Operations Manager Job Description

Operations Manager Job Description
Last Updated: November 24, 2023

The operations manager job description highlights the role of a professional responsible for ensuring productivity and quality by monitoring a company's organizational procedures and activities. Their key responsibilities include controlling quality standards, increasing productivity and efficiency, and supervising the hiring and recruiting process.

The operations manager's job description should also highlight the individual's other key responsibilities, including developing strategy, enhancing output, obtaining supplies and resources, and ensuring compliance.

Operations Manager Job Description: Overall Purpose of the job


Plans, coordinates, and supervises the organization's daily operations and workflow by creating work schedules and processes to ensure that all functions are coordinated, and resources are used effectively.

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Operations Manager Job Description: Primary duties


  • Ensures that all operations are conducted in an acceptable, economical manner by defining roles, rules, and standard operating procedures for every process.
  • Enhances operational management procedures, methods, and standards by looking into new technology, tools, and methodologies.
  • Makes material purchases, plans inventories, and monitors warehouse effectiveness by arranging materials/inventory levels following demand forecasts to reduce overstock and outages.
  • Assists in keeping the organization's procedures compliance with the law by keeping abreast of all relevant industry rules, certifications, and safety requirements.
  • Develops strategic and operational goals by predicting short- and long-term operational needs and critical result areas.
  • Analyzes financial information and employs it to increase profitability by investigating differences between the budgeted expenditures and the actual costs.
  • Manages budgets and forecasts by creating department-level budgets per organizational goals and projections.
  • Executes quality controls by performing ad hoc audits, inspections, and testing on products that are still in production and those that have been completed.
  •  Assists HR with hiring by analyzing and vetting resumes and applications for technical aptitude and operational fit.
  • Investigates strategies to boost customer service quality by conducting client surveys and feedback sessions to identify pain points.
  •  Tracks operational and tactical risks and anticipates them by offering strategic solutions.
  • Oversees the day-to-day operations of the operations department by delegating duties and responsibilities and keeping track of results concerning deadlines.
  • Assists in setting and achieving daily and quarterly goals with the sales team by working with sales to balance production schedules and reduce downtime.
  • Recognizes trends and evaluates possibilities to enhance procedures and operations by monitoring the external business environment for new technology, rivals, and rules. 
  • Create alliances and relationships with other businesses by locating possible suppliers and partners who can improve operations with their knowledge.
  • Facilitates employee interaction with the management team by setting up casual meetings for personnel to speak with department heads.
  • Works with senior stakeholders by informing them of departmental plans, progress, difficulties, and opportunities.
  • Assures that all legal and regulatory paperwork is submitted and keeps track of laws and regulations by staying  up to date with the latest safety requirements, environmental legislation, and labor laws
  • Stays up to date with industry rules, trends, and technology by attending seminars, conferences, and continuing educational courses.

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Operations Manager Job description: Educational Qualifications

A bachelor's degree in management or any relevant field is required to develop the abilities needed to analyze operations data, pinpoint difficulties, and resolve complicated challenges.

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Operations Manager Job description: Experience Required

  • At least 5 years of experience in project management is needed to overcome obstacles by developing crisis management and emergency planning skills.
  • Demonstrated work experience as an Operations Manager or similar role.

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Operations Manager Job Description: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics (KSAO)


  • Knowledge of organizational effectiveness and operations management is needed to manage daily operations effectively.
  • Knowledge of budgeting and foresting is needed to draft operational budgets and estimates.
  • Knowledge of business and financial principles is needed to efficiently manage expenses, maximize efficiencies, and keep track of finances at the department level.


  • Excellent communication skills are needed to interact daily with coworkers, staff, and others.
  • Good organizational skills are needed to  synchronize project activities
  • Decision-making skills are needed to choose priorities by weighing competing needs and resource availability.
  • Leadership skills are needed to improve team abilities and performance.


  • The ability to do unique project research, address questions promptly, and deliver written or oral briefings is required to properly convey findings, updates, and suggestions through well-structured written reports and oral presentations.

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Every firm needs an operations manager to be successful. Their responsibilities include arranging resources, including labour, supplies, and equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Operations Manager

Q: What is the role of an operations manager?

A: Operations managers oversee all levels of an organization's operational activities. In addition to administering quality assurance programs, they are responsible for hiring and training staff. An operations manager also plans process enhancements to guarantee that everyone completes their jobs on time.

Q: What are the roles and tasks of an operations manager?

A: Operations managers ensure that the caliber of their business's goods and services meets or exceeds the client's needs. To prevent anything from slipping through the cracks, they carry out several operations, including employing new staff, developing them in particular skill sets, putting together procedures, and monitoring mechanisms.

Q: What qualities define a good operations manager?

A: successful operations manager constantly seeks new and improved ways to engage their workforce and improve workplace productivity. The ability to lead effectively, interact with others, and listen intently is necessary. Understanding finances, supply chain management, workflow, and staffing are other essential skills of an effective operations manager.

Q: An operations manager collaborates with whom?

A: Operations managers typically answer to an organization's Chief Operating Officer (COO) and collaborate with other managers in other functional areas.

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