Wells Fargo Human Resources: What You Need To Know

Wells Fargo Human Resources: What You Need To Know

Wells Fargo Human Resources (HR) department is dedicated to cultivating and maintaining a workforce capable of driving success. The HR organization at Wells Fargo is responsible for building and implementing strategies, programs, and infrastructure focused on identifying, developing, and retaining top talent. The Wells Fargo human resources department offers various HR interventions supporting the business along the whole HR value chain. Wells Fargo human resources is future-focused as they have already embraced digital transformation

It is important to note that Wells Fargo faced challenges in its HR practices in the past. The company has learned from incidents where intense pressure to meet sales targets led to unethical behaviors among employees. The big lesson for everyone in HR and what they can learn from the Wells Fargo experience is that creating a high-pressure environment can lead to unethical conduct by employees. 

Wells Fargo is an American financial services company with a significant global presence. It serves more than 70 million clients worldwide and operates in 35 countries. Workers from both present and former positions expressed several issues about Wells Fargo human resources on the well-known review aggregator Glassdoor.

Employees presented a mixed picture of Wells Fargo human resources. Although the 3.4-star rating as a whole indicates that employee mood is generally positive, a closer look uncovered some important areas for improvement. Workers evaluated Wells Fargo human resources based on six key criteria. These include work-life balance, senior management, compensation and benefits, diversity and inclusion, career prospects, and culture and values.

Wells Fargo human resources functions, such as work-life balance have received low ratings. Concerns are raised by the 3.2-star rating for Work/Life Balance and Senior Management (2.9 stars). HR experts rank Wells Fargo at 3.7 stars, which is in line with the average (within 1 standard deviation) when compared to other employers in the Financial Services sector.

Some of the written reviews added by employees tend to echo the concerns reviewed by the data on overall star ratings. For instance, a former Personal Banker at Wells Fargo commented, 'The Upper management didn't seem to care for the folks that are the front line of the business, and expected of us to do multiple jobs besides what it in one's job description and maintain the business going especially during the pandemic as this industry was classified as an essential job.' 

Wells Fargo Human Resources: Controversies

Wells Fargo human resources has suffered bad publicity due to numerous scandals that have impacted its brand and image as an employer. 

Wells Fargo human resources recruitment and selection process went under serious criticism in 2020 when it was alleged that the organization discriminated against African Americans in hiring. According to the U.S. Department of Labour, following allegations of discrimination against 34,193 African Americans in hiring tellers, personal bankers, customer sales and service agents, and administrative support positions, Wells Fargo agreed to pay $7.8 million in back wages in August 2020. The business would later promise to hire 580 of the impacted applicants.

Earlier in 2018, Wells Fargo human resources also hit the mainstream media with allegations of discriminating against female workers. At that time, a group of senior female employees from Wells Fargo's wealth management division ("the meeting of 12") raised awareness about gender inequity. They allegedly experienced sexist insults from leadership and were passed over for promotions in favour of men despite relevant qualifications and experience.

This internal meeting highlighted a pre-existing investigation into gender bias, pointing to a potential systematic problem within the organization.

As a result of these similar incidents weighing down on the company, Wells Fargo human resources began advocating and investing aggressively in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. 

The 2014 executive compensation controversy affected Wells Fargo human resources as well. This had long-lasting consequences because, according to Glassdoor data, 5 in every 10 employees at Wells Fargo approved of the CEO, 10 years after the scandal. 

At the time, the Wells Fargo CEO was paid 473 times more than the median employee. This landed the company at number 33 of the S&P Companies for CEO-employee pay inequality. A brave employee exposed this inequality by sending a direct email to the CEO, which went viral. The worker, who was only paid $15 per hour, brought attention to the problem of pay stagnation by suggesting a $10,000 raise for all workers, which would be paid for by business profits. 

Although Wells Fargo justified its actions as "market-competitive," the incident highlighted a more significant issue of income inequality.

Following this scandal, Wells Fargo's human resources shifted its focus towards employee benefits and perks. This aimed to address employee dissatisfaction and boost engagement within the organization.

Wells Fargo Human Resources Philosophy 


The focus of Wells Fargo human resources has significantly changed due to the harm done to the company's reputation by previous incidents. Wells Fargo human resources function has evolved beyond administrative tasks to playing a pivotal role in establishing the overall company culture. Their changing HR philosophy reflects the increased focus on people management as a result of this. Wells Fargo human resources philosophy rests on several critical pillars that we will unpack in this section. 

