HR Service delivery

HR Service delivery
Last Updated: July 3, 2022

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According to Ulrich 2002, one of the best mechanisms for Human Resources is to attain a seat on the table, fulfil stakeholders’ expectations and influence business performance. This is all meant to bring Human Resources to the boardroom table, emphasizing that strategic contribution is of utmost importance.

Contemporary Human Resources theories recognize that Human Resources, unlike financial or technological resources, can not be manipulated or exploited. It requires complex and sensitive management to realize its potential fully.


Human Resources helps make the whole corporation greater than the sum of its parts and implements practices that support Corporate Strategies, build shareholder value, and shape the corporate image.


Covey claims that the fundamental reality is that human beings do not need to be motivated and controlled. There are four things to focus on; the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Employees decide on how much of themselves they want to give at their work. 


The degree of self-investment will depend on how they are treated at work.


Organizations that honor and use all four dimensions of an employee’s nature will inspire their people to volunteer their highest talents and contribution. Some authors also support the view that finding meaningful and enjoyable work leads to mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health.


It is known that employee engagement is key to success contributing towards business sustainability and quality of service.  HR should connect to all departments and must stay relevant in the era of digital transformation.  Human Resources professionals should be focusing on building the workplace of the future service delivery strategy. HR professionals must not spend time responding to manually processed forms, there is a need to move towards an automated HR Service Delivery Model. As Delery and Doty emphasized the need for a unique fit between HR Function and the organization characteristics, in other words, there is a need for the fit of Human Resources function with the overall business. Human resources should transform to provide value-adding benefits, including customer connection, organization capabilities, and individual abilities. With that, Human Resources is bound to be labeled as a source of competitive advantage because of the transformation.  By transforming itself, it would have demonstrated that it can create human capabilities and organizational capabilities that are uniquely imitable.


Last but not least, Human Resources should consider the ULRICH three-legged stool model of Human Resources Service Delivery which involves three crucial stands, HR Business Partner, Centre of Expertise, and HR Shared Service.


The article was written by Biata Nyamayaro in my capacity - student at the Bindura University of Science Education.

Biata Nyamayaro
This article was written by Biata a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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