Recruitment Methods Utilized by the World's Global Powerhouses

Recruitment Methods Utilized by the World's Global Powerhouses
Last Updated: April 24, 2023

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Recruitment procedures implemented by an organisation mark the difference between successful organisations and unsuccessful ones. Recruitment is the process of creating a pool of qualified candidates to occupy roles within an organisation. Companies employ different techniques in the recruitment process, some, more successful than others. Strict and effective human resources procedures are necessary in order to attract suitable talent to fill in key positions. This article will focus on case studies on five global organisations, and how they conduct their recruitment processes which have kept them grounded for decades.

Google has been perceived as one of the most respected organizations in a survey conducted by Fortune magazine. The recruitment methodology and standards utilized by the organisation ought to be imitated by different organizations, as they have been tried and tested. They distinguish themselves in the market by utilizing proficient recruiters, rather than generalists which makes it simpler to share top candidates between specialty units within their organisation. Google's scouts are responsible for filling official administration and top-level specialized positions, and they use this by utilizing AdWords as a selection instrument.  AdWorlds is a specialised advertising tool, which uses its own customised device to select suitable candidates for the prescribed role. Google likewise makes use of competitions to recognize and pull in top programming engineers. In this regard, they stay atop the market while continuously providing the best services to customers worldwide.


Scripps Network has also been noted for its recruitment process which sees it attracting diverse individuals at professional journalism conferences which they host. By doing this, they attract individuals with different capabilities thereby enriching the quality of their organisation. Not only does Scripps attract top individuals, but they also host these journalism conferences within their community. This makes them visible in their own communities and gives the community a sense that the organisation has not become largely foreign-based while bringing together journalists who will further aid in their popularity and possibly be recruited to work in their organisation. These journalism conventions are viewed by Scripps as gathering places for the best talent across the board.



At these conventions, Scripps goes through the CV’s of potential employees, offering constructive advice on what should be improved and where the candidates are lacking.  By doing this, a lasting relationship is formed between Scripps and these potential candidates. Should a vacancy come up in the future, they would have established a pool of potential candidates.  The strong suit of this recruitment process is that it shows prospective employees how committed the organisation is in attracting, recruiting and maintaining the best and diverse talent.


Furthermore, Walmart has taken to accepting applications online exclusively through its website. Not only does this method involve attracting and gaining talent, but it also ensures traffic to their website, thereby earning them money in the process.  Their recruitment process also involves subjecting potential candidates to background checks, drug screening, and acknowledgment by applicants that that misrepresentation of information will result in disqualification. This ensures that they maintain a clean brand, and avoid attracting scandalous individuals.  The use of television adverts is another method that has been used by Walmart in its recruitment process. This method means that their brand is taken across borders to different parts of the world which means they will get the best possible candidates.  Apart from these methods, Walmart is highly active on the job search engine LinkedIn, which also allows for connection to different individuals and allows LinkedIn users to see job openings. The strength of conducting recruitment processes online is that people in all parts of the world can see these job openings and further apply for them in a seamless process.


Chevron Corporation, an American multinational energy corporation, employs the following recruitment strategies; Internal Posting Process, Internet Recruiting via job boards, direct sourcing, and other internet networking sources, College Recruiting, Job Fairs, and direct Sourcing which includes seeking passive job seekers to fill open positions. These methods are vital in that they foster the attraction of diverse talent, through their diverse operations. These methods also mean that there is a large pool of applicants for positions that may arise in the future within the organisation. The weaknesses of these kinds of recruitments, however, is that there may be the attraction of unqualified candidates, such that their employment is full of candidates who may not necessarily meet the criteria they may be looking for.


One global organisation, Coca 'Cola, has well-known recruitment methods.  Firstly, job vacancies are advertised in newspapers and on their websites. Internal and external recruitments are facets of this organisation, which see internal recruitments consisting of internal promotions within departments. With the internal recruitments, they make use of intranet, advertising on staff notice boards and recommendations. The external recruitment consists of newspaper advertisements, advertising at educational institutes and referrals by employees.  The weakness with this type of recruitment is that print advertising can be expensive, however, internal recruitments mean the hiring of current employees that have knowledge of the organisation, as well as the job.


These methods have been proven to work within these organisations, as they have withstood the test of time and stayed afloat. Implementation of some of these methods may be vital in ensuring a successful recruitment process within organisations.


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