Lowe's Human Resources: What You Need to Know

Lowe's Human Resources: What You Need to Know

Lowe's Companies, Inc. is an American retail company specializing in home improvement. It is the second-largest hardware chain in the United States. On a global scale, it is the second-largest hardware chain in the world. 

As of 2022, records show that the company employed over 300,000 employees. Heading Lowe's human resources is Executive Vice President of Human Resources – Janice Dupré. She oversees the global Lowe's human resources strategy practices and operations that enable Lowe's to attract, motivate, develop and retain outstanding associates.

Lowe's human resources has been successful in implementing good people-related initiatives. This is evidenced by the good scores attained by the company in various issues of human resources management. Over 54,000 employees participated in an Indeed survey that found employees generally rated Lowe's human resources above 3.0 out of 5.

The highest rating was a 3.4 for Pay and Benefits, closely followed by 3.3 for Work-Life Balance and Culture. The least rated were Management and Job Security and Advancement at 3.0 and 3.1, respectively. 

Similar surveys were carried out by review aggregator Glassdoor and found that 59% of employees at Lowe's would recommend the company to a friend. 


Pillars of Lowe's Human Resources

The key focus at Lowe's human resources is embedded in the vision statement - to improve the health and well-being of all Lowe's employees, commonly known as associates, within the company. 

When I look at Lowe's human resources, I would single out its tagging of employees as associates as one of the main pillars behind its people strategy. Referring to workers as "associates" might yield significant advantages for the organization and its personnel. This phrase emphasizes inclusivity and equality, appreciating every contribution regardless of function. 

It emphasizes common objectives and mutual success, which promotes cooperation and teamwork. "Associate" encourages participation and motivation by emphasizing ownership and partnership, enabling people to propel the business forward. This language promotes positive ideals within a nurturing culture, fostering a sense of community and laying the groundwork for a flourishing workplace.

Lowe's human resources has a longstanding commitment to helping co-workers and the communities in which they live and work.

Associate Safety and Well-being

The success of Lowe's human resources hinges on the well-being of its associates and customers, committing to workplace safety an unwavering priority. The "Lowe's Safe" initiative exceeds mere compliance, deeply integrating rigorous safety standards into every decision across the company. 

Owned by leaders, managers, and supervisors at all levels, this initiative prioritizes the safety of associates at all times. Cultivating a safety culture starts at the top, with leaders actively modelling safe behaviours for associates to embrace. The designated vice president of asset protection and safety spearheads the dedicated group responsible for maintaining these high standards. 

Integrating safety metrics into operational scorecards and executive business reviews underscores its critical importance. Furthermore, "Lowe's Safe" permeates employee onboarding, developmental e-learning modules, and on-the-job training, ensuring a comprehensive and continuous reinforcement of these vital safety principles.

Lowe's human resources use a variety of strategies in its ongoing quest for safety excellence. Their training library is continuously assessed and updated to take into account new developments in safety protocols, equipment, and standards. Lowe's U.S. introduced a brand-new safety and asset protection awareness tool in 2019.

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion

Recognizing the vital role diversity plays in understanding and meeting customer needs, the company embarked on a multi-year journey in 2019 to weave inclusion and diversity initiatives into the very fabric of Lowe's human resources strategy. This commitment stems from the belief that only by mirroring the richness and variety of the communities served can a truly personalized shopping experience be delivered. To achieve this ambitious goal, the focus centres around three key areas – Talent, Culture and Business

Fact: In 2019, 58% of Lowe's board of directors was comprised of diverse members (women and people of colour).

Talent: Lowe's human resources prioritizes inclusivity and invests in fostering a diverse talent pool. Their efforts encompass associate growth and development, with partnerships playing a crucial role. Collaborations with organizations like the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, Linkage Inc.'s Women in Leadership Institute, and the Executive Leadership Council support diverse leadership development. 

Lowe's human resources partnered with the Network of Executive Women (NEW) in 2019 to cultivate female leaders. The annual Women's Leadership Summit saw the launch of the Women's Strategy, aimed at creating an environment that empowers women's growth and advancement within the company. This dedication continued in 2020, with the annual store managers meeting incorporating a Women's Summit, showcasing Lowe's ongoing commitment to integrating the Women's Strategy into its cultural fabric.

Culture: Fostering a thriving culture lies at the heart of Lowe's human resources mission. Lowe's prioritizes actions and mindsets that elevate customer satisfaction, embrace inclusivity, and drive personal and professional growth. 

This commitment shines through in every aspect of the company, with each Lowe's associate playing a vital role in upholding these core values. By embodying open minds, collaborative spirit, and a dedication to continuous improvement, Lowe's human resources unlocks the full potential of both employees and the company's collective success.

Fact: Lowe's was listed on the 2019 Disability Equality Index Best Places to Work.

Lowe's human resources expanded its Building Engagement and Success Together (BEST) annual engagement survey in 2019. Targeted questions were incorporated to pinpoint potential obstacles hindering the achievement of the company's diversity and inclusion goals. 

Analyzing survey results year on year would assist Lowe's human resources in crafting a comprehensive enterprise action plan. Such plans will not only solidify Lowe's performance-based culture but also address any opportunities unveiled through the enriched survey data. By actively listening to its employees and taking targeted action, Lowe's human resources demonstrates its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Business: Lowe's human resources values fostering an environment where individuals feel valued, treated fairly, respected, and inspired to serve. Leadership, including President and CEO Marvin Ellison and members of the Executive Leadership Team, actively guide diversity and inclusion initiatives. Lowe's Senior Vice President for Talent Management & Diversity leads a dedicated team in developing strategies, policies, and programs with focused key performance indicators. Demonstrating its commitment to this mission, Lowe's is a signatory to the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity & Inclusion. It actively seeks to enhance economic development in the communities it serves through its supplier diversity program. 

Launched in 2019, this strategy targets small and diverse suppliers through cross-functional collaboration with merchandising. Measuring the program's impact on communities and industries is planned for 2020, solidifying Lowe's dedication to ongoing progress in diversity and inclusion.

Associate Development: Lowe's unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service rests upon a foundation of empowered associates. Through strategic investments and meticulously crafted learning experiences, the company cultivates a workforce brimming with confidence, connection, and resourcefulness. 

In both the United States and Canada, Lowe's Human Resources teams are united in their pursuit of nurturing exceptional leaders—individuals who not only navigate their paths with poise but also inspire and guide their teams and the business itself.

This unwavering focus encompasses talent assessment and development, driving employee engagement, and championing the company's mission, all while embodying Lowe's core values in every endeavour. By prioritizing associate growth, Lowe's human resources build a thriving ecosystem where exceptional service blossoms from a deeply rooted commitment to excellence.

Lowe's human resources revamped its New Associate Orientation in 2019. The decision stemmed from a multi-pronged approach based on associate reviews, valuable feedback from new hires, and the company's ongoing commitment to diversifying content delivery methods. 

The updated program focuses on equipping associates with the necessary skills for safe and productive work, encompassing comprehensive product knowledge and exceptional customer service. 

Following successful pilot programs, Lowe's human resources implemented a Digital Orientation Guide, empowering new associates to take charge of their learning while ensuring content accuracy and relevance through quarterly reviews and updates. This innovative approach reinforces Lowe's human resources' dedication to nurturing a well-equipped and engaged workforce, setting the stage for successful careers within the company.


In conclusion, Lowe's Human Resources stands out in the retail industry. It has encompassed various aspects, including diversity, equity and inclusion, employee relations, training, compensation, recruitment, and workplace conduct.

Brandon Murambinda
This article was written by Brandon a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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