Wells Fargo human resources department is a strategic partner that collaborates closely with business executives to create and carry out HR initiatives that support the aims and objectives of the organization. This includes hiring new employees, keeping them engaged, managing performance, paying and providing benefits, promoting diversity and inclusivity, and offering wellness programs to workers.

1. Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Building a great workforce starts with talent acquisition, and Wells Fargo human resources use a multifaceted strategy to draw in and keep top talent. They support hiring people from various backgrounds and want their staff to reflect the diversity of their communities and clients.

Wells Fargo human resources collaborates with universities and trade associations to build rapport with prospective employees at an early stage. Additionally, they use technology to expedite the hiring process. Data analytics determines the best sourcing channels and enhances the candidate selection process. Furthermore, Wells Fargo human resources implement diversity and inclusion programs at every stage of the recruitment process to guarantee an impartial and equitable hiring process.

2. Employee Engagement

Any organization's success depends on its ability to engage and satisfy its workforce, which Wells Fargo leverages. Wells Fargo human resources is committed to fostering an environment at work that values teamwork, development, and acknowledgment. Through focus groups, town hall meetings, and surveys, they aggressively solicit employee input to ensure their opinions are heard, and their problems are taken seriously.

Wells Fargo human resources arranges several employee recognition events and programs to promote an engaged culture. These initiatives honour exceptional effort, encourage cooperation, and recognize individual and group accomplishments. Wells Fargo human resources fosters a sense of loyalty and devotion to the company by praising and rewarding staff members.

3. Training and Development

Pursuing ongoing education and development is essential to professional and personal development. Wells Fargo human resources provides various training and development programs because it recognizes the value of investing in its workers' personal growth.

The company's learning and development division, Wells Fargo University, gives staff members access to various tools, such as webinars, workshops, and leadership development initiatives. These programs aim to improve employees' abilities, expertise, and capacities so they can perform well in their existing positions and prepare for new chances within the company.

4. Performance Management

One of the most important duties of Wells Fargo human resources is performance management. They think setting clear standards, giving frequent feedback, and acknowledging accomplishments is essential to inspire workers and promote success.

Performance management at Wells Fargo is an ongoing procedure that includes goal-setting, performance reviews, and frequent check-ins. Managers and staff set performance objectives, track advancement, and offer continuous feedback. This methodology cultivates transparent communication, guarantees congruence with business goals, and expedites personal advancement.

5. Benefits and Compensation

Wells Fargo human resources provide attractive benefits and pay plans to attract top talent. They work hard to offer all-inclusive benefits that promote their employees' financial, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Several perks are available from Wells Fargo, such as paid time off, wellness initiatives, retirement plans, and health insurance. They also give attractive compensation plans intended to honor staff members' contributions and reward achievement.

Employees have taken the time to review aggregator Indeed to praise the pay and benefits at Wells Fargo. Overall, the pay and benefits score at Wells Fargo was rated 3.9 stars on a scale of 5. 

6. Diversity and Inclusion 

Wells Fargo's fundamental principles include diversity and inclusion, and the company is dedicated to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is treated with respect and value. Wells Fargo human resources employs several programs to encourage inclusion and diversity within the company.

They have set up Employee Resource Networks (ERNs), which give workers a forum to interact, exchange stories, and encourage diversity in their local communities. Additionally, Wells Fargo human resources collaborate with outside groups to promote diversity programs and guarantee the impartiality and fairness of their hiring procedures.

Wells Fargo has succeeded on the diversity, equity, and inclusion front. As of December 2022, women made up a sizable share of the workforce—52% worldwide and an even greater 55% in the United States. Wells Fargo human resources also strives for racial and ethnic diversity, which is reflected in 46% of their U.S. workforce. Beyond racial and gender boundaries, inclusion is demonstrated by the 8% of American workers who identify as disabled, 4% of whom have military experience, and 3% of whom identify as LGBTQ+. These numbers show Wells Fargo is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

7. Employee Wellness and Work-Life Balance Programs

Work-life balance and employee well-being are important to Wells Fargo human resources. They know that a balanced, healthy workforce fosters greater engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

Wells Fargo provides a variety of activities, including wellness challenges, health screenings, and mental health resources, to promote employee wellness. They offer flexible work arrangements, such as remote work choices and adjustable scheduling to support workers in striking a healthy work-life balance.


Wells Fargo's committed employees are the company's greatest asset, and Wells Fargo human resources is essential to helping its staff reach their full potential. Wells Fargo human resources cultivate a positive and welcoming work environment by emphasizing talent acquisition, employee engagement, training and development, performance management, benefits and compensation, diversity and inclusion, and employee health.

Brandon Murambinda
This article was written by Brandon a Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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