60% off the typical price of $50, by verifying your teaching status at Also, you can redeem it online or in person at Sam's Club locations.

You must access the teacher discount landing page for registration and verification to redeem the discount. You can proceed to the site and purchase a 1-year membership to Sam's Club. 

For you to be eligible for Sam's Club Teacher discounts, you must be a new member and employed as a pre-K through 12th-grade teacher, principal, assistant principal, or other school employee in a school with a state license or certification. The discount also includes instructors at colleges and universities.

With a club membership, customers can take advantage of several advantages, such as same-day delivery, gasoline savings, Scan & Go shopping, discounted wholesale rates, and extra benefits.

For $110 a year, Sam's Club also provides a Plus membership that offers rewards on purchases, free shipping, free curbside pickup, early store access, and savings on prescription drugs and optical items.

You can still get 50% off a Sam's Club membership if you're not a teacher. This takes the cost of the Club membership to $25 per year.

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Steps to Access Sam's Club Teacher Discounts 


Step 1: Membership Verification

Teachers must confirm their eligibility to receive the discounts. Sam's Club usually needs evidence of teaching status, such as a pay stub, school ID, or other documents attesting to work in the field of education.

Step 2: Sign up for Membership

Teachers who aren't currently members of Sam's Club can join online or in person. When weighed against the possible savings, the annual fee is a little outlay of funds that grants access to a vast array of special offers.

Step 3:  Explore Discounts Online and In-Store

Teachers can explore the different online and in-store savings offered as soon as their membership is active. On their website, Sam's Club frequently features discounts special to teachers, making it simple for educators to locate the most fantastic offers.

Step 4: Utilize the Sam's Club App

Members find the Sam's Club app valuable since it lets them browse items, monitor their savings, and access special offers. Educators should download the app to be informed about the newest deals and promotions that are specific to their requirements.

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Sam's Club Teacher Discount: Membership Benefits for Teachers 

The perks available to you as a Sam's Club teacher discount member are listed below:

  • Exclusive Discounts: Teachers who belong to Sam's Club enjoy several benefits, chief among them being access to unique discounts on a selection of goods. Teachers might save on frequently used products, including personal items and school materials.
  • Special Promotions: Besides everyday discounts, Sam's Club frequently organizes exclusive promotions and events that offer even greater chances for financial savings. To take full advantage of the savings on special purchases and daily necessities, educators should watch out for these occasions.
  • Early Access to Sales: Teachers who are members of Sam's Club often receive early access to sales and promotions. As a result, they can get the greatest prices on in-demand items before the broader public does.
  • Tech and Electronics Deals: Sam's Club offers tech and electronics savings that benefit teachers as technology increasingly integrates into the classroom. The savings might be significant when buying personal gadgets or updating teaching supplies.

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The Sam's Club Teacher Discounts program offers a vital lifeline in an environment where educators frequently go above and beyond with little support, allowing them to stretch their budgets further and significantly impact the classroom.

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